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Heavy Duty Stuffing Boxes
Johnson® Duramax® Heavy-duty Marine Stuffing Boxes are known for their years of unmatched performance around the world. Their robust construction, highest quality alloys and precision machining have given them the ability to withstand long service life at sea.
It is not uncommon for a Johnson® Heavy-duty stuffing box to last the life of the vessel. It's what you would expect from Duramax Marine®.
A product you can trust, supported by a professional staff of marine maintenance experts to solve any problems and keep your vessel running efficiently and smoothly.

Johnson Duramax Heavy-duty Stuffing Box Systems are engineered and built to seal out seawater and give unmatched protection for your propulsion system. Johnson Stuffing Boxes, when combined with Duramax Ultra-X Packing, reduce maintenance costs drastically and keep your vessel moving full steam ahead.


Air Seal Ring Allows Re-packing Without Dry-docking.
The ship's engineer can simply inflate the Air Seal rubber ring, making journal contact, creating a water-tight seal that holds out seawater during packing change. Optimum sealing is achieved when seal is inflated to 15 psi.
Exclusive "Positive Retraction" permits repeated inflation-deflation cycles without damaging shaft.
Once repacking is complete, the Air Seal ring is deflated. The rubber ring retracts to its original concave configuration in the housing, away from the journal. The rubber remains perfectly smooth. No wrinkles develop to cause wearing contact against the rotating shaft.


Part of the complete Duramax System for optimum journal life & performance
Trust the leader in water-lubricated bearing technology, proven performance of Johnson Heavy Duty Stuffing Boxes and Ultra-X Compression Packing engineered to meet the demands of marine propulsion systems.

Available in Bronze or Aluminum

  • Air Valve Extension
    Used to inflate and deflate Air Seal ring.
    Inflate to 15 psi to engage seal.
    Maximum 40 psi.
  • Water-Lubrication Service Inlet
    Inlet is aft of packing and connects to ship's piping.
    It delivers waterlubrication to shaft bearing.
  • "Zerk" Grease Service Fitting
    Channels grease to packing.
  • Male Pilot or Female Recess
    Custom-machined for mating with a Johnson Cutless forward stern bearing or vessel bulkhead.
  • Packing Retaining Gland
    Retaining gland surfaces are slightly beveled to exert controlled packing pressure against shaft.
    Insures full-length contact with moderate compression force, an aid to longer packing life.
  • Pre-drilled Flanges
    Housing flanges are precision drilled for easy, accurate mounting, unless otherwise specified.
  • Additional Water lubrication Service Inlet
    Can be used to deliver additional water-lubrication to shaft bearing if required.
  • Ribbed & Perforated Lantern Ring
    Metal or rubber ring uniformly distributes grease along packing.
Model 1786
Water-Grease Lubrication with Air-Seal

For use with water-lubricated stern tube bearings.Model 1786 is fitted with an inflatable air-seal ring; also inlets for water lubrication to bearings, and a "zerk" fitting with lantern ring for grease lubrication of packing.
Shaft sizes from 2-1/2" to 15" (63.5mm to 381mm)

Technical Specifications

Model 1787
Grease Lubrication with "Air-Seal

Identical to model 1786, but does not include inlets for water lubrication. Suitable for a short stern-tube where a forward bearing is not used. Includes a "zerk" fitting and lantern ring for grease lubrication of packing.
Shaft sizes from 2-1/2" to 15" (63.5mm to 381mm)

Technical Specifications

Model 1788
Water Lubrication only with Air-Seal

Fitted with a waterinlet for bearing lubrication. does not include grease fitting or lantern ring;Packing gland accommodates seven rings of packing as opposed to six for grease lubicated glands. For use with self lubricated packing
Shaft sizes from 2-1/2" to 15" (63.5mm to 381mm)

Technical Specifications

Model 1789
Water Lubrication

Lower in cost, does not include Air-seal feature nor packing grease fitting., but is otherwise the equal of the above models. Water inlet dilivers water to the stern tube bearings
Shaft sizes from 2-1/2" to 15" (63.5mm to 381mm)

Technical Specifications

Model 1790
Grease Lubrication

For vessels with shafts up to 7-3/4"(196.85mm), this economical unit offers high efficiency at moderate cost. Equipped with grease fitting, lantern ring and space for 6 rings of packing. Four glandstuds are mounted in ridges cast in the barrel, providing high strength for gland compression
Shaft sizes from 2-1/2" to 7-3/4" (63.5mm to 196.85mm)

Technical Specifications

Bulkhead or Rudder Stuffing Boxes

To meet U.S. Coast Guard, ABS and other pertinent regulations, where shafts pass throught water-tight bulkheads, Fohnson offers a choice of sizes from 2-1/2" to 7-3/4" (63.5 to 196.85mm), pluss split sizes up to 36" (814.4mm). Bronxe stuffing boxes can be supplied with integral steel flanges for bulkhead welding at a slight extra charge.
Available in mild steel or aluminum on a special order basis

Many shipbuilders have used these units also for rudder applications, notably where demountable staves are installed as rudder bushings.

Model 1790M
Grease Lubricated

This short barreled model accommodates four packing rings. Flange has a 3/16" (4.76mm) male pilot to project into bulkhead; or for compression of bearing staves in rubber mounting.
Shaft sizes from 2-1/2" to 7-3/4" (63.5mm to 196.85mm)

Technical Specifications

Model 1791
Grease Lubricated

A space saver - the exceptionally short barrel has an extended male pilot which allows for four packing rings projecting through the bulkhead.
packing is lubricated from inboard side by a "zerk" fitting
Shaft sizes from 2-1/2" to 7-3/4" (63.5mm to 196.85mm)

Technical Specifications

"Strong Boy" Stuffing Box & Stern Casting
For Shafts 4 inches to 6 inches on Smaller Commercial and Pleasure Craft

The Duramax Strong Boy line of stuffing boxes and matching stern-castings are built for demanding longterm service.
They are manufactured of cast bronze and require minimum maintenance.

"Strong-Boy" Series   "Strong-Boy" Matching Stern Casting
"Strong-Boy" Series Stuffing Boxes Solid bronze stuffing boxes designed with extra-thick ribs spaced at 90° for maximum rigidity and a heavy rectangular mounting flange. The extended male pilot mates with the shaft log to insure alignment.
    Three configurations are offered:
  • Model 102: Supplied with packing only
  • Model 102L: Supplied with packing, lantern-ring and grease fitting for packing lubrication
  • Model 102LB: Supplied with packing, Iantern-ring and grease fitting, with 1/3-length standard rubber sleeve bearing, for extra support of longer shafts
Technical Specifications
  They are fitted with Johnson Cutless rubber sleeve bearings, are ideal for through-the-skeg installations. Their short barrel design includes an extended barrel which allows the bearing to project into the stern-post, thus leaving more space aft for propeller and rudder, and adding support for heavy propeller loads.

Forward-facing water scoops pass lubricating water to internal "forward-flow" passages to lubricate the entire length of the bearing.

Technical Specifications

The Dutchman Add-On Air Seal Housing
Allows You To Change Packing Without Drydocking.

The Dutchman can be custom-built and added to any split design or solid stuffing box.
The Air Seal makes it easy to seal out seawater with a minimum of 15 psi, DO NOT EXCEED 40 psi. It allows you to change packing or maintain a stuffing box at sea, greatly reducing maintenance time and cost.
A Dutchman Air Seal Housing can be added to any size or any type stuffing box.
The housing can be ordered with female recess or a male pilot on either side to fit forward stern tube, vessel's bulkhead, or mating with stuffing box.

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