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Coatings for the United States Coast Guard


Please Note:
The prices on this page apply to U.S.C.G. and U.S.N. orders only
Non-Government orders will be billed at regular retail price.

U.S.C.G. Federal Standard 595B (F/S) Color List

U.S. Coast Guard Coatings and Color Manual

F/S 17925, Hull White
F/S 10076 Deck Red
F/S 16099 Deck Grey
NSN 8010-01-565-8569
F/S 12199, Bow Stripe Orange
F/S 15182 Bow Stripe Blue
NSN 8010-01-591-9829
F/S 10371 Spar Buff
F/S 12197 International Orange

Anchor Chain
First Shot F/S 11105 Red
Second Shot F/S 17925 White
Third Shot F/S 15182 Blue

Interior Colors (epoxy)
F/S 27038Black   NSN 8010-01-441-5889
F/S 26099Dark Gray
F/S 26270Gray
F/S 26373Light Gray
F/S 24272Green
F/S 20152Red
F/S 27886White   NSN 8010-01-432-2616
F/S 23594Yellow
SteamWhiteF/S 17925
Potable WaterDark BlueF/S 15044
NitrogenLight GrayF/S 16376
H.P. AirDark GrayF/S 16081
L.P. AirTanF/S 10324
OxygenLight GreenF/S 14449
Salt WaterDark GreenF/S 14062
JP-5PurpleF/S 17142
Fuel Oil/GasolineYellow
NSN 8010-01-432-2614
F/S 13538
Lube OilStriped Yellow/BlackF/S 13538/17038
Fire main & PlugsRed
NSN 8010-01-432-2615
F/S 11105
AFFF (foam)Striped Red/GreenF/S 11105/14062
Feed WaterLight Blue F/S 15200
Hydraulic FluidOrangeF/S 12246
RefrigerantsDark PurpleF/S 17100
HydrogenChartreuseF/S 23814
Cleaning FluidsBrownF/S 10080
HeliumBuffF/S 10371
Helium/OxygenStriped Buff/GreenF/S 10371/14449
SewageGoldF/S 17043
HalonStriped Gray/WhiteF/S 16187/17925
NSN 8010-01-432-1206
F/S 15123
Channel Marker / Buoy Colors
Primer, Amercoat 235
National Stock Number Color
8010-01-316-6741 Oxide Red
8010-01-316-6020 Black
8010-01-419-2433 Light Gray
8010-01-359-7235 Haze Gray
8010-01-359-7234 Buff Brown
8010-01-211-4815 ABC #3 Red
8010-01-210-7813 ABC #3 Black
Epoxy and ablative thinner
8010-01-272-3208 Amercoat T-10
Topcoat, Amershield Polyurethane OR PSX-700
Federal Standard Color Numbers:
Red 11350
Green 14193
Yellow 13655
Orange 12197
Blue 15182
White 17875
Black 17038
Misc colors
F/S 14260, Green, First Aid

Ameron PSX 700
Engineered Siloxane Coating

PSX 700 is the first weatherable epoxy. It embodies the properties of both a high-performance epoxy and an acrylic polyurethane in one coat. This multi-purpose coating offers "breakthrough" weather resistance and corrosion control

PSX 700 adheres strongly to bare steel, coated steel and inorganic zinc silicate coated surfaces on new construction, repair and field maintenance coating projects. It provides effective long term corrosion control and weatherability

PSX 700SG is now qualified under MIL-PRF-24635 Type V (high durability) and Type VI (high durability, <100 g/L VOC), Class 2, Grade B and is the only coating making both the high durability and low VOC category
it is intended to replace the silicone alkyds listed in 24635 under Type II and Type III

    Product Data
  • Unique, High Gloss, Self Priming Coating
  • Can be applied directly over inorganic zinc
  • Gloss and Appearance retention exceeding the best polyurethane
  • significantly lower applied costs
  • Excellent resistant to acid and Corrosion
  • High Solids, VOC Compliant
  • Resists high humidity and Moisture
  • Outstanding resistance to chemical splash and spill

Typical Properties
Salt Spray (ASTM B117)
    Face Corrosion, Blistering
5500 Hours
Humidity (ASTM D2247)
    Face Corrosion, Blistering
5500 Hours
Gloss Retention (ASTM G53) QUV-B Bulb Greater than 50% Gloss Retention at 26 weeks

Physical Data
2 Component,     Gloss Finish
Volume Solids (Calculated) 90% +/- 3%
Dry Film Thickness per Coat 3-7 Mils (75-175 Microns)
Theoretical Coverage, 1 Mil (25 Microns) 1444 square feet per Gallon
Theoretical Coverage, 5 Mil (125 Microns) 289 square feet per Gallon
Recommended Thinners
Amercoat 65 Amercoat 101
Recommended Cleaner
Amercoat 12 or Thinner

Special PSX application instructions for U.S. Coast Guard Vessels
Click here

PSX 700 Data Sheets

PSX 700 Quick Reference Guide

Qty F/S Number Color Price
F/S10076 Deck Red $ 225.00
F/S10080 Brown $ 225.00
F/S10324 Tan $ 225.00
F/S10371 Spar Buff $ 225.00
F/S11105 Fire Red $ 250.00
F/S12197 International Orange $ 250.00
F/S12199 Bow Stripe Orange $ 250.00
F/S12246 Orange $ 250.00
F/S13538 Yellow $ 250.00
F/S14062 Dark Green $ 225.00
F/S14449 Light Green $ 225.00
F/S15044 Dark Blue $ 225.00
F/S15182 Bow Stripe Blue $ 225.00
F/S15200 Light Blue $ 225.00
F/S16081 Dark Gray $ 225.00
Qty F/S Number Color Price
F/S16099 Deck Gray $ 225.00
F/S16187 Gray $ 225.00
F/S16376 Light Gray $ 225.00
F/S17038 Black $ 225.00
F/S17043 Gold $ 250.00
F/S17100 Dark Purple $ 225.00
F/S17142 Purple $ 225.00
F/S17875 White $ 225.00
F/S17925 Hull White $ 225.00
F/S20152 Red $ 250.00
F/S23814 Chartreuse $ 250.00
F/S26270 Haze Gray $ 225.00
F/S26373 Gray $ 225.00
F/S27886 White $ 225.00
F/S26270 Haze Gray Semi-gloss $ 225.00

Dimetcote 302H
Reinforced Inorganic Zinc Primer

Product Data
  • Applies easier than any other inorganic zinc, using spray,brush, or roller
  • Can be top coated with most organic coatings as soon as solvent evaporates
  • Low VOC
  • Zinc dust is already mixed into the liquid portion
  • Fast dry-to-handle
  • Excellent resistance to topcoat bubbling
  • Outstanding mud crack resistance
  • Excellent corrosion protection from unique formulation
  • VOC (EPA method 24) lbs/gal g/L
    mixed 2.37 384
    mixed/thinned 1 pt/gal 3.3 346

Recommended Thinners
Amercoat T-10
Recommended Cleaner
Amercoat 12 or Thinner

DEV302HG Dimetcote 302H primer, 1 gallon kit $ 95.00
DEV302HCUREQ Dimetcote 302H Quart Converter $ 25.00

Flight Deck Paint

Amercoat 137
(Formerly Devgrip 137)
Epoxy Primer for Non-Skid, 5 Gal Kit

Direct to metal primer for Amercoat heavy duty epoxy non skid coatings

U.S. Naval Ships' Technical Manual, Chapter 631
Military Sealift Command Instructions 4750.2
Approval MIL-PRF-24667A

2 Components Semigloss
Volume Solids
(ASTM D2697) (Modified)
67% +/- 3%
Dry film thickness per coat 2-6 Mils (50-150 Microns)
Theoretical Coverage 1075 sq. ft per gallon at 1 mil thickness

Recommended Thinners
Amercoat T-10
Recommended Cleaner
Amercoat 12 or Thinner
Click here for Product Data Sheets
Amercoat 137 Quick Reference Guide

Amercoat 137     Primer for 138 Non Skid, 5 Gallon Kit $ 650.00

Amercoat 138G
(Formerly Devgrip 138HR)
Heavy Duty Epoxy Non-Skid Coating

High Solids two-component Epoxy
Roll on Application - Creates a unique ridge formation
very Hard Non-wearing Grit - grit is Mixed into base component
Heavy Duty - Very long lasting non-skid Properties

Typical Uses:
Aircraft Carrier Decks
Vehicular Ramps and Decks
Very heavy duty service areas where non-slip properties are required

MIL-C-24667A, Types I, II and IV, Composition G

National Stock Numbers
8010-01-397-3807: F/S 36270 Haze Gray:
8010-01-397-3806: F/S 36076 Dark Gray
8010-01-397-3820: F/S 37038 Black

2 Components Low Sheen
Volume Solids (Calculated) 83% +/- 3%
Dry film thickness per coat 37-53 Mils (947-1357 Microns)
Coverage/Spreading Rate, Practical 25-35 sq. ft per gallon
Primer Amercoat 137
Cleaner T-10 or T-4
Click here for Product Data Sheets
Amercoat 138G Quick Reference Guide

Qty Product Price
Amercoat 138G F/S 36270 Haze Gray   Heavy Duty Non Skid, 5 Gallon Kit $ 650.00
Amercoat 138G F/S 36076 Dark Gray   Heavy Duty Non Skid, 5 Gallon Kit $ 650.00
Amercoat 138G F/S 37038 Black   Heavy Duty Non Skid, 5 Gallon Kit $ 650.00

Ameron Formula 150 type IV

Specification MIL-P-24441/29
NSN 8010-01-380-2362 (2 gallon kit)
NSN 8010-01-380-2389 (10 gallon kit)

2 Components Color - Green
Volume Solids (ASTM D2697) 67%
Wet film thickness per coat 6-7 Mils (150-175 Microns)
Dry film thickness per coat 4-5 Mils (100-125 Microns)
VOC 340 g/L max

Qty Product Price
MIL-P-24441/29 Type 4 Green, 2 Gallon Kit $ 180.00

Ameron Formula 151 type IV
Intermediate or Topcoat

Specification MIL-P-24441/30
NSN 8010-01-380-2435 (2 gallon kit)
NSN 8010-01-380-2388 (10 gallon kit)

2 Components Color - Haze Grey
Volume Solids (ASTM D2697) 66%
Wet film thickness per coat 6-7 Mils (150-175 Microns)
Dry film thickness per coat 4-5 Mils (100-125 Microns)
VOC 340 g/L max

Qty Product Price
MIL-P-24441/30 Type 4 Haze Grey, 2 Gallon Kit $ 180.00

Other Mil-Spec paint available upon request

High-performance tin-free self-polishing antifouling coating

Product Data
  • Tin Free
  • Contains high levels of cuprous oxide
  • Unique self-polishing mechanism prevents attachment of fouling organisms
  • Provides long-life protection, even under severe fouling conditions
  • Smoothing action helps reduce drag resistance
  • Available in contrasting colors
  • Suitable for most vessels in a wide range of operating environments

Product Qualifications
- Mil-PRF-24647
- ABS Type Approval as a Tin Free Antifouling

National Stock Numbers
NSN 8010-01-210-7812
NSN 8010-01-210-7813 (5gal)

NSN 8010-01-211-4815 (5 gal)

Click here for Product Data Sheets
(page will open in new window)

1 Gallon
Color Name
5 Gallon
  $125.00 Black $650.00
  $125.00 Light Blue $650.00
$125.00 Oxide Red $650.00

Other U.S. Coast Guard Items

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