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PSX 700 quick reference

Mixing ratio (by volume) 4 parts resin to 1 part cure
Pot life, (hours) °F / °C90/3270/2150/10
700 & 700FD 4
Thinning material with ½ pt/gal after 3 hours will extend pot life to 5 hours at 70°F.

ThinnerAmercoat 911, 101,
Equipment cleanerThinner or Amercoat 12

Environmental Conditions
air40 to 1204 to 49
surface40 to 1204 to 49
Relative humidity 40% minimum
Surface temperaturesmust be at least 5°F (3°C) above dewpoint to prevent condensation during application and initial dry through.
Relative humidity lower than 40% will extend dry times.
Heat curing
Allow 700 or 700FD to dry to touch before exposing to curing temperatures above 140°F.

Drying time (ASTMD1640) (hours)@40%R.H. or above, °F/°C
touch (700)3612
touch (700FD)129
through (700)461138
through (700FD)324
Recoat/topcoat time (hours)@40%R.H. or above, °F/°C
minimum (700 over 700)3932

Volume solids (calculated)
PSX 70090%± 3%
PSX 700FD 90%± 3%

Dry filmthickness per coat3 - 7mils (75 - 175microns)
Coats* 1 or 2
* When applying more than one coat, it is recommended that total dry film thickness not exceed 10mils

Application Procedure
Adhere to all application instructions, precautions, conditions, and limitations to obtain the maximum performance.
For conditions outside the requirements or limitations described, contact your PPG representative.
1.Flush equipment with thinner or Amercoat12 before use.
2.Mix to a uniform consistency.
3.Add PSX 700 cure to 700 resin. Mix thoroughly until uniformly blended.
4.If needed for workability, thin** with Amercoat 911 or 101 up to 1 pint per gallon PSX 700.
5.Apply a wet coat in even, parallel passes, overlap each pass 50 percent to avoid holidays, bare areas and pinholes. If required, follow with a cross spray at right angles to first pass.
6.Brush and/or roll applications will require 2 coats to achieve a 7 mil DFT. There will be some surface texture, which is typical for brush and roll applications.
7.When applying PSX 700 directly over Dimetcote or Amercoat 68HS see special thinning instructions.
8.Clean all equipment with thinner or Amercoat 12 cleaner immediately after use.
Thinning for Application overDimetcote
Thin PSX 700 with Amercoat 911 or 101 up to 1 pint per gallon to assist in film thickness control and to minimize bubbling. This will depend on the age of the coating, surface roughness and conditions during curing. Based on conditions an interval between the mist-coat and full-coat may assist in the application.

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