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Amercoat 138G quick reference

Components 2
Mixing ratio (by volume)4 part resin to 1 part cure
Curing mechanismSolvent release and chemical reaction between components
Volume solids
(ASTM D2697, modified)
82% ± 3%
Coverage/spreading rate, practicalft²/galm²/L
Pot Life at 77°F/25°C2 hours
PrimerAmercoat 137

Environmental Conditions
      Air and Surface40 to 1205 to 50
      Material (minimum)404
Surface temperatures must be at least 5°F (3°C) above dew point to prevent condensation.
Equipment CleanerThinner or Amercoat 12

Mixing and Thinning
Amercoat 138G Non-Skid Coating is a two-component product supplied in five gallon kits which contain the proper ratio of ingredients. Add the entire cure to the resin component while slowly mixing.
Mixed material may be thinned, if necessary, up to 5% by volume with T-10 thinner. Thin only in compliance with local VOC and air quality regulations. Thinning may alter the ridge formation.
Adhere to all application instructions, precautions, conditions and limitations during storage, handling, application and drying periods to obtain the maximum performance.
For conditions outside the requirements or limitations described, contact your PPG representative.

Application Procedure
(For NAVSEA applications, Chapter 634 guidelines should be followed). Stir each component thoroughly, then combine and mix slowly for 15 minutes until uniform.

If thinning is necessary for workability, add T-10. Thin in quantities up to ½ pint per gallon.

Do not mix more material than will be used within 2 hours at 70 °F (21 °C). Pot life is shortened by higher temperatures.

After mixing Amercoat 138G non-skid coating according to the mixing instructions above. pour out about an 18" diameter "puddle" and roll in slow, straight strokes pulling the material toward you. Only roll in one direction to develop the proper ridge formation. Use moderate pressure and do not over roll or press down too heavily. Be sure the non-skid coating does not build up too thickly around obstructions such as welds and pad eyes. Material applied excessively may not cure properly. One gallon of Amercoat 138G non-skid coating should cover approximately 25 to 35 square feet (12 to 15 square meters).

Amercoat 138G non-skid coating will touch dry in 10 hours and cure hard in 24 hours at surface temperatures of 77 °F. The strength of the ridge formation should be tested before allowing foot traffic on the painted areas. Seven days cure time at approximately 70 °F should be allowed before heavy-duty vehicular traffic operates on the painted areas.

The cure time of our Amercoat coatings is a function of the surface temperature. The higher the temperature, the faster the cure- hard condition will occur. Conversely, the cooler the temperature of the surface, the longer it will take to achieve a cure-hard condition.

The surface temperature can be considerably higher and lower than the air temperature depending on the time of day and the amount of direct sun exposure. Excessively hot surfaces may cause paint defects. Excessively thick coatings will require longer cure times and result in defects, especially on hot surfaces.

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