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Amercoat 235, multi-purpose epoxy

Product Data
  • Exceptional corrosion protection in salt and fresh water immersion and corrosive chemical environments
  • Surface tolerant, lowers the cost of surface preparation
  • Excellent adhesion to tight rust
  • Good adhesion to damp surfaces
  • Low temperature cure, cures down to 0°F (-18°C)
  • Fast dry-to-recoat
  • Self-priming

  • VOC lb/gal g/L
    mixed 2.4 292
    Volume solids
    (ASTM D2697 modified)
    68% ± 3%

Low solvent content meets VOC requirements, reduces the chances for film pinholing and solvent entrapment at the substrate-coating interface, often a major cause of coating failure with conventional epoxies and lower solids systems.

Typical Uses

    Tank Linings and Pipe Coatings
  • Ballast tanks
  • Bilges, wet voids and drainage pipes
    Ships, Offshore and Marine Structures
  • Above and below-water hull areas
  • Decks and superstructures
  • Multi-purpose repair coating
    Fabrication and New Construction
  • Speeds up production, even at low temperatures
  • A single multi-purpose, surface-tolerant coating


  • MIL-PRF-23236(D), Class 7,Type V,grade B & C (for topside and underwater hull) Type 1 and IV Class 2
  • Canada Health and Welfare, dry food, fish holds (off white and buff only)
  • USDA approval for incidental food contact (limited colors)
  • MIL-P-24647 and Chapter 631, Table 631-8-10, keel to rail and exterior topside

Systems Using Amercoat 235
1st Coat 2nd Coat 3rd Coat
Amercoat 235 - -
Amercoat 235 Amercoat 235 -
Amercoat 235 Amercoat 229 -
Amercoat 235 Amercoat 235 ABC #3
Amercoat 235 Amercoat 235 Amercoat 214
dimetcote 9 Amercoat 235 -
Dimetcote 302H Amercoat 235 -
dimetcote 9 Amercoat 235 Amercoat 450H
Dimetcote 302H Amercoat 235 Amercoat 450H

Recommended Thinners
Amercoat T-10 Amercoat 65 Amercoat 101
Recommended Cleaner
Amercoat 12 or Thinner

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1 Gallon Kit
Color Name
5 Gallon Kit
  $ 89.95 Buff
NSN 8010-01-359-5541
NSN 8010-01-359-7234 (5 gallon)
$ 449.95
  $ 89.95 Haze Gray
NSN 8010-01-359-5513
NSN 8010-01-359-7234 (5 Gallon)
$ 449.95
  $ 89.95 Light Gray
$ 449.95
  $ 89.95 Off White
NSN 8010-01-431-7812 (5 gallon)
$ 449.95
  $ 89.95 Oxide Red
NSN 8010-01-359-7236
NSN 8010-01-316-6741 (5 gallon)
$ 449.95
  $ 89.95 Black
NSN 8010-01-316-6020 (5 gallon)
$ 449.95

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