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Amercoat 240
Universal Epoxy Coating

Amercoat 240 is a surface-tolerant, direct-to-metal universal epoxy.
It provides a much superior high-film build (up to 12 mils in single coat) and optimal corrosion protection in immersion, non-potable and corrosive chemical environments.
Best for use with immersion surfaces as well as for exterior protection, it can be applied down to 40°F and cures down at 32°F.
It offers excellent edge coverage (75% compared to the typical 25% with other coatings), meaning less strip coating is required.

Click here for Amercoat 240 Product Data Sheets

Amerlock Series
Amerlock 2/ Amerlock 400/Amerlock 400BF

Amerlock 2 and Amerlock 400 surface-tolerant epoxy coatings are high-solid, high-build epoxy coatings that offer superior chemical resistance to splash, spillage and fumes.

They also resist high humidity and moisture. Both epoxies are NSF standard 61 approved for potable water.
Amerlock 400BF Block Filler is an epoxy block filler suitable for use on prepared interior or exterior masonry block.
Glass Flake version is available for surfaces exposed to high heat.
The Amerlock series offers a fast dry formula with a 3-hour recoat window (at 70°F), higher coverage protection (6-8 mils coverage in one coat), low VOC and the option to tint in a custom color or top-coat with urethanes.

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Amerlock 2 Product Data Sheets
Amerlock 400 Product Data Sheets
Amerlock 400BF Product Data Sheets

Amerlock Sealer
Solvent-Free Epoxy Sealer

Amerlock Sealer adheres to aged coatings.
It is compatible with many older coatings as well as damp substrate and can be used as a concrete-curing compound

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Amerlock Sealer Product Data Sheets

NovaGuard 840
Amine-Cured Phenolic Epoxy Coating

NovaGuard 840 is a single-coat, solvent-free phenolic epoxy that is resistant to severe H2S, chemicals and heavy abrasion environments.
It offers excellent resistance against a wide range of chemicals and solvents and is optimal for surfaces that are exposed to hydrogen sulfide.

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NovaGuard 840 Product Data Sheets

Amercoat 100A
Spray-On Epoxy Surface

Amercoat 100A is a spray-applied, reinforced epoxy surface for use in severe immersion and H2S environments.

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Nu-Klad 100A Product Data Sheets

Amercoat 238
Abrasion Resistant Epoxy Coating

Amercoat 238 protects surfaces against unusual abrasive conditions, immersion environments and chemicals.

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Amercoat 238 Product Data Sheets
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Amercoat 114A
Epoxy Filler Compound

Amercoat 114A is a 100% solid epoxy-filler compound that fill pits, voids or seams in steel and concrete water tanks.
It forms concrete or concrete blocks up to one inch across as measured in their largest dimension.
A single application will fill or seal most air bubbles and holes.

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Amercoat 114A Product Data Sheets

Recommendations for Pipe Color Coding
ServiceAmercoat Schedule Color Band
Water Lines:
Raw WaterRT7605Olive GreenN/A
Settled/Clarified WaterRT1805AquaN/A
Finish Potable Water RT1803 Dark BlueN/A
Sprinklers RD-2 Safety RedN/A
Suction Lines BL-4 Light BlueN/A
Pressure Lines RT1803 Dark BlueN/A
Back Wash Waste RT8204 TanN/A
Sludge RT1402/BK-1 Dark Brown Black
Sanitary Sewer GR-1 Deep GrayN/A
Sewage Effluent RT8601 Medium BrownN/A
Raw Sludge RT1404 Dark BrownN/A
Sludge Recirc. RT1404/BK-1 Dark Brown Black
Sludge Draw-Off RT1404/YE-3 Dark Brown Safety Yellow
Sludge Recirc/Discharge RT1404 Dark BrownN/A
Sludge Gas 6900 Int. OrangeN/A
Natural Gas 6900/BK-1 Int. Orange Black
Non-Potable Water BL-6/BK-1 Safety Blue Black
Potable Water BL-6 Safety BlueN/A
Chlorine YE-3 Safety YellowN/A
Sulfur Dioxide YE-3/OR-2 Safety Yellow Safety Orange
Chemical Lines:
Aluminum or Primary
Coagulant OR-2 Safety OrangeN/A
Ammonia WH-1 WhiteN/A
Carbon Slurry BK-1 BlackN/A
Caustic YE-3/GN-6 Safety Yellow Safety Green
Chlorine YE-3 Safety YellowN/A
Fluoride RT8903/RD-2 Light Blue Safety Red
Lime Slurry RT8703 Light GreenN/A
Ozone YE-3/OR-2 Safety Yellow Safety Orange
Phosphate Compounds RT8703/RD-2 Light Green Safety Red
Polymers/Coag. Aids OR-2/GN-6 Safety Orange Safety Green
Potass. Permangate 1979 Safety PurpleN/A
Soda Ash RT8703/OR-2 Light Green Safety Orange
Sulfuric Acid YE-3/RD-2 Safety Yellow Safety Red
Sulfur Dioxide RT8703/YE-3 Light Green Safety Yellow
Compressed Air RT2203 GreenN/A
Gas 7821 RedN/A
Other Lines GR-2 Medium GrayN/A
Hoists, Trolley YE-3 Safety YellowN/A
Fire Protection RD-2 Safety RedN/A
SteamOR-2 Safety OrangeN/A
Oil RT8405 IvoryN/A
***** Colors Based on PPG PMC Color Chart PM10214/69 *****

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