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Amerlock Sealer quick reference

Components 2
Curing mechanism Chemical reaction
Volume solids (calculated) 100%
Dry film thickness per coat 1.5 mils (38 microns)
Coats 1 or 2
Theoretical coverage ft²/galm²/L
1.5 mils (38 microns)106927.1
Mixing ratio (by volume)1 part resin to 1 part cure
Pot life (minutes)°F/°C
Environmental conditions
Temperature°F °C
Air32 to 1200 to 49
Surface32 to 1200 to 49
Drying time (ASTM D1640) (hours)°F °C
Recoat/topcoat time (hours)°F °C
maximum**1 month
** Roughen surface if max recoat/topcoat time exceeded.
Drying times are dependent on air and surface temperatures as well as film thickness, ventilation and relative humidity. Maximum recoating time is highly dependent upon actual surface temperatures - not simply ambient air temperatures. Surface temperatures should be monitored, especially with sun-exposed or otherwise heated surfaces. Higher surface tempertures shorten the maximum recoat window.
ThinnerAmercoat 65
Equipment cleanerThinner or Amercoat 12

Application Procedure
1.Flush equipment with thinner or Amercoat 12.
2.Add Amerlock Sealer cure to Amerlock Sealer resin. Mix thoroughly until uniformly blended.
Pot life (minutes)°F/°C
3.Thinning is not normally recommended. If needed for workability add Amercoat 65 up to 1.4 pint per gallon of mixed Amerlock Sealer.
4.Apply wet coat in even parallel passes, overlapping each pass by 50%.
5.Amerlock Sealer is low in viscosity. Apply one coat at 1.5 mils or sufficient thickness to completely cover and penetrate steel. Porous surfaces may require an additional coat of Amerlock Sealer.
6.Clean all equipment with thinner or Amercoat 12 immediately after use.

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