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Amercoat 68HS quick reference

Components 3
Mixing ratio1- or 5-gal unit package
Curing mechanismSolvent release and chemical reaction between components
Volume solids
(ASTM D2697, modified)
70% ± 3%
Dry film thickness (per coat)3 mils (75 microns)
Theoretical coverageft²/galm²/L
1 mil (25 microns) 112327.5
3 mils (75 microns) 37419.2

Application Data
Environmental conditions
      Air32 to 1200 to 49
      Surface32 to 1300 to 60
Surface temperatures must be at least 5°F (3°C) above dew point to prevent condensation.

Pot Life°F/°C
accelerated (¼pt 861/5 gal)5916

Drying time
topcoat (minimum)126NR
topcoat (maximum months)unlimited*NR
accelerated (¼pt 861/5 gal)
Topcoat (minimum¾424
topcoat (maximum months) unlimited*
NR=Not Recommended
* Surface must be power washed as needed to remove all surface contaminants including zinc salts. Surface must be clean and dry.

ThinnerAmercoat 65
CleanerAmercoat 12

1.Flush all equipmentwith thinner or Amercoat 12 before use.
2.Stir each component separately, thenmix cure into resin and mix until uniform. Slowly stir in zinc dust and mix until uniformly blended. Maintain slow agitation during application to ensure thematerial remains uniformly blended.
3.Thinning may be required; thin with up to ½ pint Amercoat 65 per gallon of Amercoat 68HS.
4.Apply a wet coat in even, parallel passes; overlap each pass 50 percent to avoid holidays, bare areas and pinholes. If required, cross spray at right angles to first pass.
5.Check dry film thickness using nondestructive dry film thickness gauge such as Mikrotest or Elcometer. If less than the specified thickness, apply additional material. Typical dry film thickness is 3mils in one coat, however dry film thickness up to 5mils in one coat is acceptable. Do not exceed 5mils in one coat as excess dry film thickness may result in increased mechanical damage during handling or shipping.
6.Touch up random pinholes, holidays and small damaged or bare areas by brush when filmdry to touch. Larger areas should be resprayed.
7.Clean equipment with thinner or Amercoat 12 immediately after use.

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