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Amercoat 450H quick reference

Mixing ratio (by volume) 4 parts resin to 1 part cure
Environmental conditions°F°C
air and surface temp20 to 120-7 to 49
Surface temperatures must be at least 5°F (3°C) above dew point to prevent condensation.

Volume Solids 67% ±3%
VOC (EPAMethod 24) lb/gal g/L
thinned (5%by volume)2.8 340
Dry film thickness (per coat) 2-5mils (50-125microns)
Coats 1 or 2
Theoretical coverage ft²/gal m²/L
1mil 1074 26.4
2mils 537 13.2

Pot life (hours)°F / °C90/3270/2150/10
Drying times (hours)°F / °C90/3270/2150/10
touch (minutes)103090
through (hours)4824
Recoat times (hours)°F / °C90/3270/2150/10
Minimum (hours)2412
*Surface must be dry and free of all contaminants.

Drying Times with 866M accelerator, Mixed@ ½ pint per mixed 5-gal unit
Drying times (w/ 866m) (hours)°F / °C90/3270/2150/1032/0
touch (minutes)72575240
through (hours)836
Recoat times (w/ 866m) (hours),   °F / °C90/3270/2150/1050/10
Minimum (hours)1416
*Surface must be dry and free of all contaminants.

ThinnerAmercoat 65, Amercoat 101,
Equipment cleanerThinner or Amercoat 12

Application Procedure
Amercoat 450H is packaged in two components in the proper
proportions which must be mixed together before use:
1. Flush equipment with thinner or Amercoat 12 before use.
2. Stir each component thoroughly, then add cure to resin and mix until uniformly blended to aworkable consistency. Do not mix more material than will be used within 4 hours at 65-80°F (18-27°C). Pot life is shortened by higher temperatures.
See pot life data.
3. Thin only if necessary forworkability.
4. When applying by conventional spray, use adequate air pressure and volume to ensure proper atomization.
5. Apply a wet coat in even parallel passes, overlap 50 percent to avoid holidays, bare areas and pinholes. If required, cross spray at right angles.
6. Application of 3mils (75microns)wet film thickness will normally provide 2mils (50microns) dry film.
7. Clean all equipment with thinner or Amercoat 12 immediately after use.
8. Keep containers tightly closed since repeated exposure to moisture will cause gelation. Moisture contaminated material is also subject to gassing on storage. Handle bulged containerswith caution; lids may eject forcibly.

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