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Amercoat 237M quick reference

Components 2
Mixing ratio (by volume)4 part resin to 1 part cure
Curing mechanismSolvent release and chemical reaction between components
Volume solids
(ASTM D2697, modified)
76% ± 3%
Practical coverageft²/galm²/L
Pot Life at 77°F/25°C4 hours

Environmental Conditions
      Air and Surface40 to 1205 to 50
      Material (minimum)404
Surface temperatures must be at least 5°F (3°C) above dew point to prevent condensation.
Equipment CleanerThinner or Amercoat 12

Mixing and Thinning
Amercoat 237M non-skid coating is a two component product supplied in 5 gallon kits which contain the proper ratio of ingredients. The entire contents of each container must be mixed together. Mix the resin portion slowly with an air powered agitator, then slowly add the cure portion, making sure all the cure is added.
Thinning is not recommended, however, at lower temperatures, up to 5% T-10 thinner may be added depending on local VOC and air quality regulations.
Excessive thinning will hurt the non-skid quality and flow pattern.

Application Procedure
Air spray - After mixing Amercoat 237M non-skid coating as indicated above, pour the coating into the spray pot. Be sure the bottom outlet is closed. Apply about 25 PSI fluid pressure to the spray pot and start the agitator at slowspeed. The air pressure should be turned on,making sure it is adjusted to always be 5 PSI higher than the pot pressure. Next, hold the gun nozzle over the just emptied 5 gallon pail. Open the valve on the gun, then open the bottom outlet valve on the spray pot. This sequence is important to prevent clogging of the fluid line. If the fluid line becomes clogged, relieve the fluid pressure and open the vent valve on the spray pot. Blow the paint in the fluid line back into the pot by covering the spray gun headwith a rag. This should clear the fluid hose. After closing the spray pot outlet valve, proceed again as indicated above. After the proper spray pattern is obtained by adjustments in the fluid and air pressures, begin applying the non-skid coating. Spray the coating in overlapping passes to just hide the primer coating. Optimum spray techniques should result in a spreading rate of about 80 square feet/gallon (1.96 square meters/liter).
Roller - Pour out the mixed coating and spread evenly.
Estimated coverage is 50 square feet/gallon (1.23 square meters/liter).
Rolling should be done carefully to give Amercoat 237M the appearance of sprayed material with uniform distribution of grit within the rolled area.

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