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PPG Dimetcote 21-5 quick reference guide

Components 2
Mixing ratioas supplied, only mix full kits
Curing mechanismWater evaporation and chemical reaction between components
Practical coverageft²/galm²/L
1 mil (25 microns)101024.8
3 mil (75 microns)3368.3
Pot Life (hours)

Environmental Conditions
      Air40 to 1204 to 49
      Surface40 to 1304 to 54
Relative humidity during application and initial drying
Maximum85% at 70°F
Surface temperatures must be at least 5°F (3°C) above dew point to prevent condensation.
Thinnerdo not thin
Equipment CleanerFresh Water

Application Procedure
1.Flush all equipment with fresh water before use.
2.Stir liquid with a power mixer. Dimetcote 21-5 standard liquid is clear.
The light gray liquid is cloudy when stirred (white pigment).
3.Discard desiccant bag from powder and gradually stir powder into liquid. Continue stirring until powder is well dispersed and mixture free of lumps. Do not mix more material than will be used within 8 hours at 70°F. Do not reverse order nor vary proportions.
Pot Life (hours)
4.Do not thin for any reason.
5.Strain mixture through 30 mesh screen to prevent possible clogging of equipment.
6.Continue slow stirring during application to maintain material uniformity.
7.Apply a wet coat in even parallel passes, overlap each pass 50 percent to avoid pinholes, holidays or bare areas.
8.Insure proper thickness on welds, cutouts, sharp edges, rivets, bolts and corners as cracking may occur with excessive thickness.
9.Keep pressure pot at approximately same elevation as spray gun for proper material delivery to gun.
10.When dry through, check film thickness with a non destructive dry film thickness gauge. Recoat when dry to handle if greater thickness is required. Normal recommended thickness is 3 mils (75 microns). Allowable range is 2 to 12 mils (50 to 300 microns).
Drying time (ASTM D1640) @ 70% RH* (minutes)
°F/ °C90/3270/2150/1040/4
Time to water insolubility @ 70% RH* (hours)
@3 mils¼½¾1
@6 mils½23
@9 mils¾23
Topcoat (min hours)
@3 mils12244872
@6 mils243672120
@9 mils3672120180
Cure for non-immersion water contact @70% RH* (hours)
@3 mils12244872
@6 mils243672120
@9 mils3672120180
Cure for solvent splash and spill resistance
@70% RH* (hours)
@3 mils581624
@6 mils9163248
@9 mils12244872
*Above 70% relative humidity up to the maximum of 90%, time will double.
11.Touch up random pinholes, holidays, small damaged or bare areas by brush when film is dry to handle. Larger areas should be sprayed.
12.Ventilate with clean air during the application and curing following final coat. Ventilating air temperature and relative humidity between coats must be such that condensation will not form on the surface between coats. The surface must be free of moisture when the next coat is applied.
Caution - In confined areas or under stagnant air conditions, glazing of the Dimetcote 21-5 surface may occur. Lightly blast to roughen the surface before top coating.
13.Clean equipment immediately after use with fresh water.

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