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Caribbean Islands
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#16   Florida to Puerto Rico & Mona Pass.
Offshore chart showing area from mid Florida to Western Puerto Rico on side A. Includes Hispanola, Turks and Caicos Islands, Jamaica, Cayman Islands and the entire Bahama chain. Side B is Mona Passage, between Hispanola and Puerto Rico and show the Island of Mona and the Mayaguez and Boqueron areas east to Ensenada.
Information from 2 DMA Charts; 27005 & 25700
#32   Virgin Islands, U.S. & British
Complete coverage of the Virgins from Culebra east to Virgin Gorda and south to St.Croix. Expanded detailed insets for the areas of Charlotte Amalie Harbor, Gorda Sound, Tortola's West End, Nanny Key, South End of Virgin Gorda, Road Harbor, Christiansted and West St. Croix and the Island of St Croix. Shows new construction on St. Thomas and Virgin Gorda.
Information from 9 Different Government Charts
#32B   British Virgin Islands
Coverage from St. Johns and Jost Van Dyke east and north to Virgin Gorda and Anegada. Detailed insets for Gorda Sound show in recent construction and for Road Harbor. Large Print coverage of the Sir Francis Drake Channel and Norman, Peter, Salt, Cooper and Ginger Islands.
Information from DMA Charts; 25609, 25610 & 25611
#38   North Bahama Islands
Side A is South Florida and all Bahamas Islands south and east to Great Inagua. Includes Cuba.
Side B is enlarged projection of Florida's South East Coast from Stuart south to Elliot Key and east to include entire Abacos Islands and south to include the Bimini Islands and the Berry Islands. This side is a corrected and enhanced copy of the Bahamian projection and has added Loran Lines, a Gulf Stream Crossing Guide and accurate compass information.
Information from NOAA Chart 11013 and Bahamian charts
#38A   Grand Bahama & The Abacos
Complete coverage of the Little Bahama Bank including Grand Bahama and Walkers Cay east to Little Abaco. Details for West End and Walkers Cay. The reverse side continues south and east thru the popular cruising area of the Sea of Abaco to Cherokee Sound and includes detailed blown up insets for Green Turtle, Treasure Cay, Whale Cay, Marsh Harbor, Little Harbor, Man O'War Cay and Hopetown.
This chart features a recompiled color plan which uses 2 colors for shallow water and a special red pattern for reef areas. Complete Loran Lines on both sides.
Information from 2 DMA charts; 26300 and 26320 and numerous other sources
#38B   Bahamas Crossing - Bimini
Details the Florida coast from Jupiter south to Key Largo, and covers the Bimini chain of Islands and the West End of Grand Bahama. Included on this side is a crossing guide. The reverse side has a large blow up of West End, a detailed projection of the Bimini area including Cat Cays, Gun Cay and North Rock and an extra large blow up of South Bimini and Alice Town.
Three colors for shallow water make this chart exceptionally easy to read.
Information from 2 DMA charts; 26320 and 26324
#38C   Central Bahamas
The clearest overall view of the Central Bahamas! Covers area from Bimini east to South Abaco (Hole in the Wall) and south to Nassau on one side with a detailed Blow Up of Nassau Harbor. Includes all the Berry Islands and North Andros. The Reverse side begins at Nassau and continues east to Eleuthra and south thru the Exumas to Great Exuma and Georgetown! Continuous coverage of Eleuthra. Detailed Blow Ups for Georgetown, Ships Channel, Allen and Highbourn Cay in the Exumas and Harbor Island and Spanish Wells on Eleuthra.
Information from 6 different DMA charts; 26320, 26309,26286,26306,26300, 26282
38G   West Grand Bahama & The Berry Islands
Detailed coverage for the west portion of Grand Bahama Island from the Missle Base east. Includes the Grand Bahama Waterway, all southside marinas and canals and the Commercial Harbor. Waypoints are provided for all harbor entrances and for the Indian Key Channel. An added red pattern details the south side barrier reef. Detail entrance diagram for Port Lucaya. The reverse side covers the Berry Islands in detail from Great Stirrup south to Chub Cay. Inside routes and shallow areas have been added with observed GPS Coordinates.Lights damaged by Hurricane Andrew have been noted.
Information from 2 DMA Charts 26323 and 26328, sketch charts and harbor diagrams. Extensive imput from local authorities and ISS field work
38H   Nassau, Bahamas
Entire island on one side with addedindicia for newest buoys and lights and Port New Providence Development.The reverse side is detail of Nassau Harbor with the newest cruise ship key and dock configuration, land fill areas and new dock construction as well as detail of Rose Island Area to the east - a popular area for snorkeling. Popular Wrecks and Diving Areas have been added and named and new shore facilities are shown including the Coral World Tower and the bridge to Coral World.
Information from 2 DMA charts 26306 and 26309
#53   Puerto Rico
Complete coverage of Coastal Puerto Rico. The east panel covers Culebra, Vieques with detailed insets for Central Aguirre and Ensenada Harbor. The West Panel covers to the Mona Passage with blow ups for Arecibo, Mayaguez and Ponce.
Information from 8 different NOAA Charts; 25687,25653, 25650, 25677, 25671, 25668, 25683, 25673

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