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Phoenix Products and C.G.Edwards are happy to assist you in determining the optimal lighting to meet your requirements.
If you would like assistance please fill out the form below and we will contact you

What is the length and width or the ship?
When do you request the lighting layout be completed by?
Are there dimensional drawing available?
What will the fixtures be mounted to (pole, wall roof)?
Power Availability?
What is the mounting height?
Is there an existing lighting footprint whose locations are to be matched?
Are there any obstructions for aiming in any direction?
Is there an existing idea of how many fixtures may be required?
What are the light level requirements for the area to be illuminated (Lux of Foot candles)?
Is there an idea of which optics should be used?
What area is to be illuminated?
Adverse environment and safety concerns (compliance requirements)?
What is the distance from the mounting position to the illuminated area?
Comments or additional information
E-mail Address
Telephone Number


E-mail or Call 617-268-4111 for latest Pricing

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