C. C. Edwards Co. Inc
Industrial & Marine Coatings
181 Old Colony Ave,
P.O.Box 358
Boston, MA 02127
Phone: (617)268-4111-4112
E-mail: websales@cgedwards.com


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Garelick Marine Products

Garelick Marine Products has been Sold
and many of these items are no longer available

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Please Note:
With all the recent cases of on-line credit card and Identity theft,
we feel obliged to inform our customers that neither
C.G. Edwards Co Inc. or Boxell's Chandlery,
under any circumstance sell or divulge any personal information about our customers,
nor do we in any way store confidential information on our server.
Please be assured that we will continue to do everything within our power to keep any
information submitted by our customers as secure as we possibly can.

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Contact C.G. Edwards

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