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Linerite Composite Batterboard System

To help protect vessels and dock facilities, Johnson/Duramax offers a variety of tough
fendering products designed to withstand the harsh marine environment
Available in variety of heavy duty sizes

  • Low Friction UHMW-PE Face
  • Impact Absorbing Core
  • Meets Requirements for CID-A-A-59001

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The Ultimate Batterboard Material
Exceeds Military Requirements

Two Integral Materials Fused Together At The Molecular Level.
Using heat and extreme pressure, the LINERITE® UHMW-PE facing and impact-absorbing core is blended into a remarkable composite product structure that is virtually impossible to separate.
Recessed Stud Fastener
System Prevents Shearing. Custom fabricated recessed mounting holes reduce bolt stress and prevent dangerous shearing of bolts or studs during impact.
0.12 Low-Coefficient Of Friction UHMW-PE Facing.
The Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMW-PE) facing layer material protects and extends the wear life of your vessel, pilings and dock structure.
Proprietary Energy Absorbing Composite Core
Unlike straight UHMW-PE plastic panels which transfer impact energy directly to the substructure causing damage, LINERITE® with its superior energy absorption protects the substructure and vessel from damage.

Perfect System For a Variety of Marine Applications
  • Dock facings
  • Bridge fenders
  • Wharf, pier and lock fenders
  • Dry dock walls and side rails
  • Pipeline fenders
  • Floating docks
  • Piling Facing
  • Wing walls
  • Offshore pump station fenders
  • Boat rails and gunnels
  • Ferry terminals
  • Canal lock walls
  • Canal lock door panels
  • Vessel well decks
  • Bilge block facings
  • Passenger ferry
  • Commercial crab
  • fishing vessels

Two LINERITE® configurations engineered to
meet application requirements

Linerite is manufactured using 2 formulations to meet the performance requirements of the application. The 2 formulations are identified as CID LINERITE and Standard LINERITE.


Linerite was developed for use inside the well decks of US NAVY amphibious support vessels. The U.S. NAVY CID-A-A-59001 (commercial item description) establishes the performance and quality assurance requirements for shipboard use of synthetic batterboard materials.
The key specifications included in the CID are:

  • Coefficient of Friction
  • Impact resistance
  • Flame spread
  • Smoke density
  • Resilience

CID Linerite exceeds all requirements of CID-A-A-59001.

  Standard LINERITE

Standard Linerite was developed as a lower cost alternative to meet budgetary constraints of replacing wood timbers in outdoor batterboard applications where enhanced flame retardant characteristics were unnecessary. The robust flame retardant features in Linerite CID are not typically required in most outdoor applications.

LINERITE Optimizes Energy Absorption
When Deflected - While Reducing Reactive Force.

This proprietary designed protection system greatly reduces the transfer of energy to the substructure. And, unlike solid rubber with its low energy absorption, there is no "sling shot effect" that could cause damage to the vessel.

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UHMW-PE Facing With 0.12 Low-Coefficient Of Friction.

Unlike some manufacturers that use recycled materials that reduce impact strength and wear life of the batterboard, the LINERITE facing is virgin UHMW-PE with an extremely low coefficient of friction.

Abrasion Resistant
Low coefficient of friction and high impact strength reduces batterboard wear.

Virtually Unbreakable
Resists cracking, tearing or breaking down under heavy loads.

Long Life in Tough Conditions
Resists corrosion, unaffected by marine organisms and extreme weather.

  Recessed Stud Fastening System Protects Against Damage and Injury.

No Exposed Fasteners
that can be sheared off causing serious injury and damage.

Bolt Stress Is Reduced
because the LINERITE core composite compresses upon impact - unlike solid rubber that bulges around its fasteners causing them to shear off or potentially becoming dangerous projectiles.

Tight Installation of LINERITE
to substructure is assured. Mounting fasteners can the tightened against the dense alloy core to form a tight long-lasting bond.

Custom Sizes Available Upon request
LINERITE can be manufactured to the right length, width and thickness, and then drilled to meet your installation requirements.

Pre-curve available for easy installation
Duramax will engineer an impact system that will perfectly match your application. This will save installation time and money

Custom Color Available
LINERITE UHMW-PE facing comes in black and yellow as standard colors. The face material can be manufactured to match any custom color.

Custom mounting holes
Our recessed stud fastening system is custom fabricated to fit your application perfectly, making on-site installation easy and less costly. And, LINERITE is lightweight making it easy to handle.

  Examples of mounting installations

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