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Navigation Sets
320.jpg - 17405 BytesWeems & Plath Navpak

Ideal for beginner or expert. Includes the following high quality Weems & Plath plotting tools. Two #102 45° protractor triangles, one set of #140 12" Parallel Rulers, The #133 Course Plotter, one pair of #260 6" matte nickel dividers with replaceable points, and one #2 Pencil, all in a reusable pouch.
Complete with instructions

Qty Product Description Price
WPL 320 Navpak Plotting Tool Kit $81.99
317.jpg - 12993 BytesWeems & Plath Basic Navigation Set

This set includes a #255 Weems Protractor, a #145 parallel rulers for finding bearing and direction, a #262 divider for measuring distance, a #2 pencil for making notations on the chart and in the navigation log, and a pencil sharpener.

Qty Product Description Price
WPL317 Basic Navigation Set $48.99
32200.jpg - 14701 BytesWeems & Plath Primary Navigation Set

All the basics for charting and navigation functions. This mix of plotting tools is a tremendous value. Features the #176 Ultralight Dividers, #139 Milled 12" Parallel Rulers for accurate course lines, #105 Nautical Slide Rule for speed and distance calculation, and a navigators pencil

Qty Product Description Price
WPL32200 Primary Navigation Set $61.99
100.jpg - 14605 BytesWeems & Plath Coast Guard Kit

The five most popular items that the U.S. Coast Guard buys in one convenient kit. The kit contains: 1 each of the #176 Ultralight Divider/Compass - our most versatile divider/ compass, #7291 15-Pack of Spare Leads for the Ultralight Divider/Compass, #120 Weems Parallel Plotter - the original rolling plotter, #105 Nautical Slide Rule - speed/ time/distance wheel, and the #113 Course & Leg Identifier - a.k.a. Search Pattern Slide Rule, a must for anyone performing search & rescue operations.

Qty Product Description Price
WPL100 Coast Guard Kit $106.99
319.jpg - 10578 BytesWeems & Plath Elegant Navigation Kit

We have assembled our finest brass one-hand dividers, our deluxe brass arm Parallel Ruler and now fitted with a 1-3/4" liquid filled brass compass in an elegant deep red mahogany finish wooden box that is fitted out with polished brass hardware. The box also accepts a brass plate (not included) suitable for engraving.

Qty Product Description Price
WPL319 Elegant Navigation Set $134.99
178.jpg - 12094 BytesWeems & Plath Millenium Navigation Kit

This kit contains a 6 divider and a 6 compass made from polyamide/glass fiber composite. These nickel free, rustproof tools will be at home in any nav-table. Sold in a protective vinyl case, spare leads included.
Made in Germany.

Qty Product Description Price
WPL178 Millennium Navigation Kit $35.99
325.jpg - 13582 BytesWeems & Plath Navitote

Made from rugged Tough Duck, a PVC backed polyester duck fabric, for added strength and durability. This new design has gusseted reinforcedpockets and stronger hanging grommets. The NaviTote will keep your Weems & Plath navigation tools in good order for years

Qty Product Description Price
WPL325 NaviTote $24.99


259.jpg - 10837 BytesMatte Nickel Instruments

These lightweight matte nickel plated brass dividers are ideal for all applications. Available in three sizes, 5", 6", or 7". or choose the matte nickel compass with the same quality construction found in the Weems & Plath Dividers

Qty Product Description Price
WPL259 5 in Matte Nickel Divider $15.99
WPL260 6 in Matte Nickel Divider $18.99
WPL261 7 in Matte Nickel Divider $24.99
WPL262 6 in Divider Fixed Points $16.99
WPL611 7 in Matte Nickel Compass $24.99
WPL1043 7 in Straight Pattern M/N Divider $27.99
170.jpg - 7490 BytesBrass One Hand Dividers

These unique, English, one hand dividers can be opened and closed with one hand while performing your chart work. The curved top part of the handle is brass and the tapered sides are bright finished marine alloy.
Choice of seven or eight inches overall length

Qty Product Description Price
WPL170 7 in One Hand Divider $46.99
WPL171 8 inOne Hand Divider $49.99
172.jpg - 5096 BytesBrass Straight Pattern Dividers

These traditional straight patern dividers from England are made with the same quality brass arms and alloy tips as the famous one hand dividers.
Choice of seven or eight inches overall length

Qty Product Description Price
WPL172 7 in Straight Pattern Divider $34.99
WPL173 8 in Straight Pattern Divider $41.99
179.jpg - 5057 BytesMillenium Dividers

This instrument is both a conventional 6 divider and a compass. Its unique ergonomic design facilitates onehanded operation. The body is a polyamide/glass fiber composite. Nickel free and rustproof, you have to feel the silky smooth action to believe it. Lead and spare points included.
Made in Germany.

Qty Product Description Price
WPL179 Millennium Divider $19.99
176.jpg - 7966 BytesUltralight Dividers/Compass

These robustly built dividers weigh only 3 oz. and are heftier than standard size dividers. Made in Germany of a coated marine alloy to resist corrosion. Gear synchronized arms allow one-hand use and provide excellent point alignment, while the center wheel/extension bar construction allows for fast action and precision adjustments.
The Weems & Plath Ultralight features hardened stainless steel points and is fully adjustable. Replace a point with lead (supplied), and it becomes a navigator's compass. Length 7"

Qty Product Description Price
WPL176 Ultralight Divider $25.99
719A.jpg - 7736 BytesTen Point Dividers

This 6" equal spacing divider is manufactured from the highest quality stainless steel. Its precision is clearly evident from point-to-point. The eleven numbered points allow easy conversion of distances. An excellent tool when interpolating Loran, or plotting and calculating using the decimal system.

Qty Product Description Price
WPL719A 6 in 10 Point Divider $219.99
WPL719B Precision 10 Point Divider $293.99
4548.jpg - 14584 BytesProportional Dividers

A highly accurate speed-time-distance computer, long used by draftsmen and chart makers. Its unique advantage is that distance, picked off the chart between divider points, can be immediately converted to the unknown speed or time.
Made in Germany of silver/nickel alloy with stainless steel points, 8 inches long.
FSN 6605-00-682-4548.

Qty Product Description Price
WPL4548 Proportional Divider $249.99
545.jpg - 8420 BytesBeam Compass

High quality aluminum alloy Beam Compass, precision crafted with a 20" overall radius. 13" main beam with 7" extension bar. Provided with point, stylus, spare leads, and velvet lined, impact resistant case.
Made in Germany.
545330 Optional 13" Extension Bar

Qty Product Description Price
WPL545 Beam Compass w/Case $183.99
WPL545330 Extension Bars 13 in $57.99

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