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Captain Segull's Nautical Sportfishing Charts highlight local fishing areas, Shore Services, GPS, Loran Lines, Wrecks and launch ramps.
All Charts are laminated, waterproof and in full color.

Please Note:

These charts provide approximate locations for sportfishing and are not intended for navigation.
Although these charts are exact reproductions of NOAA Charts, please consult a current navigational chart for that purpose as well as consulting local Notice to Mariners and
Light Lists

This chart is for recreational use only

All Captain Segull Charts are $19.95

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Offshore & Inshore Charts
Longitude and Latitude Lines
Loran Lines
Contour Lines
Buoy Coordinates
Shore Services
Fuel Docks
Loading Ramps
Pump-out Stations
Local Fishing Holes
OF10 Offshore - Accented Loran
GMM17 Gulf of Maine and Mass Bay
Side one is the Gulf of Maine from Penobscot Bay to Massachusetts Bay. There is a Bathymetric inset of Jeffrey's Ledge. Side two is a detail of Massachusetts Bay with a bathymetric inset of Stellwagen Bank. Loran is included on both sides. The GPS coordinates are placed directly on the fishing area or the wreck. (Accented GPS) This chart is a reprint of the Mass. Bay side of CC11 plus areas north.
NG12 Nantucket Shoal-Georges Bank
From the South Coast of Cape Cod, MA, Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket, the Canyons and Georges Bank to the Canadian Line.(Accented Loran & GPS)
OFGPS18 Offshore GPS
One side covers from Nantucket Shoals to Montauk South. Side two extends from Montauk South to Five Fathom Bank off Cape May. All lat/lon are shown directly on the designated fishing area or wreck. Also has a detailed inset of the Ambrose Channel going into New York. (Accented GPS)
CMCH20 Cape May to Cape Hatteras
An offshore canyon chart extending from Cape May to Cape Hatteras.
CHCC23 Cape Hatteras NC to Cape Canaveral FL
Offshore ledge chart from Cape Hatteras North Carolina to Cape Canaveral Florida
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CCKW32 Cape Canaveral FL to Key West FL
Offshore ledge chart from Cape Canaveral to Key West Florida
BAC31 Bahamas and Cuba
Islands of the Bahamas &: Cuba; Blowup of Florida to the Bimini Islands
HTK42 Havana Cuba to Tampa Bay
Offshore chart from Havana Cuba to Tampa Bay Florida, including the Florida Keys
CC11 Cape Cod Bay-Mass Bay
PJ13 Point Juith and Block Island
The area from Watch Hill, RI to Pt. Judith, RI and south to the tip of Montauk,NY on one side; details of Pt. Judith Harbor and Pt. Judith Pond, plus a detail of Block Island, RI on the opposite side. (GPS)
BB14 Buzzards Bay
Buzzards Bay on one side showing the western portion of Martha's Vineyard and the Elizabeth Islands to the Sakonnet River. The opposite side features details of the entrance to the Cape Cod Canal, a detail of the Canal itself, details of Cuttyhunk Harbor, Robinsons Hole and Woods Hole.(Accented Loran & GPS)
LI15 Long Island Sound
Both Eastern Sound and Western Sound to Orient Point. (GPS)
NY16 New York-New Jersey
NS101 Portsmouth Harbor to Boston Harbor
An inshore chart that shows details of harbors and inlets, plus a detail of the Merrimack River; including Bigelow Bight and Isle of Shoals.
BH102 Boston Harbor
Detail of Boston Harbor and the Boston Harbor Islands from Winthrop to Minot
DS112 Cohasset to Cape Cod Canal
A detail harbor chart from Cohasset to the Cape Cod Canal, includes Cohasset, Scituate, the North River, Green Harbor, Marshfield, Duxbury, andPlymouth
WB111 Harbors of Cape Cod
Details of Wellfleet, Sesuit, and Barnstable Harbors, plus Cape Cod Bay with Loran and GPS on the opposite side.
SCC103 South Coast of Cape Cod
A detailed chart of the South Coast of Cape Cod, plus Stage Harbor and Pleasant Bay and a detail of Monomoy to the tip of Nantucket.
MVN116 Marthas Vinyard and Nantucket
Full detail featuring all local fishing names and locales with the surrounding sea area around both islands. Martha's Vineyard side includes Naushon and Pasque.
NB104 Narragansett Bay
Details of the Upper and Lower Bay. New Updated version with GPS coordinates
FI105 Coast of Connecticut and Fishers Island
From Watch Hill, RI, including all of Fishers Island; the Coast of Connecticut to West Haven and a special section devoted to the Connecticut River and Thames River.
NLI106 North Coast of Long Island
Shows great detail of Port Jefferson Bay, Northport Bay and Huntington Bay; the opposite side is the Coast of Connecticut from the New York border to West Haven.
WLI115 Western Long Island Sound
Detail of coast from Greenwich Point, CT west to Roosevelt Island.
SLI107 South Coast of Long Island
Detail of the South Coast of Long Island from the Shinnecock Canal to Jones Beach.
MP108 Montauk-Gardiners Bay and Peconic Bays-Orient point
Highly detailed chart showing all fishing areas and shoals.
JH113 Jamaica and Hempstead Bays
Detailed harbor chart, Hempstead side of chart is from Jones Inlet to EastRockaway Inlet. Other side is from Jamaica Bay & Rockaway Inlet to Sheepshead Bay.
HR118 Hudson River
A detailed chart from New York City to Troy, showing all fishing areas and spawning grounds for striped bass; includes amenities: fuel docks, ramps, pump out stations and restaurants.
NYH114 New York Harbor and Raritan Bay
A detail of all of New York harbor to the mouth of the Hudson River and south to include Raritan Bay, NJ. New reprint of this chart.
ONJ19 Offshore Coastal New Jersey
Highlights reefs and wrecks thirty miles off the coast. (Accented GPS)
NNJ109 Coastal New Jersey-North
Detailed chart of New Jersey from Sandy Hook to Brigantine, including a detail of Barnegat Bay.
SNJ110 Coastal New Jersey South
Detail of the New Jersey Coast from Brigantine to Cape Henlopen, Delaware, includes detail of Cape May.
DEL117 Delaware Bay
A highly detailed chart of Delaware Bay on one side showing all Lat/Lon on fishing areas & wrecks. Side two is the extension of the Delaware River to Philadelphia, PA and a detail of the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal.
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CBU120 Upper Chesapeake Bay
The Upper Chesapeake Bay chart extends from the C & D Canal to Cove Point; Side 2 extends from Cove Point to Sandy Point, MD
CBM119 Middle Chesapeake Bay
Middle Chesapeake Bay Chart covers from Cove Point, MD to Wolf Trap, VA
CBL22 Lower Chesapeake Bay
A coastal offshore chart which includes the Chesapeake Bay entrance in Virginia and extends south to Currituck Beach Light, NC.
ODMV21 Offshore Delaware-Maryland-Virginia
A coastal offshore chart extending from Cape Henlopen, DE to Chincoteague Inlet, VA on one side; Chincoteague Inlet to Great Machipongo Inlet, VA on the other side.
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ALB24 Off Coastal North Carolina, Albermarle Sound (GPS)
Side 1: Currituck Beach Light to Wimble Shoals North Carolina (Oregon Inlet)
Side 2: Albermarle Sound
PS25 Off Coastal North Carolina, Pamlico Sound (GPS)
East and West of Pamlico Sound North Carolina
CLK26 Off Coastal North Carolina, Cape Lookout (GPS)
Portsmouth Island to Beaufort (Cape Lookout) to New River North Carolina
CFR27 Off Coastal North Carolina, Cape Fear (GPS)
New River to Cape Fear North Carolina
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WIN28 Off Coastal South Carolina (GPS)
Little River to to Winyah Bay, to Isle of Palms South Carolina
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SC29 Off Coastal South Carolina
Bull Island South Carolina to Tybee Island Georgia (Charleston Harbor)
GA30 Off Coastal Georgia
Tybee Island to Doboy Sound Georga to Fernandina Beach Florida
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APL33 Nearshore Amelia Island to Ponce de Leon
Amelia island to St. Augustine to Ponce de Leon Inlet Florida
PCB34 Nearshore Ponce de Leon to Bethel Shoal FL Ponce de Leon to Cape Canaveral to Bethel Shoal Florida
JUP35 Nearshore Bethel Shoal to Fowey Rocks FL
Bethel Shoal to Jupiter inlet to Fowey Rocks Florida
FAS36 Nearshore Fower Rocks to Sombrero Key FL
Fowey Rocks to Alligator Reef to Sombrero Key Florida
SRD37 Nearshore Sombrero Key to Dry Tortugas FL
Sombrero Key, Sand Key Rebecca Shoal, Dry Tortugas Florida
NAP38 Nearshore East Cape to Naples FL
East Cape, Mormon Key, Chatham River, Clam Pass &Amp; Naples Bay Florida
CHA39 Nearshore Estero to Lemon Bay
Estero to Lemon Bay, Charlotte Harbor; Passage Key Inlet Florida
TAM40 Nearshore Tampa Bay to Crystal River FL
Tampa Bay, St. Joseph Sound, Anclotte Keys to Crystal River Florida
SUW41 Nearshore Crystal River to Suwanee River Fl
Crystal River to Horseshoe Point; Rock Island to Suwanee River Florida
Bathymetric Charts

These are highly detailed charts of the ocean floor. Contours are in increments of one meter, the depths are color-coded. Loran lines, coordinates of buoys, wrecks and fishing areas are highlighted.
CA201 Bathymetric - Cape Ann to Jefferys Ledge
Gloucester, MA to Jeffrey's Ledge to Isle of Shoals; includes fishing areas such as Old Scantum, Pigeon Hill, Halfway Hump and Saturday Night Ledge.
SH202 Bathymetric - Sandy Hook to Mud Hole
From Sandy Hook, NJ to Mud Hole; includes wrecks such as The Yankee,Three Fares, Monster Ledge and Saturday Night Ledge.
HC203 Bathymetric - Hudson Canyon
Barnegat Ridge, Glory Hole to Bacardi Wreck and out to Hudson Canyon.
CM204 Bathymetric - Cape May
Starts at Atlantic City, NJ to south of Cape May; includes fishing holes such as 28 Mile Wreck, Elephants Trunk, South Paw, Jacks Spot.
BW205 Bathymetric - Baltimore-Wilmington
From Baltimore Wilmington to South Tom's Canyon; includes fishing holes such as Tuna Lump, 56 Mile Wreck, 40 Fathom Rips and Texel Wreck.
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Species Charts

FNA503 Fishes of the North Atlantic
A variety of fishes from the water of the North Atlantic on one side; side two depicts Tuna and Mackerel and a section on "How to Bleed and Gut A Tuna"
TU501 Tuna Identification
Highly detailed color illustrations of the different types of Tuna, Bonita and Mackerel; includes how to identify them and a section on How To Bleed and Gut a Tuna for Market.
SKFO2 Shark Identification - Boating
Many months of research were required to make this the most scientifically accurate Shark ID Chart on the market. Scientific input by Jack Casey and Greg Skomal. Twenty-four sharks of the North Atlantic are depicted. Comes indouble-sided 18 x 24" laminated for boating or 2 x 3' laminated poster for wall hanging.
SKFO2P Shark Identification - Poster
River Charts

Smaller in Size, All River Charts feature GPS Coordinates
MER304 Merrimack River and Plum Island Sound
Detail of the Merrimack River and Includes Plum Island Sound
HMR303 Housatonic River and Milford Harbor
Detail of the Housatonic River and Includes Milford Harbor

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