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Replacement Parts for Stern, Masthead & All-Round Lights
Qty Part Number Description Price
0024DP2 D C Bayonet Socket W/60 Inch PIGTAIL $ 9.95
0074DP0WHT Replacement Lens for Fig. 0945 $ 7.50
0135 Replacement Base/Socket Assembly for fig. /0963, 0004, 0005 & 0972 $ 21.50
0201DP0WHT Spare Translucent White Globe $ 10.24
0239DP0BLK Spare Lens Assembly $ 8.95
0240DP0LNS Spare Lens Assembly $ 11.95
0248DP0CLR Spare Fresnel Lens, Clear $ 10.95
0248000FRD Spare Fresnel Lens, Frosted $ 11.95
0278DP0WHT Replacement Lenses for Fig 1331 & 1178, 2 per card $ 11.95
0281DPAWHT Open Top Replacement Lens for Fig 0964 $ 6.95
0295DP0WHT Open Top Replacement Lens for Fig 0964 $ 6.95
1158DP0BLK Lens Cap and Screw for fig. 1178 & C Masthead $ 11.95
0945DP099A Spare Base and Socket Assembly F/0945 $ 21.50
093900099C Spare Mopunting Flange for Fig. 0939 $ 12.95
0939DP199A 12V Socket Assembly for Fig. 0939 $ 13.95
0946DP099A Spare Lens & Gasket for Fig. 0946 $ 7.95
0946DP199B 12V Socket Assembly for Fig. 0946 $ 15.95
094600099C Spare Mounting Flange for Fig. 0946 $ 12.95
1209DP099A Chrome Plated Brrass Base & Socket Assembly $ 47.12
1273DP199A Masthead/All-Round Light, Pole Only $ 46.95
1273DP299A Masthead/All-Round Light, Pole Only $ 49.95

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