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The Great Lakes
Lake Erie

Chart List, & Enlarged View
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Chart # Description Scale
14820 Lake Erie 1:400,000
14822 Approaches to Niagara River 1:80,000
14823 Sturgeon Point to Twentymile Creek
      Dunkirk Harbor     1:15,000
      Barcelona Harbor     1:5,000
14824 Sixteen Mile Creek to Conneaut
    Plan: Conneaut Harbor     1:12,500
14825 Ashtabula to Chagrin River
      Mentor Harbor     1:10,000
      Chagrin Harbor     1:10,000
14826 Moss Point to Vermilion
      Beaver Creek     1:5,000
      Vermillion Harbor     1:10,000
      Rocky River     1:10,000
14828 Erie to Geneva (Metric) 1:100,000
14829 Geneva to Lorain (Metric)
      Beaver Creek     1:7,500
      Rocky River     1:10,000
      Mentor Harbor     1:10,000
      Chagrin River     1:10,000
14830 West End of Lake Erie
      Port Clinton Harbor     1:15,000
      Monroe Harbor     1:20,000
      Lorraine to Detroit River (Metric)     1:100,000
      Vermilion     1:10,000
14832 Niagara Falls to Buffalo 1:30,000
14833 Buffalo Harbor 1:15,000
14835 Erie Harbor 1:15,000
14836 Ashtabula Harbor 1:5,000
14837 Fairport Harbor 1:8,000
14838 Buffalo to Erie
      Dunkirk     1:15,000
      Barcelona Harbor     1:5,000
14839 Cleveland Harbor
Including Cuyahoga River
14841 Lorain Harbor 1:10,000
14842 Small-Craft Book Chart, Port Clinton to Sandusky
Including The Islands
(Book of 35 Charts)
14843 Huron Harbor 1:5,000
14844 Islands in Lake Erie
    Plan: Put-In-Bay     1:10,000
14845 Sandusky Harbor 1:10,000
14846 Small-Craft Book Chart, West End of Lake Erie
From Perrysburg, OH on the Maumee R to Huron R MI
and Bar Point, Ontario
(Book of 35 Charts)
14847 Toledo Harbor
    Plan: Entrance Channel to Harbor     1:40,000
14848 Detroit Harbor 1:30,000
14850 Lake St Claire 1:60,000
14852 St Claire River
    Plan: Head of St. Clair River     1:5,000
14854 Trenton Channel and River Rouge
    Plan: River Rouge     1:10,000

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