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Pacific Coast
San Diego to Monterey Bay

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Chart # Description Scale
18687 Lake Mead 48,000
18700 Point Conception to Point Sur 1:216,116
18703 Estero Bay
    Plan: Morrow Bay     1:10,000
18704 San Luis Obispo- Port San Luis 1:20,000
18720 Point Dume to Purisima Point 1:232,188
18721 Santa Cruz Island to Purisima Point 1:100,000

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Chart # Description Scale
18725 Port Hueneme to Santa Barbara
      Santa Barbara     1:12,500
      Channel Islands Harbor and Port Hueneme     1:12,500
      ventura     1:25,000
18727 San Miguel Harbor
    Plan: Cuyler Harbor     1:20,000
18728 Santa Cruz Channel 1:40,000
18729 Anacapa Passage
    Plan: Prisoners Harbor     1:10,000

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Chart # Description Scale
18740 San Diego to Santa Rosa Island 1:234,270
18744 Santa Monica Bay
      King Harbor     1:10,000
      marina Del Rey     1:10,000
18746 San Pedro Channel
    Plan: Dana Point Harbor     1:20,000
18749 San Pedro Bay
    Plan:Ananheim Bay-Huntington Harbor     1:12,000
18751 Los Angeles and Long Beach Harbors 1:12,000
18754 Newport Bay 1:10,000
18755 San Nicolas Island 1:40,000
18756 Santa Barbara Island 1:20,000
18757 Santa Catalina Island
      Avalon Bay     1:10,000
      Catalina Harbor     1:10,000
      Isthmus Cove     1:10,000

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Chart # Description Scale
18758 Del Mar Boat Basin 1:5,000
18762 San Clemente Island 1:40,000
18763 San Clemente Island, Northern Part
    Plan: Wilson Cove     1:5,000
18764 Pyramid Canal and Approaches, San Clemente Island 1:15,000
18765 Approaches to San Diego Bay - Mission Bay
    Plan:Ananheim Bay-Huntington Harbor     1:12,000
18772 Approaches to San Diego Bay 1:20,000
18773 San Diego Bay 1:12,000
18774 Gulf of Santa Catalina
    Delmar Boat Basin, Camp Pendleton     1:12,000

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