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Atlantic Coast
Jacksonville to Cape Hatteras

Chart List, & Enlarged View
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Chart # Description Scale
11502 Doboy Sound to Fernandina 1:80,000
11503 St Marys Entrance, Cumberland Sound and Kings Bay 1:25,000
11504 St Andrew Sound and Satilla River 1:40,000
11505 Savanah River Approach 1:40,000
11506 St Simon Sound-Brunswick Harbor and Turtle River 1:40,000
11507 Intracoastal Waterway- Beaufort River to St Simons Sound 1:40,000
11508 Altamaha Sound 1:40,000
11509 Tybee Island to Doboy Sound 1:80,000
11510 Sapelo and Doboy Sounds 1:40,000

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Chart # Description Scale
11511 Ossabaw and St Catherines Sounds 1:40,000
11512 Savannah River and Wassaw Sound 1:40,000
11513 St Helena Sound to Savannah River 1:80,000
11514 Savananah River- Savannah to Brier Creek 1:20,000
11515 Savananah River- Brier Creek to Augusta 1:20,000
11516 Port Royal Sound and Inland Passages 1:40,000
11517 St Helena Sound 1:40,000
11518 Intracoastal Waterway- Casino Creek to Beaufort River 1:40,000
11519 Parts of Coosaw and Broad Rivers 1:40,000
11521 Charleston Harbor and Approaches 1:80,000
11522 Stano and North Edisto Rivers 1:40,000
11523 Charleston Harbor Entrance 1:20,000

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Chart # Description Scale
11524 Charleston Harbor 1:20,000
11526 Wando River, Upper Part 1:20,000
11527 Cooper River above Goose Creek 1:20,000
11531 Winyah Bay Entrance to Isle of Palms 1:80,000
11532 Winyah Bay 1:40,000
11534 Intracoastal Waterway- Myrtle Grove Sound and Cape Fear River to Casino Creek 1:40,000
11535 Little River to Winyah Bay Entrance 1:80,000

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Chart # Description Scale
11536 Approaches to Cape Fear River 1:80,000
11537 Cape Fear River, Cape Fear to Wilmington 1:40,000
11539 New River Inlet to Cape Fear 1:80,000
11541 Intracoastal Waterway- Neuse River to Myrtle Grove Sound 1:40,000
11542 New River
    Plan: Jacksonville     1:10,000
11543 Cape Lookout to New River 1:80,000

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Chart # Description Scale
11544 Portsmouth Island to Beaufort
Including Cape Lookout Shoals
11545 Beaufort Inlet to Part of Care Sound
    Plan: Lookout Bight     1:20,000
11547 Morehead City Harbor 1:15,000
11548 Pamlico Sound- Western Part 1:80,000
11550 Ocracoke Inlet and Part of Care Sound 1:40,000
11552 Neuse River and Upper part of Bay River 1:40,000

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Coast Pilots for the Atlantic Coast

Atlantic Coast: Sandy Hook to Cape Henry $ 26.00
Atlantic Coast: Cape Henry to Key West $ 26.00

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