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Rule-Mate Automated Bilge Pumps

The Rule-Mate series of automated bilge pumps feature a pump and a non-mercury float switch in a single compact housing. When the float rises, the pump turns on. There is no on/off cycling and therefore no power use until the pump comes on.The pump remains on until the float drops and the pump senses no load against the impeller

Available in 12 and 24 volt models

Quantity Model Description Price
RM500ARule-Mate 500, 12 VDC $ 64.95
RM500A-24Rule-Mate 500, 24 VDC $ 76.50
RM750ARule-Mate 750, 12 VDC $ 89.95
RM750A-24Rule-Mate 750, 24 VDC $ 94.95
RM1100ARule-Mate 1100, 12 VDC $ 109.95
RM1100A-24Rule-Mate 1100, 24 VDC $ 124.95
RM1500ARule-Mate 1500, 12 VDC only $ 248.95
RM2000ARule-Mate 2000, 12 VDC $ 299.95
RM2000A-24Rule-Mate 2000, 24 VDC $ 339.95

Non-Automatic Bilge Pumps

Traditional operation activated by a float switch or panel switch. Rule offers the broadest range of bilge pumps in the world. Sizes ranging from 360 Gallons per Hour to 8000 Gallons per Hour. All models are available in 12 volts, and many are available in 24 and 32 volts.

Fully Automatic Bilge Pumps

Rule fully-automatic pumps operate on a principle of impellor resistance. The pump will turn on every 2-1/2 minutes for about 1 second to check for water. If water is present, the pump will sense resistance and continue to run untill all water is removed. Thereafter, the pump will check for water every 2-1/2 minutes. Power use in checking mode is minimal.
Simple and Highly efficient, Rule fully automatic pumps provide outstanding pumping power without external switches.

24-35.gif - 8848 Bytes24.gif - 7487 Bytes Rule 360 GPH Pumps

Rule 360 GPH Pumps provide outstanding quality and value. It is economically priced and designed for small boats.
The Model 24-35 features the 360 GPH pump and a Rule-A-Matic® float switch in one convenient package at a special price.

12 Volts
3/4" discharge outlet
Non-Automatic Only
Quantity Model Description Price
24 Rule 360 Pump $ 21.95
24/35A Rule 360 Pump with Rule-A-Matic Switch $49.95

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500 GPH Bilge Pumps

Rule 500 GPH Pumps offer many design features while keeping size and cost to a minimum. Especially popular on smaller craft, Rule 500 pumps are unmatched in pumping power and longevity.

Available in 12 or 24 Volt Models
¾" discharge outlet.
Quantity Model Description Price
25S Rule 500 Automatic Pump $ 79.95
25S-24 Rule 500 Automatic Pump, 24 VDC $ 63.95
25D Rule 500 Pump $ 29.95
25-40A Rule 500 Pump with Rule-A-Matic Plus Switch $ 89.95
26D Rule 500 Pump, 24 VDC $ 39.50

20F.gif - 8221 Bytes20R.gif - 6814 Bytes
Rule 800 GPH Bilge Pumps

Rule 800 GPH Pumps offers two different models, the traditional square version as well
as the rounded one. the square model offers 36 different mounting variations. Both square and round pumps have ¾" discharge outlets.

Available in 12 or 24 Volt Models
¾" discharge outlet.
Quantity Model Description Price
20F Rule 800 Square Pump $ 55.95
20R Rule 800 Round Pump $ 56.95
21R Rule 800 Round Pump, 24 VDC $ 59.95

Model 20A
Rule 1000 GPH Bilge Pump

Rule 1000 GPH Pump is in a class by itself and is a popular choice among boat builders alike.
It allows for 36 mounting variations and has a 1-1/8 discharge outlet


Quantity Model Description Price
20A Rule 1000 Square Pump $ 59.95

Model 27D Model 27S

Rule 1100 GPH Bilge Pumps

Rule 1100 GPH Pumps offer impressive pumping power for thier size and cost. Competetive
models in this pumping range are much larger and far more expensive.
1-1/8" discharge outlet


Quantity Model Description Price
27S Rule 1100 Automatic Pump $ 149.95
27D Rule 1100 Pump $ 59.95
28D Rule 1100 Pump, 24 VDC $ 62.95

Model 02
Rule 1500 GPH Bilge Pumps

High pumping power and reliability at a lower cost.
The Rule 1500 GPH Pump offers more pumping capacity and more exclusive design features than any comparable competetive pump.
1-1/8" discharge outlet.

Quantity Model Description Price
51S Rule 1500 Automatic Pump $ 249.95
02 Rule 1500 Pump $ 94.95
03 Rule 1500 Pump, 24 VDC $ 109.95

Model 09Rule 5 YEAR Bilge Pumps

Advanced features throughout supported with an exclusive 5 year warranty
Features a Rule manufactured motor for superior quality, a double insulated long stack motor, heavy duty 5/16" stainless steel shaft, extra strong nylon/fiberglass impeller, heat resistant acetal resin housing and a triple straining system to virtually eliminate clogging.

1-1/8" Discharge outlet
Quantity Model Description Price
04 Rule 1500 5 yr. Pump with 6' Wire $ 149.95
09 Rule 2000 5 Yr. Pump $ 199.95

Model 10 Model 53S
Rule 2000 GPH Bilge Pumps

Engineered to Comercial Standards.
The Rule 2000 is the best selling high capacity submersible bilge pump in the world.

1-1/8" Discharge outlet

Quantity Model Description Price
53S Rule 2000 Automatic Pump $ 349.95
10 Rule 2000 Pump $ 134.95
11 Rule 2000 Pump, 32 VDC $ 189.95
12 Rule 2000 Pump, 24 VDC $ 189.95

Model 14A Model 55S

Rule 3700 GPH Bilge Pumps

Heavy Duty construction for both commercial and pleasure boat use; known for trouble free operation and reliability.
1½" Discharge outlet

Quantity Model Description Price
14A Rule 3700 Pump $ 269.95
15A Rule 3700 Pump, 32 VDC $ 279.95
16A Rule 3700 Pump, 24 VDC $ 279.95

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