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NOAA Catalog 3
Dixon Entrance to Lituya Bay

Chart List, & Enlarged View
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Chart # Description Scale
17300 Stephens Passage to Cross Sound (LORAN-C)
Including Lynn Canal
17301 Cape Spencer to Icy Point 1:40,000
17302 Icy Strait and Cross Sound
      Inian Cove     1:20,000
      Elfin Cove     1:10,000
17303 Yakobi Island and Lisianski Inlet
    Plan: Pelican Harbor     1:10,000
17312 Hawk Inlet-Chatham Strait 1:10,000
17313 Port Snettisham 1:40,000
17314 Slocum and Limestone Inlets and Toku Harbor 1:20,000
17315 Gastineau Channel and Taku Inlet
    Plan: Juneau Harbor     1:10,000
17316 Lynn Canal, Icy Strait to Point Sherman
      Funter Bay     1:200,000
      Chatham Strait     1:40,000
17317 Lynn Canal- Point Sherman to Skagway
      Lutak Inlet     1:20,000
      Skagway and Nahku Bay     1:10,000
      Portage Cove,Chilkoot Inlet     1:10,000
17318 Glacier Bay
    Plan: Bartlett Cove     1:10,000

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Chart # Description Scale
17320 Coronation Island to Lisianski Strait (LORAN-C) 1:217,828
17321 Cape Edward to Lisianski Strait, Chichagof Island 1:40,000
17322 Khaz Bay- Chichagof Island
    Plan: Elbow Pass     1:10,000
17323 Salisbury Sound, Peril Strait and Hoonah Sound
    Plan: Sergius Narrows, Peril Strait     1:20,000
17324 Sitka Sound to Salisbury Sound, Inside Passage
    Plan: Neva Strait, Neva Point to Zeal Point     1:20,000
17325 South and West Coast of Kruzof Island 1:40,000
17326 Crawfish Inlet to Sitka, Baranof Island
    Plan: Sawmill Cove     1:5,000
17327 Sitka Harbor and Approaches
    Plan: Sitka Harbor     1:40,000
17328 Snipe Bay to Crawfish Inlet 1:40,000
17330 West Coast of Baronof Island, Cape Ommanmey to Byron Bay 1:20,000
17331 Chatham Strait, Ports Alexander, Conclusion and Armstrong 1:10,000
17333 Chatham Strait, Ports Hebert, Walter, Lucy and Armstrong 1:20,000
17335 Patterson Bay and Deep Cove 1:20,000
17336 Harbors in Chatham Strait and Vicinity
      Gut Bay, Chatham Strait     1:20,000
      Hoggatt Bay, Chatham Strait     1:20,000
      Red Bluff Bay, Chatham Strait     1:20,000
      Herring Bay and Chapin Bay, Frederic Sound     1:20,000
      Surprise Harbor and Murder Cove, Frederick Sound     1:20,000
17337 Harbors in Chatham Strait
      Kelp Bay     1:40,000
      Warm Spring Bay     1:20,000
      Tarkatz and Kasnyku Bays     1:20,000
17338 Peril Strait, Hoonah Sound to Chatham Strait 1:40,000
17339 Hood Bay and Kootzmahoo Inlet, Chatham Strait
    Plan: Killisnoo Harbor     1:20,000
17341 Whitewater Bay and Chaik Bay, Chatham Strait 1:20,000

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Chart # Description Scale
17360 Etolin Island to Midway Island
Including Sumner Strait
      Holkham Bay     1:40,000
      Big Castle Island     1:20,000
17362 Gambier Bay, Stephens Passage 1:40,000
17363 Pybus Bay, Frederick Sound
    Plan: Hobart and Windham Bays, Stephens Pass     1:40,000
17365 Woewodski Bay and Eliza Harbor 1:20,000
17367 Thomas, Farragut and Portege Bays 1:40,000
17368 Keku Strait- Northern Part
Including Saginaw and Security Bays and Port Camden
    Plan: Kake Inset     1:15,000
17370 Bay of Pillars and Rowan Bay, Chatham Strait
    Plan: Washington Bay, Chatham Strait     1:10,000
17372 Keku Strait, Monte Carlo Island to Entrance Island
      The Summit     1:10,000
      Devils Elbow     1:10,000
17375 Wrangell Narrows
    Plan: Petersburg Harbor     1:10,000
17376 Trebenkof Bay and Port Malmesbury 1:40,000
17377 Le Conte Bay 1:25,000
17378 Port Protection, Prince of Wales Island 1:20,000
17381 Red Bay- Prince of Wales Island 1:20,000
17382 Zarembo Island and Approaches
      Burnett Inlet, Etolin Island     1:20,000
      Streamer Bay     1:40,000
17384 Wrangell Harbor and Approaches
    Plan: Wrangell Harbor     1:10,000
17385 Ernest Sound, Eastern Passage and Zimovia Strait
    Plan: Zimovia Strait     1:20,000
17386 Sumner Strait- Southern Part 1:40,000
17387 Shakan and Shipley Bays and Part of El Capitan Passage
    Plan: El Capitan Passage, Dry Pass to Shaken Strait     1:10,000

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Chart # Description Scale
17400 Dixon Entrance to Chatham Strait 1:229,376
17401 Lake Bay and Approaches 1:10,000
17402 Southern Entrance to Sumner Strait 1:40,000
17403 Davidson Inlet and Sea Otter Sound
    Plan: Edna Bay     1:10,000
17404 San Christoval Channel to Cape Lynch 1:40,000
17405 Ulloa Channel to San Christoval Channel
      North Entrance, Big Salt Lake     1:10,000
      Shelter Cove, Craig     1:10,000
17406 Baker-Noyes and Lulu Islands and adjacent waters 1:40,000
17407 Northern Part of Tlevak Strait and Ulloa Channel 1:40,000
17408 Central Dall Island and Vicinity 1:40,000
17409 Southern Dall Island and Vicinity 1:40,000

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Chart # Description Scale
17420 Hecate Strait to Etolin Island
Including Behm and Portland Canals
17422 Behm Canal- Western Part
    Plan: Yes Bay     1:40,000
17423 Harbor Charts- Clarence Strait and Behm Canal
      Dewey Anchorage, Etolin Island     1:20,000
      Ratz Harbor, Prince of Wales Island     1:10,000
      Naha Bay, Revillagigedo     1:40,000
      Tolstoi and Thorne Bays, Prince of Wales Island     1:40,000
      Union Bay, Cleveland Peninsula     1:40,000
17424 Behm Canal- Eastern Part 1:80,000
17425 Portland Canal- North of Hattie Island 1:80,000
17426 Kasoon Bay-Clarence Strait
      Hollis Anchorage, Eastern Part     1:10,000
      Lyman Anchorage     1:10,000
17427 Portland Canal- Dixon Entrance to Hattie Island 1:80,000
17428 Revillagigedo Channel, Nichols Passage and Tongass Narrows
      Seal Cove     1:10,000
      Ward Cove     1:10,000

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Chart # Description Scale
17430 Ketchican Harbor 1:10,000
17431 North End of Cordova Bay and Hetta Inlet 1:40,000
17432 Clarence Strait and Moira Sound 1:40,000
17433 Kendrick Bay to Shipwreck Point, Prince of Wales Island 1:40,000
17434 Revillagigedo Channel
      Ryus Bay     1:20,000
      Foggy Bay     1:40,000
17435 Harbors in Clarence Strait
      Port Chester, Annette Island     1:20,000
      Tamgas Harbor, Annette Island     1:40,000
      Metlakatla Harbor     1:5,000
17436 Clarence Strait, Cholmondeley Sound and Skowl Arm 1:40,000
17437 Portland Inlet to Nakat Bay 1:40,000

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