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NOAA Catalog 3
Aleutian Islands
Kodiak Island to Cape Wrangell

Chart List, & Enlarged View
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Chart # Description Scale
16300 Kuskokwim Bay (LORAN-C)
    Plan: Goodnews Bay     1:80,000
16305 Bristol Bay- Cape Newenham and Hagemeister Strait (LORAN-C) 1:100,000
16315 Bristol Bay- Togiak Bay and Walrus Island (LORAN-C) 1:100,000
16322 Bristol Bay- Nushagak Bay and Approaches (LORAN-C) 1:100,000
16323 Bristol Bay- Kvichak Bay and Approaches (LORAN-C) 1:100,000
16338 Bristol Bay- Ugashik Bay to Egegik Bay (LORAN-C) 1:100,000
16343 Port Heiden (LORAN-C) 1:80,000
16380 Pribilof Islands (LORAN-C) 1:200,000
16381 St George Island, Pribilof Islands 1:50,000
16382 St Paul Island, Pribilof Islands 1:50,000

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Chart # Description Scale
16420 Near Islands, Buldir Island to Attu Island (LORAN-C) 1:300,000
16421 Near Islands, Ingenstrem Rocks to Attu Island (LORAN-C) 1:160,000
16423 Near Islands, Shemya Island to Attu Island 1:100,000
16430 Attu Island, Theodore Point to Cape Wrangwell 1:40,000
16431 Attu Island, Temnac Bay 1:20,000
16432 Attu Island, Massacre Bay 1:25,000
16433 Attu Island, Sarana Bay to Holtz Bay
    Plan: Chichagof Harbor     1:5,000
16434 Agattu Island 1:40,000
16435 Semichi Islands- Alaid and Nizki Islands 1:20,000
16436 Semichi Islands- Shemya Island
      Alcan Harbor     1:10,000
      Skoot Cove     1:5,000

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Chart # Description Scale
16440 Rat Islands-Semisopochnoi Island (LORAN-C) 1:300,000
16441 Kiska Island and Approaches (LORAN-C) 1:80,000
16442 Kiska Harbor and Approaches 1:20,000
16446 Constantine Harbor- Amchitka Island 1:10,000
16450 Amchitka Island and Approaches (metric) 1:100,000

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Chart # Description Scale
16460 Igitkin island to Semisopochnoi Island (LORAN-C) 1:300,000
16462 Andreanof Islands, Tanga Bay and Approaches 1:50,000
16463 Andreanof Islands, Kanaga Pass and Approaches 1:50,000
16465 Andreanof Islands, Tanaga Island to Unaiga Island (Metric) 1:100,000
16467 Andreanof Islands, Adak Island to Tanaga Island (Metric) 1:100,000
16471 Atka Pass to Adak Strait (LORAN-C)
      Three Arm Bay, Adak Islands     1:40,000
      Kanaga Bay, Kanaga Island     1:20,000
      Chapel Roads and Chapel Cove, Adak Island     1:20,000
16474 Bay of Islands
      Argane Channel     1:6,000
      Hell Gate     1:6,000
16475 Kuluk Bay and Approaches
Including Little Tanaga and Kagolaska Straits
16476 Sweeper Cove, Finger and Scabbard Bays 1:10,000
16477 Tagalak Island to Little Tanaga Island 1:30,000
16478 Tagalak Island to Great Sitkin Island
    Plan: Sand Bay-Northeast Cove     1:10,000
16480 Amukta Island to Igitkin Island (LORAN-C)
      Finch Cove Seguam Island     1:20,000
      Sviechnikof Harbor, Amilia Island     1:20,000
16484 Atka Island to Chugul Island 1:30,000

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Chart # Description Scale
16486 Atka Island - Western Part 1:40,000
16487 Atka Island, Korovin Bay to Wall Bay
    Plan: Martin Harbor     1:10,000
16490 Nazan Bay and Amilia Pass 1:20,000

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Chart # Description Scale
16500 Unalaska Island to Amutka Island (LORAN-C) 1:300,000
16501 Islands of Four Mountains (LORAN-C) 1:80,000

cat3-2e.jpg - 19581 Bytes

Chart # Description Scale
16511 Inanudak Bay and Nikolski Bay, Unmak Island River
and Muller Coves
16513 Unalaska Island, Unmak Pass and Approaches 1:40,000
16514 Unalaska Island, Kulilak Bay and Surveyor Bay 1:40,000
16515 Unalaska Island, Chernofski Harbor to Skan Bay 1:40,000
16516 Unalaska Island, Chernofski Harbor 1:10,000
16517 Unalaska Island, Makushin Bay 1:40,000
16518 Unalaska Island, Cap Kavrizhka to Cape Cheerful 1:40,000
16520 Unimak and Akutan Passes and Approaches (LORAN-C)
    Plan: Amak Island     1:80,000
16521 Unalaska Island, Protection Bay to Eagle Bay 1:40,000
16522 Unalaska Island, Beaver Inlet 1:40,000
16528 Unalaska Bay and Ukatan Pass 1:40,000
16529 Unalaska Island, Dutch Harbor 1:10,000
16530 Unalaska Island, Captains Bay 1:10,000
16531 Krenzan Islands (LORAN-C) 1:80,000
16532 Akutan Bay, Krenzan Islands 1:20,000

cat3-2f.jpg - 37718 Bytes

Chart # Description Scale
16363 Port Moller and Herendeen Bay (LORAN-C) 1:80,000
16535 Morzhovoi Bay and Isanotski Strait (LORAN-C) 1:80,660
16540 Shumagin Islands to Sanak Islands (LORAN-C)
    Plan: Mist Harbor     1:15,000
16547 Sanak Island to Sandman Reefs (LORAN-C)
      Northeast Harbor     1:20,000
      Peterson and Salmon Bays     1:20,000
      Sanak Harbor     1:20,000
16549 Cold Bay and Approaches, Alaska Penninsula (LORAN-C)
    Plan: King Cove Harbor     1:5,000
16551 Unga Island to Pavlov Bay (LORAN-C) 1:80,000
16553 Shumagin Islands- Nagai Island to Unga Island (LORAN-C)
      Delarof Harbor     1:20,000
      Popof Strait, Northern Part     1:20,000
16556 Chiachi Island to Nagai Island (LORAN-C)
    Plan: Chiachi Islands Anchorage     1:20,000

cat3-2g.jpg - 50685 Bytes

Chart # Description Scale
16566 Chignik and Kujulik Bays, Alaskan Penninsula (LORAN-C)
    Plan: Anchoarge and Mud Bays, Chignik Bay     1:40,000
16568 Wide Bay to Cape Kumlik (LORAN-C) 1:106,600
16570 Portage and Wide Bays 1:50,000
16575 Dakavak Bay to Cape Unalishagvak (LORAN-C)
    Plan: Alinchak Bay     1:80,000
16576 Shelikof Strait, Cape Nukshak to Dakavak Bay (LORAN-C) 1:80,000

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