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NOAA Catalog 3
Coastal Charts

Chart List, & Enlarged View
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Chart # Description Scale
50 INT-50   International Chart
North Pacific Ocean, Eastern Part (LORAN-C)
500 INT-810   International Chart
North Pacific Ocean, West Coast of North America (LORAN-C)
501 INT-801   International Chart
North American West Coast (LORAN-C)
513 INT-513   International Chart
North Pacific Ocean (LORAN-C)
514 INT-513   International Chart
North Pacific Ocean (LORAN-C)
530 San Diego to the Aleutians and Hawaii (LORAN-C) 1:4,860,700
531 Gulf of Alaska (LORAN-C) 1:2,100.000
16003 Arctic Coast 1:1,587,780
16004 Point Barrow to Herschel Island 1:700.000
16005 Cape Prince of Wales to Point Barrow (LORAN-C) (OMEGA) 1:700.000
16006 Bering Sea- Eastern Part
      St. Mathew Island, Bering Sea     1:500,000
      Cape Etolin, Anchorage, Nunivak Island     1:80,000
      Nash Harbor, Nunivak Island     1:40,000
16011 Alaska Peninsula and Aleutian Islands to Seguam Pass 1:1,023,188
16012 Aleutian Islands Amutka Island to Attu Island(LORAN-C) (OMEGA) 1:1,126,321
16013 Cape St Elias to Shumagin Islands (LORAN-C) (OMEGA)
    Plan: Semidi Islands     1:400,000
16016 Dixon Entrance to Cape St Elias (LORAN-C) (OMEGA) 1:969,756
16041 Demarcation Bay and Approaches 1:51,639
16042 Griffin Point and Approaches 1:51,024
16043 Barter Island and Approaches
    Plan: Bernard Harbor     1:20,000
16044 Camden Bay and Approaches 1:50,819
16045 Bullen Point to Brownlow Point 1:50,615
16046 McClure and Stockton Islands and Vicinity 1:50,204
16061 Prudhoe Bay and Vicinity 1:50,000
16062 Jones Islands and Approaches 1:49,794
16063 Harrison Bay - Eastern Part 1:49,590
16064 Harrison Bay - Western Part 1:49,794
16065 Cape Halkett and Vicinity 1:49,177
16066 Point Pitt and Vicinity 1:48,973
16067 Approaches to Smith Bay 1:48,767
16081 Scott Point to Tangent Point 1:48,149
16082 Point Barrow and Vicinity 1:47,943
16083 Skull Cliff and Vicinity 1:50.000
16084 Peard Bay and Approaches 1:50.000
16085 Wainwright inlet and Approaches 1:50.000
16086 Nakotlek Point to Wainwright Inlet 1:50.000
16087 Icy Cape to Nakotlek Point 1:50.000
16088 Utukok Pass to Blossom Shoals 1:50.000
16101 Point Lay and Approaches 1:50.000
16102 Kuchiak River to Kukpowruk Pass 1:50.000
16103 Cape Beaufort 1:50.000
16104 Cape Sabine (Metric) 1:50.000
16121 East Cape of Lisburne 1:50.000
16122 Cape Dyer to Cape Lisburne 1:50.000
16123 Point Hope to Cape Dyer 1:50.000
16124 Cape Thompson to Point Hope 1:50.000
16200 Norton Sound (LORAN-C)
    Plan: Golovnin Bay     1:100,000
16204 Port Clarence and Approaches (LORAN-C) 1:100.000
16206 Nome Harbor and Approaches, Norton Sound
    Plan:Nome Harbor     1:2,500
16240 Cape Ramanzof to St Michael (LORAN-C)
      St. Micheal Bay     1:40,000
      Approaches to Cape Ramanzof     1:100,000
16300 Kuskokwim Bay (LORAN-C) 1:200.000
16304 Kuskokwim Bay to Bethel
( NOTE: This chart does not show hydrography)
16305 Bristol Bay- Cape Newenham and Hagemeister Strait (LORAN-C) 1:100.000
16315 Bristol Bay- Togiak Bay and Walrus Islands (LORAN-C) 1:100.000
16322 Bristol Bay- Nushagak Bay and Approaches (LORAN-C)
    Plan: Dillingham Small Boat Basin     1:80,000
16323 Bristol Bay- Kvichak Bay and Approaches (LORAN-C) 1:100.000
16338 Bristol Bay- Ugasuik Bay to Egegik Bay (LORAN-C) 1:100.000
16380 Pribilof Islands (LORAN-C) 1:200.000
16420 Near Islands- Buldir Island to Attu Islands (LORAN-C) 1:300.000
16421 Near Islands- Ingenstrem Rocks to Attu Island (LORAN-C) 1:160.000
16440 Rat Islands-Semisopochnoi Island to Buldir Island (LORAN-C) 1:300.000
16460 Igitkin Island to Semisopochnoi Island (LORAN-C) 1:300.000
16471 Andreanof Islands- Atka Pass to Adak Strait (LORAN-C) 1:120.000
16480 Umutka Island to Igitkin Island (LORAN-C) 1:300.000
16500 Unalaska Island to Amukta Island (LORAN-C) 1:300.000
16520 Unimak and Akutan Passes and Approaches (LORAN-C) 1:300.000
16540 Shumagin Islands to Sanak Islands (LORAN-C)
    Plan: Mist Harbor     1:15,000
16580 Kodiak Island (LORAN-C)
    Plan: Southwest Anchorage, Chirikof Island     1:52,150
16640 Cook Inlet- Southern Part (LORAN-C) 1:200.000
16660 Cook Inlet- Northern Part (LORAN-C) 1:194,154
16680 Point Elrington to East Chugach Island (LORAN-C) 1:200.000
16700 Prince William Sound (LORAN-C) 1:200.000
16760 Cross Sound to Yakutat Bay (LORAN-C) 1:300.000
17300 Stephens Passage to Cross Sound (LORAN-C)
Including Lynn Canal
17320 Coronation Island to Lisianski Strait (LORAN-C) 1:217,828
17360 Etolin Island to Midway Islands
Including Sumner Strait
      Holkham Bay     1:40,000
      Big Castle Island     1:20,000
17400 Dixon Entrance to Chatham Strait (LORAN-C) 1:229,376
17420 Hecate Strait to Etolin Island (LORAN-C)
Including Behm and Portland Canals
18007 San Francisco to Cape Flattery (LORAN-C) 1:1,200.000

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Pacific Coast: California, Oregon, Washington, and Hawaii $ 26.00
Pacific Coast Alaska: Dixon Entrance to Cape Spencer $ 26.00
Pacific and Arctic Coasts Alaska: Cape Spencer to Beaufort Sea $ 26.00

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