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U.S. Atlantic Coast,
Long Island Sound to Cape Cod Canal

Chart List, & Enlarged View
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Chart # Description Scale
12352-SC Shinnecock bay to E Rockaway Inlet 1:40,000
12353 Shinnecock Light to Fire Island Light 1:80,000

Chart # Description Scale
12354 Long Island Sound, Eastern Part 1:80,000
12358 New York-Long Island, Shelter Island Sound and Peconic Bays
Mattituck Inlet
12362 Port Jefferson and Mount Sinai Harbors 1:10,000
12363 Long Island Sound Western Part 1:80,000
12364-SC Long Island Sound Folio, New Haven Harbor Entrance
and Port Jefferson to Throgs Neck
12365 Sound South Shore of Long Island, Oyster and Huntington Bays 1:20,000
12366 Long Island Sound and East River 1:20,000
12367 North Shore of Long Island Sound, Greenwich Point to New Rochelle 1:20,000
12368 North Shore of Long Island Sound, Sherwood Point to Stamford Harbor 1:20,000
12369 North Shore of Long Island Sound, Statford to Sherwood Point 1:20,000

Chart # Description Scale
12370 North Shore of Long Island Sound, Housatonic River and Milford Harbor 1:20,000
12371 New Haven Harbor
New Haven Harbor (inset)
12372-SC Long Island Sound Folio, Watch Hill to New Haven 1:40,000
12373 North Shore of Long Island Sound, Guilford Harbor to Farm River 1:20,000
12374 North Shore of Long Island Sound, Duck Island To Madison Reef 1:20,000
12375 Connecticut River, Long Island Sound to Deep River 1:20,000
13277 Connecticut River, Deep River to Hartford 1:20,000
13278 Connecticut River, Bodkin Rock to Hartford 1:20,000

Chart # Description Scale
13205 Block Island Sound and Approaches 1:80,000
13209 Block Island Sound and Gardiners Bay
Montauk Harbor
13211 North Shore of Long Island Sound, Niantic Bay and Vicinity 1:20,000
13212 Approaches to New London Harbor 1:20,000
13213 New London Harbor and Vicinity
Bailey Point to Smith Cove
13214 Fishers Island Sound 1:20,000
13215 Block Island Sound, Point Judith to Montauk Point 1:40,000
13217 Block Island 1:15,000
13218 Martha s Vinyard to Block Island 1:80,000
13219 Point Judith Harbor 1:15,000

Chart # Description Scale
13221-MF Narragansett Bay 1:40,000
13223 Narragansett Bay, including Newport Harbor 1:20,000
13224 Providence River and Head of Narragansett Bay 1:20,000
13225 Providence Harbor 1:10,000
13226 Mount Hope Bay 1:20,000
13227 Fall River Harbor
State Pier
13228 Westport River and Approaches 1:20,000

Chart # Description Scale
13229-SC South Coast of Cape Cod and Buzzards Bay, Folio 1:40,000
13230 Buzzards Bay
Quicks Hole
13232 New Bedford Harbor and Approaches 1:20,000
13233 Marthas Vinyard
Menemsha Pond
13235 Woods Hole 1:5,000
13236 Cape Cod Canal and Approaches 1:20,000

All NOAA Nautical Charts are $20.75 each

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