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U.S. Atlantic Coast,
Cape Hatteras to Delaware River

Chart List, & Enlarged View
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Chart # Description Scale
12204 Currituck Beach Light to Wimble Shoals 1:80,000
12205-SC Cape Henry to Pamlico Sound SC Folio
Including Albemarle Sound
Rudee Heights
12206-PF Intracoastal Waterway, Norfolk to Albemarle Sound
Via North Landing River or Great Dismal Swamp Canal
12207 Cape Henry to Currituck beach Light 1:80,000
12208 Approaches to Chesapeake Bay 1:50,000

Chart # Description Scale
12210 Chincoteague Inlet to Great Machipango Inlet
Chincoteague Inlet
12211 Fenwick Island to Chincteague Inlet
Ocean City Inlet
12214 Cape May to Fenwick Island 1:80,000
12216 Cape Henlopen to Indian River Inlet
Breakwater Harbor

Chart # Description Scale
12221 Chesapeake Bay Entrance 1:80,000
12222 Chesapeake Bay, Cape Charles to Norfolk Harbor 1:40,000
12224 Chesapeake Bay, Cape Charles to Wolf Trap 1:40,000
12225 Chesapeake Bay, Wolf Trap to Smith Point 1:80,000
12226 Chesapeake Bay, Wolf Trap to Pungoteage Creek 1:40,000
12228 Chesapeake Bay, Pocomoke and Tangier Sounds 1:40,000

Chart # Description Scale
12230 Chesapeake Bay, Smith Point to Cove Point 1:80,000
12231 Chesapeake Bay, Tangier Sound, Northern Part 1:40,000
12233 Potomac River, Chesapeake Bay to Piney Point 1:40,000
12235 Chesapeake Bay,
Rappahannock River Entrance Piankatank and Great Wicomico Rivers
12237-PF Rappahannock River, Corrotoman River to Fredericksburg 1:40,000,
12238 Mobjack Bat to York River Entrance 1:40,000

Chart # Description Scale
12241 York River, Yorktown and Vicinity 1:20,000
12243 York River, Yorktown to West Point 1:40,000
12244 Pamunkey and Mattaponi Rivers 1:40,000
12245 Hampton Roads 1:20,000
12248 James River, Newport News to Jamestown I
Back River and College Creek

Chart # Description Scale
12251 James River, Jamestown Island to Jordan Point 1:40,000
12252 James River, Jordan Point to Richmond 1:20,000
12253 Norfolk Harbor and Elizabeth River 1:20,000
12254 Chesapeake Bay, Cape Heny to Thimble Shoal 1:20,000
12255 Little Creek, Naval Amphibious Base 1:5,000
12256 Chesapeake Bay, Thimble Shoal Channel 1:20,000

Chart # Description Scale
12261 Chesapeake Bay, Hanga, Nanticoke, Wicomico Rivers & Fishing Bay 1:40,00
12263 Chesapeake Bay, Cove Point to Sandy Point 1:80,000
12264 Chesapeake Bay, Pax River and Vicinity 1:40,000
12266 Chesapeake Bay, Choptank River and Herring Bay 1:40,000
12268 Chesapeake Bay, Choptank River, Cambridge to Greensboro 1:40,000

Chart # Description Scale
12270 Chesapeake Bay, Eastern Bay and South River
Selby Bay
12272 Chester River, Kent Island Narrows 1:40,000
12273 Sandy Point to Susquehanna River 1:80,000
12274 Head of Chesapeake Bay 1:40,000
12277 Chesapeake and Delaware Canal 1:20,000
12278 Approaches to Baltimore Harbor 1:40,000
12281 Baltimore Harbor 1:15,000
12282 Severn and Magothy Rivers 1:25,000
12283 Annapolis Harbor 1:10,000

Chart # Description Scale
12284 Patuxant River, Solomon Islands And vicinity 1:10,000
12285-SC Potomic River,
District of Columbia
12286 Piney Point to Lower Cedar Point 1:40,000
12287 Potomic River - Dahlgren and Vicinity 1:20,000
12288 Lower Cedar Point to Mattawoman Creek 1:40,000
12289 Mattawoman Creek to Georgetown 1:40,000

Chart # Description Scale
12304 Delaware Bay 1:80,000
12311 Delaware River - Smyrna R to Wilmington 1:40,000
12312 Wilmington to Philadelphia 1:40,000
12313 Philadelphia and Camden Waterfronts 1:15,000
12314 Philadelphia to Trenton 1:20,000

Chart # Description Scale
12316 Little Egg Harbor to Cape May 1:40,000
12317 Cape May Harbor 1:10,000
12318 Little Egg Inlet to Hereford Inlet 1:80,000
12323 Sea Girt to Little Egg Inlet 1:80,000
12324-PF Sandy Hook to Little Egg Harbor 1:40,000

All NOAA Nautical Charts are $20.75 each

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