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Sailing Equipment



Echomaster's full 12.5" (32cm) diameter circular reflector plates provide 13.2 square yards (12 sq. meters) of maximum effective radar cross section in the X or 3cm band (9-9.6GHz. Frequency), based on optimum orientation between the radar and the reflector. Offers the equivalent radar cross section of conventional triangular plate reflector with approximately 17" (43cm) diagonal dimension

Robust 0.05" (1.3mm) marine grade aluminum circular plates; sufficient thickness to minimize flexing; Dimpled to minimize angular distortion. Tough injection molded, captive corner latches assure minimum angle error. has 1-1/4" (32mm) windage holesfor reduced aerodynamic drag. these holes also allow for assembly of the reflector around a backstay. Quick and easily assembled and demounted. Stows flat
Full booklet on radar reflectors and detailed instructions provided.


Deluxe Hanging Echomaster
12 square meters of radar cross section. plates are clear anodized, 1.3mm marine grade aluminum. Comes complete with hanging system to suspend unit from mast or rigging in "Catch Rain" position.
Vinyl Case Included
Deluxe Hanging Echomaster $ 68.95

Deluxe Surface Mount Echomaster
12 square meters of radar cross section. plates are clear anodized, 1.3mm marine grade aluminum. Comes complete with Surface mount system to attach unit to a hard surface or railings up to 1-1/4 in (32mm) diameter
Vinyl Case Included

Deluxe Surface Mount Echomaster $ 70.95

Standard Echomaster
12 square meters of radar cross section. plates are made of sturdy 1.3mm marine grade aluminum. Assemble around a backstay or make your own bridle and hang from holes drilled in corner latches.
Hanging and surface mounting systems may be purchased seperately

Standard Echomaster $ 47.95

Emergency Radar Reflector
Excellent as a back-up aboard larger vessels or primary reflector on smaller boats that might not normally carry a radar reflector. Made of plastic-metal foil laminate. Opens in seconds and is very light weight. Performs almost as well as the Echomaster. economical enough for any boat. Stores flat

Emergency Radar Reflector $ 24.95

Mounting Systems

Mounting System- hanging $ 14.95
Mounting System- Surface $ 21.95

Turbo Meter
Electronic Wind Speed Indicator

The Turbo Meter provides uncommon accuracy, sensitivity, and pocket size convenience. it is based on the principle thata freely turning turbine will rotataw at a spped directly proportional to the wind speed. to insure maximum sensitivity and accuracy, the turbine is suspended on saphire jewel bearings, and it's rotation is is sensed by an infrared light beam whixh adds no friction. the resulting signal is processed electronically by a large scale integrated (LCI) circuit for omproved reliability and reduced size. A special three digit display is used for extra resolution and provides excellent viewing contrast in bright sunlight.

Averaging Period
(% of reading)
0.1 knot
1 1/2 sec
0.9 knots
+4%, -2% or +/- 0.1 knot
10 FPM
1 1/2 sec
90 FPM
+/-3% or 10 FPM
0.1 m/s
3/4 sec
0.5 m/s
+/-3% or +/-0.1 m/s
0.1 MPH
1 5/8 sec
+/-3% or +/-0.1 MPH

    Four Scales
  • Miles Per Hour (0-99.9)
  • Knots (0-87.9)
  • Feet per Minute (0-8790)
  • Meters per Second (0-44.8)
Exceptional Accuracy
Responds to Lightest Winds
Easy to read in bright sunlight or at night
Weather and shock resistant
NIST traceable

Turbo Meter $ 165.00
Wind Wizzard
Wind Speed Indicator

Wind Wizzard is both accuate and compact. a single dial is calibrated in three scales, Miles per hour, meters per sec, and Beaufort. To provide higher resolution, the scales expand in the lower wind speed ranges (0-20 MPH, 0-8.9 MPS).The direct reading dialemploys saphire jeweled bearings and gold plated balance spring. A special magnetic damping systemuses two rare earth magnets to steady the dial card. this greatly ruduces the tendancy of the card to jump around
The case is high impact plastic. All metals are corrosion resistant.
Comes complete with safety wrist lanyard and vinyl carry case

Wind Wizzard $ 46.95

Masthead Wind Indicator

Windex offers a wide range of masthead wind indicators well suited for racers and criusers from 15' (4.6m) to well over 100" (30m). All Windex Vanes feature a saphire jewel suspension bearing, large fin/low inertia vane and easy to read, fully adjustable tacking tab system. Reflector tape on the vane and tacking tabs make windex easy to read at night.

10" Windex Vane
For small boats and dinghies

Saphire suspension bearing, 10" vane (25cm) and adjustable tacking arms with tabs. Vane and tabs feature reflectors for high visibility day and night.
Includes glass reinforced polycarbonate J-Base for top, front or side mounting on most dinghies, smaller boats and sports boats.
Stands 9-1/2" (23.5cm) tall and weighs 1.2 oz. (31g)

10 inch Windex $ 39.95

15" Windex Vane
The choice for most sailors

Saphire suspension bearing, 15" vane (38cm) and adjustable tacking arms with tabs. Vane and tabs feature reflectors for high visibilite day and night.
Through bolt or drill and tap mounting bracket
Stands 12.75" (32cm) tall and weighs 3.6 oz.(101g)
Optional windex light

15 inch Windex $ 59.95

23" Windex Vane
For boats over 40ft (12m) in length

Saphire suspension bearing, 23" vane (58.4cm) and adjustable tacking arms with tabs. Vane and tabs feature reflectors for high visibilite day and night. uses same
Through bolt or drill and tap mounting bracket
Stands 17.5" (44.5cm) tall and weighs 8.3 oz.(233g)
Optional windex light

23inch Windex $ 199.95

Windex AV
For mounting to most whip antennas

Windex AV installs onto most whip antennas including Metz and Shakespear brands. Combine two installations into one to reduce masthead clutter, weight and windage aloft.
Rides in low friction teflon bearings.
Complete with 15" (38cm) vane, reflective tacking arms, hardware, and instructions fo easy installation

Windex AV $ 39.95
Spare Vane for Windex AV $ 21.95


The Spar-Fly combines needle bearing balance, High Impact plastic and marine grade metals for unsurpassed sensitivity and durability.
Spoiler holes in the vane reduce lift and increase acuracy. Spar-Fly is unaffectedby angle of heel. Easily seen from the deck because of it's V-shaped silhouette and it's bright red color

Spar-Fly $ 22.95

Universal Masthead Mount

Extend the Windex 10 Sport or windex 15 vane away from masthead obstructions. The 13" (33cm) arm comes with hardware to allow for side or top mounting and offset angles +/- 20° Mount on the back of the mast for easier viewing from the cockpit.
Can be used with Windex Light

Universal Masthead Mount $ 22.95

Versatile mount for Windex 15 and Windex 10 Sport

Standard with the Windex 10 Sport, J-Base can be ordered as an option for Windex 15. Allows for side, top or front mounting on most masts, on big boats and dinghies alike.
J-Base is bade of glass filled polycarbonate, 2" (5cn) long.

J-Base for Windex 15 $ 9.95
J-Base for Windex 10 $ 9.95

Windex Light
For viewing Windex indicators at night

Light up the reflector tabs and vane on your Windex for easy viewing at night
Waterproof and non corroding silver parts give long life light at just 120 ma current draw.
Fits under Windex 10, Windex 15 or J-Base mounting socket

Windex Light $ 27.95

Mega-Light Masthead Mount
Features an automatic energy efficient circuit that switches on the light at night, off at dawn. Light uses less than 1 amp hour per night.
The stainless steel bracket has several drilled holes for maximum installation flexability.
Bulb life is rated at 5000 hrs.

Megalight Masthead Mount $ 49.95


Newport Tell-Tales
Wind direction Indicator

This practical sailing aid gives excellent servicein light or heavy winds. Easily attach to shrouds without tools. Each package contains complete fittings for two shrouds, full instructions and extra replacement tails.

tell-tale 1/8" Shroud $ 6.95
tell-tale 3/16" Shroud $ 6.95
tell-tale 1/4" Shroud $ 6.95

Utilizing port and starbord colored plastic vanes, Wind-Tels are ideal for saltwater sailing. The Unique Method of attachment prevents sliding or fouling on the shrouds. Effective at any angle of heel in the lightest of winds.
Marine grade metal parts for durability

Wind-tels $ 23.95

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