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Weather Instuments


Vantage Pro
The Latest in Weather Technology

The Vantage Pro weather stations offer forcasting, on-screen graphing, and much more, all on a large 3-1/2" x 6" (90 x 150mm) LCD display. Quick view icons show the forecast at a glance - sunny, partly sunny, cloudy, rain or snow - While a moving ticker tape gives more details.
Backlit display for easy viewing. Mounts on desk, shelf or wall.
U.S. and Metric units of measure

Vantage Pro Weather stations Are available in cabled or wirelss models. All include a sunsor suite, which combines a rain collector, temperature and humidity sensors, and anemometer all in one package, making setup easier and improving performance and reliability. Customize your weather station with one or more of the optional special purpose stations. Up to eight wireless transmitters can report to a single console.

Vantage Pro Features
Barometric Pressure Forcast
Inside & Outside temperature Heat index
Inside & Outside Humidity Dew Point
Moon Phase Wind Direction and speed
Wind Chill Time and Date
Time of Sunrise and Sunset Rainfall for last 24 hours
Rainfall for minutes, hours, days, month, year and storm
Rain rate for minutes, hours, days and month

Vantage Pro

Wireless or cabled model available. Both include integrated sensor suite and mounting hardware.
Integrated Sensor Suite includes rain collector, Temperature and Humidity sensors,
and anomometer with 40' (12m) cable

Wireless Version also includes console/receiver with AC power adapter. Console ma also be powered with 3 C batteries (not Included). Transmitter, solar panel, are included with integrated sensor suite. Range is up to 800 ft (250m) line of site. Typical range under most conditions ar 150 to 500 ft (45-150m)

Cabled Version also includes console with AC power adapter and 100 ft (30m) cable

Vantage Pro-Wireless $ 595.00
Vantage Pro $ 495.00
Vantage Pro Plus

Includes everything listed for the Vantage Pro,   Plus UV and Solar Radiation sensors.

UV sensor measures the portion of the UV spectrum that causes sunburn

Solar radiation sensor measures solar radiation intensity, temp-hum-sun-wind index and evapotranspiration for day, month and year

Vantage Pro Plus-Wireless $ 995.00
Vantage Pro Plus $ 895.00

Weather Echo

The wireless Weather Echo and Echo Plus recieve and display data from any of the wireless transmitters. Compact designs fit easily desk, counettop or table. Selectable ID code matches one of eight possible transmitting stations. Reciving range is up to 400' (120m) line of sight.
U.S. and Metric units of measurement
Weather Echo $ 125.00
Weather Echo Plus $ 165.00

Data Logger and Software package

The ultimate in weather data collection, analysis, and display, connect Vantage Pro to your Personal Computer.
The Weatherlink Data Logger firs neatly into the vantage pro console, storing your weather data even when the computer is off. transfer the data to your PC whenever you like. Then use the weather link software to create graphs, generate summaries and more - all with your own weather database.

    With Weatherlink you can:
  • See current conditions at a glance on the instant weather bulletin
  • Graph data on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearlt basis
  • Generate weather watcher reports in National Climatic Data Center format
  • Track multiple stations on the same PC using one weatherlink for each station
  • View data from the same station on two or more PC's using Extra User Licences
    With the data storage and transfer features you can :
  • Choose a storage interval of 1, 5, 10, 15, 30, 60, and 120 minutes
  • Store up to six monts worth of data, depending on the storage interval
  • Transfer data to your computer as often as you like
  • Transfer data and clear highs and lows automatically each day

    With the integrated FTP and HTML features you can:
  • Post current and historical weather conditions to your website or LAN
  • Create waether webpages using the HTML templates or design your own.
  • Add bar graphs, line graphs, test lines or scrolling ticker tape displays.
  • Upluad other files (such as images from a webcam) along with your weather data

System Requirements
Computer running Windows 95/95/2000 or NT 4.0, at least 5MB free hard disk space, 4MB RAM, one free serial port
(most printers supported)
Data cable included

Weather Link $ 165.00
Additional User License $ 25.00

Wireless Console/Receiver
To view data from a wireless Vantage Pro in additional locations
or to use with the wireless temperature or temperature/Humidity Stations
Wireless Console/Reciever $ 295.00
Wireless Temperature & Temperature/Humidity Stations
Data from up to eight stations may be viewed on a single Console/Receiver (sold seperately). Or add up to seven additional stations to a wireless Vantage Pro or Vantage Pro Plus. Stations are battery powered. Batteries last up to one year under normal conditions

Wireless Temperature Station includes Stailess Steel temperature probe with 12' (3.6m) cable. Transmitter and battery are enclosed in a weather resistant shelter.

Wireless Temperature Station $ 135.00
Wireless Temperature,Humidity Station
Includes temperature/humidity sensoe and radiation shield.
Shield protects against sources of radiated and reflected heat
Wireless Temperature/Humidity Station $ 235.00
Anemometer Transmitter Kit
For use with Wireless Vantage Proto locate the anemometer away from the integrated sensor suite. Includes transmitter inside weather resistant shelter, solar panel and battery
Anemometer Transmitter Kit $ 135.00
Complete System Shelter
To locate your Vantage Pro outside.
NEMA 4X enclosure provides protection from the elements
Complete System Shelter $ 185.00
Extension Cables
Between cabled integrated sensor suites and console, Maximum 1000 ft (300m)
Between anmometer and cabled or wireless integrated sensor suites, maximum 540 ft (165m)
Extension Cable 8ft $ 10.00
Extension Cable 40 ft $ 18.00
Extension Cable 100 ft $ 40.00
Extension Cable 200ft $ 70.00
Car/RV/Boat Lighter Adapter
For powering a cabled console or wireless console/receiver using cigarette lighter in your car, truck, RV or boat
Lighter adapter cord $ 10.00
Wireless Repeaters
For distances up to 1 mile (1.5km) or to improve reception in troublesome areas, add one or more Wireless repeaters. Range is 100 to 1000 ft.(30-300m) depending on the terrain. Use up to eight repeaters with a single wireless station. Or form a network of weather stations by linking eight repeaters to eight different weather stations
AC Powered Wireless Repeater $ 125.00
Solar Powered Wireless Repeater $ 175.00
Complete System Shelter Heater
Fore use in cold climates.
Use if you expect temperatures below 0° F (-18° C) or if condensation is a problem
System Shelter Heater $ 170.00
Rain Collector Heater
Use in cold climates to measure freezing rain or the mouisture content of snowfall.
Includes insulating reflective blanket and AC power adapter
Rain Collecter Heater $ 160.00
Pole Mounting Kit
Two poles plus connect join together to make a single 37-1/2 in.(95 cm) long pole
Outside diameter 1-5/16 in. (33mm)
Mountaing Pole Kit $ 25.00
Mounting Tripod
Galvanized steel tripod makes installation even easier. Brackets at the base of the legs tilt to mount onroof or uneven terrain
Mounting Tripod $ 50.00
Solar Power Kit
For use with cabled Vantage Pro to make a stand alone outdoor sustem. includes solar panel, regulator circuit, and rechargeable battery
Solar Power Kit $ 95.00

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