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Tokyo Wan to Shiono Misaki
Including Nampo Shoto

Chart List, & Enlarged View
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Chart # Description Scale
97140 Nojima Zaki to Omae Zaki 1:200,000
97141 Kisarazu Ko 1:15,000
97143 Middle Part of Tokyo Wan 1:50,000
97144 Uraga Suido (Honshu, South Coast) Tokyo Wan 1:25,000
97145 Southern Approach to Tokyo Wan (Honshu, South Coast) 1:75,000
97146 Yokosuka (Honshu, South Coast) 1:11,000
97148 Negishi (Keihin Ko) 1:11,000
97149 Yohohama (Keihin Ko) 1:11,000
97150 Kawasaki (Keihin Ko, Tokyo Wan) 1:11,000
97151 Northern Part of Tokyo Wan (Honshu, South Coast) 1:50,000
97152 Southern Part of Tiba Ko 1:15,000
97153 Middle Part of Chiba Ko 1:15,000
97154 Approaches to Atami Ko and Ito Ko
    A: Atami-Ko     1:7,000
    B: Ito-Ko     1:5,000
97155 Tokyo 1:15,000
97156 Misaki Ko to E No Sima
    Plan: Syonan Ko     1:5,000
97157 Chiba Ko Katsunan 1:15,000
97158 O Shima (Izu Shoto) 1:50,000

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Chart # Description Scale
97159 Suraga Wan (Honshu, South Coast) 1:100,000
97163 Shimizu ko 1:10,000
97164 Approaches to Shimizu-Ko, Tagonoura-Ko, and Numazu-Ko 1:40,000
97165 Honshu, South Coast
    A: Tagonoura-Ko     1:5,000
    B: Numazu-Ko     1:5,000
97166 Shimoda Ko and Approaches (Honshu, South Coast) 1:50,000
97167 Shimoda Ko and Approaches (Honshu, South Coast) 1:20,000

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Chart # Description Scale
97180 Omae Zaki to Ise Wan 1:200,000
97181 Ise wan 1:100,000
97182 Irago Suido and Approaches 1:50,000
97183 Northern Part of Ise Wan (Honshu, South Coast) 1:50,000
97184 Northern Part of Nagoya Ko (Ise Wan) 1:10,000
97185 Toyohashi Ko and Tahara Ko 1:12,000
97187 Yokkaichi Ko 1:10,000
97188 Atsumi Wan 1:50,000
97189 Southern Part of Nagoya Ko 1:15,000

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Chart # Description Scale
97190 Daia Saki to Shiono Misaki
    Plan: Approaches to Kinomoto Ko     1:70,000
97200 Kii suido and Approaches 1:200,000
97201 Owashi Wan & Approaches
    Plan: Kuki Ura     1:18,000
97205 Owase Wan
    Plan: Owase Ko     1:7,500

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Chart # Description Scale
97521 Plans in Nampo Shoto
    A: Nisino Shima     1:72,250
    B: Minami-io Jima     1:241,200
    C: Kita-io Jima     1:72,000
    D: Chichi Shima Retto     1:72,500
    E: Tori Shima     1:36,200
    F: Miyake Jima & Mikura Jima     1:160,200
    G: Borawazawa Hakuchi     1:29,200
    H: Hommura Hakuch     1:29,400
    J: Aoga Shima     1:145,800
    K: Kaminato Ko     1:29,000
    L: Hachijo Jima     1:146,000
    M:Yaene Ko     1:29,000
97561 Mukoshima Retto (Nampo Shoto)(Bonin Islands) 1:49,500
97562 Io Jima 1:20,000
97563 Haha Shima and Approaches 1:31,940
97564 Chichi Shima and Approaches 1:15,260

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