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Region 9 Coastal Charts

Chart List, & Enlarged View
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Chart # Description Scale
16220 St Lawrence Island to Bering Strait 1:313,350
71027 Pulau Bintan to Mui Ca Mau (OMEGA)
Including the North Coast of Borneo
73014 Islands between Molucca Sea and Mindanao (OMEGA) 1:745,000
81001 Mindanao to Palau Islands 1:1,000,000
91004 Scarborough Shoal (South China Sea) 1:100,000
91005 Philippines - Central Part (OMEGA - BATYMETRIC CHART) 1:1,068,000
91008 South China Sea to the Philippine Sea (OMEGA)
Including Luzon Strait
91010 Luzon Strait (China-Taiwan-Philippines-Japan) 1:1,200,000
91175 NE Luzon 1:550,000
92006 Philippines - Southern Part (OMEGA - BATHYMETRIC CHART) 1:1,089,900
92020 Sulu Sea (OMEGA) 1:500,000
93006 Macau to Taiwan Strait 1:600,000
93010 Gulf of Thailand (Southeast Asia) 1:1,000,000
93030 Mui Da Nang to Mui Bai Bung 1:1,071,000
93036 Mui Da Nang to Shenquan Gang
Including Hainan Dao and Paracel Islands
94004 Taiwan Strait (China East Coast) 1:600,000

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Chart # Description Scale
94016 Miyako Retto to Tokara Retto 1:1,000,000
94028 Yellow Sea
including the East China Sea and Korea Strait
94033 Northern Part of Yellow Sea
including Bo Hai
95016 Sea of Japan 1:1,000,000
95120 Ose-zaki to Cheju-do 1:300,000
96000 Vladivostok to Poluostrov Kamchatka
Including Hokkaido, Ostrov Sakhalin and Kuril'skiye Ostrova
96004 Mys Belkina to Vladivostok
Including the West Coast of Hokkaido
96012 Sea of Japan to Sea Oknotsk 1:1,000,000
97000 Nampo Shoto (OMEGA) 1:1,000,000
97005 Northeastern Coast of Honshu and Southern Hokkaido 1:1,000,000
97015 East Coast of Honshu (OMEGA)
including Nampo Shoto
97021 Korea Strait to Tokyo-Wan (OMEGA)
Including Shikoku and Kyushu
97026 Nansei Shoto
Including Daito Shoto (Ryukyu Islands)
97029 O Sima to Tori Sima (OMEGA) 1:500,000

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Chart # Description Scale
96020 Ostrov Simushir to Ostrov Kunashir (OMEGA) 1:677,750
96024 Ostrov Paramushir to Ostrov Simashir 1:640,210
96028 Poluostrov Kamchatka to Aleutian Islands
Including Komandorskiye Ostrova
96032 Mys Kronotskiy to Mys Navarin 1:1,131,581
96036 Bering Strait (OMEGA) 1:928,770
96420 Poluostrov Shmidta to Mys Marekan (OMEGA)
    A: Mouth of Ul'ya     1:16,920
    B: Zaliv Ayan     1:25,200
    C: Zaliv Feodora     1:25,000
96440 Mys Marekan to Poluostrov P'yagina 1:750,000
96441 Plans in the Sea of Okhotsk (OMEGA)
    A: Bukhta Nagayeva     1:45,000
    B: Ostrov Spafar Yeua     1:75,000
    C: Bukhta melkovodnaya     1:75,000
    D: Okhotskiy Road     1:18,000
    E: Yamskaya Guba     1:290,000
96460 Penzhinskiy Zaliv (Siberia-Sea of Okhotsk-Russia) 1:750,000
96480 West Coast of Poluostrov Kamchatka 1:750,000
96500 Mys Lopatka to Mys Shipunskiy 1:450,670
96520 Mys Shipunskiy to Mys Kamchatskiy 1:425,100
96540 Mys Kamchatskiy to Mys Il'pinskiy 1:388,000
96560 Mys Il'pinskiy to Mys Olyutorskiy 1:366,100
96580 Mys Olyutorskiy to Mys Rubikon 1:360,630
96600 Mys Rubikon to Mys Gintera 1:340,000
96620 Mys Gintera to Zaliv Kresta
Including Anadryskiy Zaliv
96621 Anadyrskiy Liman & Zaliv Onemen 1:150,000
96640 Zaliv Kresta to Mys Nygligan 1:313,425
96645 Bukhta Provideniya 1:40,000
96660 Mys Dzhenretlen to Mys Dezhneva
    Plan: Approach to Uelen     1:109941
96680 Kosa Dvukh Pilotov to Mys Dzhenretlen
    Plan: Approach to Mys Vankarem     1:109940
96700 Laguna R"ypil'gyn to Kosa Dvukh Pilotov 1:218,550
96720 Approaches to Ostrov Vrangelya
    Plan: Bukhta Rodgers     1:50,000
96740 Komandorskiye Ostrova 1:450,000
96910 South Coast of Poluostrov Kamchatka 1:250,000
96960 Saya Misaki to Otaruko (OMEGA) 1:500,000
97380 Northwestern Part of Kyushu 1:300,00

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