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Caroline Islands
to the
Bismark Archipelago

Chart List, & Enlarged View
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Chart # Description
73650 Long Island to the Tami Islands Including Vitiaz and Dampier Straits (OMEGA) 300,000
81133 Caroline Islands (North Pacific Ocean)
    A: Pulap Atoll     1:50,000
    B: West Fayu Atoll     1:50,000
    C: Merir     1:72,560
    D: Namoluk Atoll     1:50,000
    E: Fayu     1:50,000
    F: Satawal     1:100,000
    G: Ifalik Atoll     1:50,000
    J: Pikelot     1:50,000
    K: Pulusuk     1:50,000
    M: Eauripik Atoll     1:100,000
    N: Puluwat Atoll     1:50,000
    P: Sonsorol Islands     1:72,560
    Q: Sorol Atoll     1:100,000
    R: Pulo Anna     1:72,560
    S: Kepulauan Mapia     (no scale listed)
    T: Tobi     1:12,560
    V: Olimarao Atoll     1:100,000
81155 Malakai Harbor (Palau Islands)
81237 Woleai Atoll
81249 Plans in the Caroline Islands
    A: Nukuoro     1:50,200
    B: Faraulep     1:36,440
    C: Nukuoro Passage     1:15,070
    D: Gaferut     1:36,630
    E: Kapingamarangi     1:50,340
81251 Lamotrek, Elato and Olimarao Atolls
    A: Elato Atoll     1:35,000
    B: lamotrek Atoll     1:35,000
81288 Plans of Namonuito Islands
    Magur (Magerurappu) Islands     1:50,200
    Ulul (Ororu) Island     1:36,440
    Onari and ono Islands     1:50,200
    Pisaras Island (Piheraru To)     1:36,440
81303 Hall (Horu) Islands (East Caroline Islands) 100,700
81327 Truk Islands, Eastern Part (East Caroline Islands) 50,000
81329 Eten Anchorage (Caroline Islands-Truk Islands) 12,000
81338 Truk Islands (East Caroline Islands) 125,000
81345 Mortlock Islands (East Caroline Islands)
    Losap and Nama Islands     1:75,000
    Chamisso harbor     1:24,210
81411 Oroluk Lagoon (East Caroline Islands)
    Oroluk Anchorage     1:24,190
82050 Wuvulu Island to Kaniet Islands 300,000
82060 Manus Island and Approaches 225,000
82071 Seeadler Harbor
    A: Lobrum Bay     1:10,000
    B: Papitalai Harbor     1:15,000
82093 Passages between New Ireland and New Hanover
    Plan: Ysabel Passage- Northern Part     1:50,000
82095 Ysabel Channel 300,000
82105 Elizabeth Bay to North Cape (OMEGA) 300,000
82107 Kavieng Harbour
82192 Blanche Bay and Approaches (New Britian)
82200 Gazelle Peninsula (Bismark Archipelago-papua New Guinea) (OMEGA) 300,000
82201 St Georges Channel (South Pacific Ocean) 125,000
82210 Bougainville Island, Northern Part (OMEGA) 300,000
82215 Kimbe Bay to Dampier Strait 300,000
82242 Approaches to Kieta Bay and Anewa Bay (South Pacific Ocean-Papua New Guinea) 35,000
82244 Bougainville Island 262,220

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Chart # Description
81127 Helen Reef (West Caroline Islands)
    Plan: Helen Channel (Helen Reef)     1:36,700
81141 Palau Islands
    Plan: Angaur     1:30,000
81145 Palau Islands, (Northern Part) 109,340
81148 Toagel Mlungui (West Passage) (Palau Islands)
81151 Arangel Channel and Koror Road (Palau Islands)
81166 Ngulu Island
    Plan: Ngulu Anchorage     1:15,050

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