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New Zealand and Vicinity

Chart List, & Enlarged View
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Chart # Description
76040 Cape Maria van Dieman to Tutukata Harbor (OMEGA)
Including Three Kings Islands    
76041 Bay of Islands
    A: Approaches to Opua     1:15,000
    B: Opua Wharf     1:4,000
76050 Manukau Harbor to Maunganui Bluff and
Tutukaka Harbor to Mayor Island
76052 New Zealand - North Island - East Coast
    A: Approaches to Aukland     1:100,000
    B: Aukland Harbor     1:18,000
76054 Mercury Bay to Town Point 143,130
76056 Approaches to Whangerei
    Plan:Whangerie Harbor     1:25,000
76060 Cape Egmont to Manukau Harbor (North Island, West Coast) (OMEGA) 300,000
76061 Approaches to Taranaki Roads (New Plymouth)
    Plan:Whangerie Harbor     1:20,000
76070 Cook Strait and the Coast to Cape Egmont 278,000
76071 Wellington Harbor 20,000
76080 Cape Foulwind to D' Urville Island
Including Tasman and Golden Bay
76081 Approaches to Picton
    A: Tory Channel Entrance     1:12,500
    B: Picton Harbor     1:12,500
76090 Waiho River to Cape Foulwind
    A: Buller Bay and Westport Harbor     1:49,870
    B: Greymouth Harbor     1:12,200
76100 Awarua Bay to Waiho River 263,880
76110 Tewaewae Bay to Awarua Bay
    A:Deas Cove (Thompson Sound)     1:5,960
    B: Facile Harbor (Dusky Sound)     1:30,390
    C: Anchor Island Harbor (Dusky Sound)     1:22,170
    D: Duck Cove (Dusky Sound)     1:24,440
    E: North Port (Chalky Inlet)     1:24,200
    F: Anita Bay (Milford Sound)     1:12,080
    G: Freshwater Basin (Milford Sound)     1:14,420
    H: Pickersgill Harbor (Dusky Sound)     1:22,350
    J: South Port (Dusky Sound)     1:24,170
76120 Foveaux Strait and Steward Island
    Plan: Snares Islands     1:74,480
76121 Bluff Harbor and Entrance 10,000
76130 Otago Harbor to Waipapa Point 250,000
76140 Banks Peninsula to Otago Harbor 250,000
76141 Otago Harbor (South Island, East Coast) 15,000
76142 Otago Harbor Approaches (South Island, East Coast) 50,000
76143 Approaches to Oamaru Harbor (South Island, East Coast) 50,000
76144 Oamaru Harbor (South Island, East Coast) 10,000
76146 Timaru Harbor (South Island, East Coast) 10,000
76147 Approaches to Timaru 50,000
76150 Cape Campbell to Banks Peninsula 267,540
76151 Lyttelton Harbor and Approaches (South Island, East Coast)
    Plan: Lyttelton     1:7,500
76160 Poverty Bay to Castle Point and Continuation to Cape Palliser
    A: Waikokopu Harbor     1:12,530
    B: Snares Islands     1:19,040
76161 Approaches to Napier
    A: Napier Road     1:18,000
    B: Breakwater Harbor     1:6,000
76162 Poverty Bay (North Island)
    Plan: Gisborne Roads and Harbor     1:12,530
76170 Mayor Island to Poverty Bay 288,170
76171 Tauranga Harbor (North Island, East Coast)
    Inset: Western Channel     1:10,000
76181 Raoul Island, Kermadec Islands
    Macaulkey Island     1:36,370
    Curtis Islands     1:36,370
76201 Islands and Anchorages to the South of New Zealand
    Macquarie Island     1:98.211
    Auckland Islands     1:328,802
    Hasselborough Bay (Macquarie Island)     1:40,288
    Bounty Islands     1:48,451
    Antipodes Islands     1:99,900
    Depot Anchorage (Antipodes Islands)     1:12,469
    Camp Cove (Auckland Islands)     1:9,625
    Hanfield Inlet (Auckland Islands)     1:36,698
    Port Ross (Auckland Islands)     1:50,225
76211 Campbell Island 35,000

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