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Southern Part

Chart List, & Enlarged View
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Chart # Description
75010 Cape Catastrophe to Head of Bight (OMEGA)
    A: Denial and Smoky Bays     1:146,090
    B: Streaky Bay     1:146,500
    C: Coffin Bay     1:143,370
75110 Twin Rocks to Streaky Bay 300,000
75120 Streaky Bay to Whidbey Islands 300,000
75130 Southern Part of Spencer Gulf and Gulf St. Vincent 300,000
75131 Port Lincoln and Approaches 50,000
75132 Port Adelaide 12,500
75134 Gulf Saint Vincent (Northern Part)
    A: Approaches to Port Adelaide     1:75,000
    B: Adrosson Harbor     1:12,500
75142 Approaches to Whylla and Port Pirie
    A: Whyalla     1:18,750
    B: Approaches to Port Pirie     1:25,000
    C: Port Pirie Wharves     1:7,500
    D: Port Bonython     1:25,000
75143 Point Riley to Port Augusta
    A: Approaches to Port Augusta     1:25,000
    B: Port Augusta Wharf     1:7,500
75144 Winceby Island to Point Riley
    A: Franklin Harbour     1:50,000
    B: Wallaroo Bay     1:35,000
75150 Rivoli Bay to Cape Jervis (OMEGA) 298,500

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Chart # Description
75160 Cape Otoway to Rivoli Bay
    A: Portland     1:25,000
    B: Port Fairy     1:12,500
    C: Warrnambool     1:12,500
75170 Bass Strait - Western Sheet 300,000
75171 Port Philip
    Plan: The Rip     1:25,000
75172 Victoria - Western Port
    A: Hanns Inlet     1:12,500
    B: Crib Point (Oil Terminal Jetty)     1:12,000
    C: Long Island point (Berth Facilities)     1:12,000
75173 Entrance to Port Phillip Bay 37,500
75175 Port Melbourne
Including Williamstown River and River Yarra
75176 Geelong Harbor and Approaches
    A: Geelong Pier     1:5,000
    B: Corio Quay     1:5,000
    C: Refinery Pier     1:10,000
75177 Approaches to Melbourne 37,500
75180 Hunter Island to Low Rocky Point 252,020
75185 Low Rocky Point to Hobart (OMEGA) 300,000
75190 Hobart to St Helens Point (OMEGA) 300,000
75191 Approaches to Hobart (Tasmania) 108,130
75193 Port of Hobart
    A: Sullivan Cove     1:5,000
    B: Continuation of River Derwint     1:10,000
75207 Port Dalrymple
    A: Beauty Point Harbor     1:7,200
    B: Bell Bay     1:7,200
75208 River Tamar
    A,B and C: Bell Bay to Launceston     1:25,000
    D: Launceston Wharves     1:7,200
75213 Eddystone Point to Port Dalrymple
    Plan: Foster Inlet     1:25,000
75215 Port Dalrymple to Circular Head
    A: Port Latta     1:25,000
    B: Stanley Harbour     1:5,000
75220 Bass Strait - Eastern Sheet 300,000
75222 Plans on the North Coast of Tasmania
    A: River Mersey     1:7,500
    B: Emu Bay     1:12,500
    C: Burnie harbor     1:5,000
75240 Lakes Entrance to Gabo Island 300,000
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Chart # Description
74141 Plans in the Southwest Pacific,
Lord Howe island and Ball's Pyramid

    A: Lord Howe Island and Adjacent Islands and Reefs     1:25,000
    B: Middleton Reef     1:50,000
    C: Elizibeth Reef     1:50,000
74151 Port Jackson to Port Stephens 141,700
74152 Newcastle Harbor (Australia, East Coast) 7,500
74153 Approaches to Newcastle 25,000
74162 Coffs Harbor to Tacking Point 150,000
74171 Evans Head to Coffs Harbor 147,790
74172 Evans Head to Danger Head 149,900
75241 Montague Island to Gabo Island
    Plan:Twofold Bay     1:48,420
75251 Beecroft Head to Montague Harbor
    Plan: Ulladulla Harbor     1:12,060
75261 Port Jackson to Beecroft Head 140,170
75262 Port Kembla and Wollongong and Approaches
    A: Port Kembla     1:6,000
    B: Wolloongong Harbor     1:7,500
75263 Approaches to Botany Bay and Hacking Bay 25,000
75264 Port Jackson (Sydney Harbor) 12,500

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