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Northeastern Part

Chart List, & Enlarged View
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Chart # Description
74041 Reefs and Anchorages in the Coral Sea
    A: Willis Islets     1:75,000
    B: Osprey Reef     1:150,000
    C: Frederick Reefs     1:75,000
    D: Kenn Reefs     1:75,000
    E: Mellish Reefs     1:75,000
    F: Mellish Reef Anchorage     1:30,000
    G: Iles Chesterfield, Southern Anchorage     1:150,000
    H: Ile Longue Anch     1:37,500
    J: Saumarez Reefs     1:150,000
    K: West Islet Anchorage, Wreck Reefs     1:75,000
    L: Bird Islet Anchorage, Wreck Reefs     1:75,000
    M: Cato Island Reef and Bank     1:75,000
    N: Middle Bellona Reefs     1:75,000
    P: South Bellona Reefs     1:75,000
74071 Islets andReefs in the Coral Sea
    A: Holmes Reef     1:144,960
    B: Coringa Reef     1:72,480
    C: Flinders and Adjacent Reefs     1:144,910
74172 Evans Head to Danger Point 149,490
74181 Point Danger to Cape Moreton 150,000
74182 Moreton Bay
    Plan: Manley Harbor     1:20,000
74183 Brisbane River - The Bar to Lytton Cutting 12,500
74184 Approaches to Moreton Bay
    Plan: Mooloolaba Harbour     1:10,000
74186 Brisbane River - Lytton Cutting to Victoria Bridge
    A: Bulimba Reach     1:7,500
    B: South Brisbane Redach     1:5,000
    C: Town Reach and Shafston Reach     1:5,000
    D: Hamilton Reach     1:7,500
74190 Sandy Cape to Moreton Bay 267,280
74191 Port Bundaberg - Burnett River
    Plan: Port Bundaberg     1:10,000
74192 Sandy Cape to Bustard Head 150,000
74200 Great Keppel Island to Sandy Cove 271,640
74201 Approaches to Port Gladstone 37,000
74202 Keppel Bay
    A: Approaches to Port Alma     1:37,500
    B: Port Alma     1:15,000
74204 Bustard Head to North Reef
    Plan: Fitzroy River     1:150,000
74205 Port of Gladstone 25,000
74206 Plans in the Port of Gladstone
    A: Entrance to North Channel     1:15,000
    B: Fishermans Wharf     1:10,000
    C: Clinton Coal Loader Wharf     1:10,000
    D: Auckland Point to Barney Point     1:7,500
    E: South Trees Point     1:7,500
74210 North Reef to Pine Peak Island 300,000
74220 Percy Isles to Whitsunday Passage 300,000
74221 Hydrographers Passage 150,000
74229 Hay Point to Penrith Island
    Plan: Hay Point     1:12,000
74230 Whitsunday Island to Magnetic Island 300,000

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Chart # Description
74231 Plans of Mackay and Bowen
    Approaches to the Port of Mackay     1:25,000
    Mackay, Outer Harbor     1:7,500
    Approaches to Port Bowen     1:75,000
    Bowen     1:10,000
74232 Cleveland Bay and Approaches 50,000
74234 Townsville Harbor and Ross River Entrance 7,500
74240 Magnetic Island to Double Point 300,000
74251 Brook Islands to Russell Island
    Dunk Island Anchorage     1:50,000
    Gladys Inlet     1:15,000
    Mourilyan harbour     1:7,500
74252 Approaches to Cairns
    Plan: Port of Cairns     1:7,500
74253 Russell Island to Low Islets
    Plan: Port Douglas     1:75,000
74261 Low Islets to Cape Flattery
    Plan: Port of Cooktown     1:75,000
74265 Frankland Islands to Lizard Island  (OMEGA) 300,000
74270 Lizard Island to Cape Sidmouth 300,000
74271 Barrow Point to Claremont Isles (East Coast)
    A: Cape Melville and Pipon Islands     1:75,000
    B: Flinders Group     1:75,000
74272 Claremont Islas to Cape Weymouth
    Plan: Approaches to Heath Reef     1:50,000
74273 Cape Flattery to Barrow Point
    A: Howick Group     1:75,000
    B: Approaches to Cape Flattery     1:37,500
    C: Cape Flattery Wharf     1:10,000
74281 Cape Weymouth to Cairncross Islets 150,000
74283 Cape Weymouth to Olinda Entrance 150,000
74285 Bligh Entrance to Eastern Fields (OMEGA) 300,000
74286 Approaches to Thursday Island 12,500
74287 Gannet and Varzin Passages (Australia, North Coast - Torres Strait) 25,000
74289 Booby Island to Archer River 300,000
74290 Torres Strait 300,000
74292 Prince of Wales Channel and Approaches 80,000
74293 Caincross Islets to Arden Islets 150,000
74294 Adolphus Channel to Havey Rocks 75,000
74295 Prince of Wales Channel - Torres Channel 37,500
74296 Goode Island to Proudfoot Shoal (Torres Strait) 75,000
74310 Archer River to Nassau River 300,000
74320 Nassau River to Wellesley Islands
    A: Approaches to Karumba     1:50,000
    B: Karumba     1:18,000
    C: Investagator Road     1:150,000

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Chart # Description
74330 Wellesley Islands to Vanderlin Island (OMEGA) 300,000
74340 Cape Vanderlin to Cape Grey (OMEGA) 300,000
74350 Cape Grey to Cape Wessel and Elcho Island 300,000
74376 Cape Arnhem to Cape Wessel
    Plan: Gove Harbour     1:40,000
74380 Port Essington to Cape Stewert 348,040

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