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National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

Mozambique Channel Area
Chart List, & Enlarged View
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Chart # Description Scale
61100 Ponta do Ouro to Port Durnford 265,100
61110 Limpopo to Ponta do Ouro (Mozambique) 269,827
61111 Baia de Maputo (Mozambique) 75,000
61112 Maputo (Lourenco Marques) (Mozambique) 20,000
61120 Ponta da Barra to Rio Limpopo (Mozambique) 273,160
61130 Ilha Chiloane to Ponta da Barra (Mozambique) 278,300
61140 Rio Zambeze to Ilha Chiloane (Mozambique) 282,000
61141 Approaches to Beira (Mozambique) 60,000
61142 Port of Beira (Mozambique) 15,000
61150 Ilha Epidendron to Zambezi River 300,000
61160 Porto de Mocambique to Ilha Epidendron (Mozambique) 287,000
61170 Porto do Ibo to Porto de Mocambique (OMEGA)
    A: Porto Belmore     1:100,000
    B: Porto de Duarte Pedroso     1:40,000
    C: Porto de Nacala     1:75,000
61171 Porto de Mocambique
including Baia da Conducia and Porto de Mocambo
61172 Porto de Mocambique 25,000

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Chart # Description Scale
61180 Mchinga Bay to Porto do Ibo 294,500
61181 Mikindani Bay
Including Mikindani Harbor and Mtwara Bay
    Plan: Entrance to Mikindani Harbor     1:18,750
61182 Plans in Mozambique
    Porto do Ibo     1:46,100
    Porto Amelia     1:46,100
61190 Dar es Sallaam to Mchinga Bay (Tanzania) (OMEGA) 300,000
61191 Dar es Sallaam & Adjoining Anchorages
    Plan: Dar es Salaam Harbor     1:18,750
61200 Dar es Salaam to Mombasa Harbor 300,000
61203 Approaches to Zanzibar (Zanzibar Island) 75,060
61204 Zanzibar Harbor (Zanzibar Island) 12,500
61210 Mombasa Harbor to Manda Island 300,000
61211 Approaches to Mombasa 50,000
61212 Mombasa Harbor
including Kilindini Harbor and Port Reitz
61220 Manda Island to Kismaayo 300,000

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Chart # Description Scale
61301 Islands North of Madagascar (Indian Ocean)
    A: Groupe D'Aldabra     1:75,013
    B: Main Channel     1:25,000
    C: Assumption     1:75,000
    D: Iles Glorieuses     1:150,000
    E: Entrance to Inner Harbor     1:20,000
    F: Astove harbor     1:50,000
    G: Approaches to West Island     1:25,000
    H: Atoll De Farquhar     1:100,000
    I: Atoll De Cosmoledo     1:75,000
61310 Comoros Islands (Indian Ocean) (OMEGA) 300,000
61311 Plans in the Comoros and Mayotte
    A: Niazidja, Anchorage at Morini     1:10,000
    B: Ile Pamanzi - Dzaovdzi     1:35,000
    C: Baie Fomboni     1:20,000
    D: Anchorages of Matsumudu and Ouani     1:20,000
61312 Mayotte (North Side) 35,024
61331 Baie Andranoaomby to Helodranon' Antsiranana (North Coast of Madagascar) 100,000
61410 Tanjona Bobaomby to Nosy Be 300,000
61420 Nosy Be to Helodrano Bombetoka
    Plan: Nosy Be Anchorage Tanjon'Antsirakosy to Tanjona Bobaomby     1:50,000
      A:Tanjan' Antsirakosy to Iharana     1:300,000
      B: Iharana to Tanjona Bobaomby     1:300,000
61430 Helodrano Bombetoka to Tanjona Vilanandro (Cap Saint Andre) 300,000
61433 Approaches to Baie de Bombetoka 100,000
61434 Helodrano Bombetoka 25,012
61440 Tanjona Vilanandro to Tanjona Kimby 300,000
61460 Tanjona Kimby to Nosy Lava 300,000
61470 Nosy Lava to Tanjon Andriamanao 300,000
61472 Toliara (Tulear) and Approaches
    Plan Toliar     1:75,013
61510 Tanjon Andriamanao to Tolanaro (Fort Dauphin) 300,000
61520 Tolanaro to Faraony 300,000
61522 Faradofay (Fort Dauphin) and Approaches
    Plan: Faradofay (Fort Dauphin)     1:75,013
61530 Faraony to Toamasina 300,000
61538 Toamasina and Approaches 75,000
61540 Toamasina to Tanjon Antsirakosy 300,000
61560 Cap Est to Cap d Ambre 300,000
61562 Baie Antsiranana
    Plan: Antsiranana     1:75,013

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