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Gulf of Oman to the Persian Gulf
Chart List, & Enlarged View
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Chart # Description Scale
62314 Mina Qabus 10,000
62343 Mina Qabus to Mina al Fahl 25,000
62355 Approaches to Mina Qabus and Mina al Fahl 75,000
62362 Gulf of Oman - Oman
Approaches to Said Bin Sultan Naval Base

    Plan: Said Bin Naval Base     10,000
62366 Khawar Fakkan, Al Fujayrah and Approaches
    A: Khawr Fakkan     1:15,000
    B: Port of Fujayrah     1:15,000
62377 Khalij e Chabahar 50,000
62394 Bandar Abbas (Iran) 25,000
62395 Bandar-E Shahid Raja'i 25,000
62396 Musandam Peninsula 25,000
62401 Approaches to Jabal Az Zannah 80,000
62402 Approaches to Ad Dawhah and Umm Sa'id 50,000
62403 Approaches to Abu Zaby 75,000
62404 Jabal za Zannah Anchorage 35,000
62405 Approaches to Dubayy and Ash Shariqah 25,000
62407 Al Mubarraz and Approaches 75,000
62408 Approaches to Das Zirkuh and Abu al Bukhush (Terminal) 80,000
62409 Plans in Qatar
    A: Jazirat Halul     1:25,000
    B: Ad Dawhah Harbor     1:25,000
62412 Approaches to Mina Salman and Mina al Manamah 60,000
62413 Minal Salman and Sitrah 20,000
62414 Mubarraz Oil Terminal 30,000
62415 Al Ju'aymah 30,000
62416 Ra's Tannurah and Ad Damman (Suadi Arabia) 30,000
62418 Ra's al Ghar (Persian Gulf) 30,000
62419 Approaches to Al Ju'aymah, Ra,s Tannurah and Ad Dammam 80,000
62428 Bushehr and Approaches (Iran, Persian Gulf) 20,000
62429 Al Jubayl - Saudi Arabia (Persian Gulf) 25,000
62431 Jazireh-ye Khark 40,000
62432 Mina al Ahmaki and Approaches
    Plan: Mina'al Ahmadi     1:25,000
62433 Harbor of Al Kuwayt 25,000
62434 Approaches to Khawr Abd Allah and Shatt Al Arab 55,000
62435 Shatt Al Arab Al Faw to Abadan 25,000
62437 Khawr Shatanah and Approaches to Umm Qasr 25,000
62438 Abadan and Khorramshahr 15,000
62439 Approaches to Al' Ashshar and Al Ma'qil
    A: Jazirat Umm at Tuwaylah to As Sankar     1:15,000
    B: As Sankar to Ma'qil     1:15,000
    Plan: Al ma'qil     1:10,000
62441 Khowr-e Musa (Iran)
    Plan: The Bar     1:20,000
62442 Khowr-e Musa
    Continuation: Bandar-e Mahshahr     1:15,000
62444 Approaches to Abu Zaby (Abu Dhabi) 60,000
62446 Dubayy 10,000
62447 Ash Shariqah 10,000
62448 Al Khafji 20,000
62449 Plans of Das, Sir Bu Nu'ayr and Arzanah (United Arab Emirates)
    A: Das     1:30,000
    B: Sir Bu Nu'ayr     1:30,000
    C: Arzanah     1:30,000
62451 Approaches to Al Khafji 40,000
62452 Approaches to Mina' Ra's Mish'ab
    Plan: Minaq' Ra's Mish'ab     1:20,000

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Chart # Description Scale
62453 Mina Salman (Bahrain) 10,000
62456 Al Jubayl Ports 10,000
62457 Umm Sa'id 30,000
62458 Mina Saqr 25,000
62462 Abu Zaby (Abu Dhabi) 25,000
62463 Mina Zayid 10,000
62464 Mina Jabal Ali 10,000
62481 Jazireh-Ye Lavan Terminal and Jazireh-Ye Sirri
    A: Jazireh-Ye Lavan Terminal     1:25,000
    B: Jazireh-Ye Sirri     1:25,000
62498 Approaches to Mina Jabal Ali, Dubayy and Ash Shariqah
    Plan: Fath Oil Terminal     1:50,000
62499 Mina' Jabal Ali 30,000
62515 Mina Az Zawr (Kuwait) 50,000
62584 Ra's al Qulay'ah 12,500

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