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The Bay of Bengal
Chart List, & Enlarged View
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Chart # Description Scale
63220 Gulf of Mannar Southern Part (India-Sri Lanka) (OMEGA) 311,770
63230 South Coast of Sri Lanka (OMEGA) 312,620
63231 Colombo to Ambalangoda (Sri Lanka, West Coast) 100,000
63232 Approaches to Galle (Sri Lanka, West Coast) 100,000
63233 Colombo Harbor and Approaches 15,000
63234 Approaches to Galle Harbor
    Plan: Galle harbor     1:10,018
63240 Batticaloa Roads to Pt Pedro (Sri lanka, East Coast)(OMEGA) 311,120
63241 Approaches to Trincomalee (Sri lanka, East Coast) 50,000
63242 Trincomalee Harbor (Sri lanka, East Coast) 10,000
63250 Palk Strait and Gulf of Mannar (India-Sri Lanka)(OMEGA) 310,350
63252 Tuticorin Harbor 25,000
63260 Palar River to Muttupetai including Sri Lanka (OMEGA) 300,000
63268 Approaches to Pondicherry
    Plan: Pondicherry     1:25,000
63270 Palar River to Penner River (OMEGA) 300,000
63271 Madras And Approaches (India, East Coast)
    Plan: Madras Harbor     1:10,018


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Chart # Description Scale
63280 Nizampatnam Bay (OMEGA) 300,000
63281 Machilipatnam Anchorage (India, East Coast) 25,000
63290 Sacramento Shoal to Vamsadhara River (OMEGA)
    Plan: Kakinada Bay     1:50,000
63291 Approaches to Vishakhapatnam (India East Coast)
    Plan: Vishakhapatnam Harbor     1:12,500
63310 Vamsadhara River to Devi River (India, East Coast)(OMEGA) 300,000
63320 Devi River to Pusur River 300,000
63321 Hugli River Approach (DECCA)
    Continuation: Entrance to Hugli River     1:75,000
63322 Haldia Port to Hiraganj Point
    Plan: Haldia     1:15,000
63323 Hiraganj Point to Calcutta 20,000
63224 Paradip and Approaches
    Plan:Paradip     1:10,000

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Chart # Description Scale
63330 Raimangal River to Elephant Point (OMEGA) 300,000
63331 Pusur River 75,000
63337 Approaches to Karnaphuli River
    Plan:Karnaphuli River     1:25,000
63340 Naf River to Cheduba Island (OMEGA) 300,000
63341 Coxs Bazar to Mayu River 143,160
63350 Cheduba Island to Pagoda Point (OMEGA) 300,000
63351 Mayu River to Kyaukpyu Harbor (Burma) 144,086
63352 Kaladan River (Burma)
    Plan: Harbor of Sittwe     1:10,018
63353 Kyaukpyu Harbor to Cheduba Strait
    Plan: Kyaukpyu Harbor     1:36,320
63354 Cheduba Strait to Andre Bay (Burma)
including Ramree Harbor
63361 Andrew Bay to the Calventuras (Burma) 145,930
63370 Andaman Islands, Northern Part (OMEGA) 300,000
63380 Andaman Islands Central Part (OMEGA) 300,000
63383 Port Blair and Approaches
    Plan: Port Blair     1:15,000
63390 Nicobar Islands (OMEGA) 300,000
63400 Andaman Sea Burma to Sumatera (OMEGA) 1,200,000
63410 Goyangyi Kyun to Rangoon River (OMEGA) 300,000
63411 Calventuras to Bassein River 146,966
63412 Bassein (Ngawun) River and Approaches (Burma)
    Continuation of the river to bassein     1:100,000
63413 Rangoon River (Burma)
    Plan: Rangoon     1:25,000
63417 Approaches to Yangon River (Rangoon River) 100,000

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Chart # Description Scale
63420 Rangoon River to Lauglon Bok Islands (OMEGA) 300,000
63422 Mali Kyun and Vincinity (Burma) 74,800
63424 Approaches to Moulmein
      A: Moulmein River Entrance     1:50,012
      B: Moulmein Harbor     1:25,000
63430 Launglon Bok Islands to Nearchus Passage (OMEGA) 300,000
63433 Approaches to Mergui Harbor
    Plan: Mergui Harbor     1:25,000
63440 Nearchus Passage to Ko Tachai (OMEGA) 300,000
71040 Ko Tachai to Ko Butang (OMEGA) 300,000


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