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National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

The Red Sea
Chart List, & Enlarged View
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Chart # Description Scale
56082 Difirswar By-Pass to Bur Said-By Pass (Suez Canal, Northern Part)
    Plan: Buheiret El-Timsah     1:15,000
56083 Bur Taufiq to Difirswar By-Pass (Panels A,B,C)
(Suez Canal, Southern part)
62188 Approaches to El Ghardaqa
    Plan: El-ghardaqa     1:25,000
62191 Madiq Gubal to Ras Gharib
    A:     1:25,000
    B:     1:50,000
62193 Bahr el Quizum (Suez Bay, Egypt) 15,000
62194 Approaches to Bahr el Quizum (Suez Bay)
    Plan: Ain Sukhna     1:25,000
62195 Ras Shukheir to Ras el-Sudr
    Plan:Ras gharib     1:25,000
62220 Gulf of Aqaba 150,000
62222 Strait of Tiran 25,000
62225 Elat and Al Aqabah (Gulf of Aqabah) 25,000

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Chart # Description Scale
62121 Approaches to Massawa Harbor
    Plan: Massawa Harbor     1:15,000
62130 South Massawa Channel 150,000
62140 Approaches to Al Qadimah (Red Sea, Saudi Arabia) 150,000
62142 Approaches to Bur Sudan
    Plan: Bur Sudan     1:10,000
62143 Approaches to Bur Sudan and Sawakin 100,000
62144 Approaches to Sawakin 20,000
62162 Bernice and Approaches
    Planj: Bernice     1:20,000
62170 Approaches to Madinat Yanbu As'Sina'iyah (Red Sea, Saudi Arabia) 150,000
62171 Outer Approaches to Madinat Yanbu As Sina'iyah
    Plan: yanbu Al Bahr     1:15,000
62172 Mina Al Malik Fahd (King Fahd) at Madinat Yanbu As Sina'iyah
    Plan: Northern Entrance Channel     1:50,000
62177 Gaziret Safaga and Approaches
    Plan: Bur Safaga     1:15,000
62230 Madiq Gubal to Geziret Zabartad (OMEGA) 500,000
62241 Mina Jiddah (Saudi Arabia) 15,000
62242 Approaches to Jiddah (Saudi Arabia) 75,000
62250 Geziret Zeberged to Bur Sudan (OMEGA) 500,000
62270 Bur Sudan to Sajid (OMEGA) 500,000
62271 Jaza'ir Farasan and Approaches to Jizan 200,000
62202 Yemen South Coast
    Plan: Ghubbat Al Mukalla     1:25,166

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Chart # Description Scale
62070 Raas Jilbo to Raas Garagii (OMEGA) 300,000
62080 Gulf of Aden Western Part (OMEGA) 300,000
62090 Gulf of Aden Western Part (OMEGA) 300,000
62091 Approaches to Berbera
    Plan: Berbera     1:15,000
62092 Approaches to Djibouti (Gulf of Aden)
    Plan: continuation of Djibouti     1:100,000
62093 Djibouti and Approaches (Africa, Northeast Coast) 20,000
62095 Port of Djibouti(Africa, Northeast Coast) 10,000
62097 Approaches to Bandar at Tawahi (Aden harbor) 75,000
62098 Bandar at Tawahi (Aden Harbor) 20,00
62100 Jazirat al Hanish as Saghir to Bab el Mandeb 150,000
62105 Perim Island and Small Strait 18,000
62110 Ed to Assab
including Az Zuquar and Jazair Hanish
    Plan: Assab Harbor     1:24,910
62111 Plans in the Red Sea
    A: Aqiq (Sudan)     1:27,160
    B: Marsa Shaykh Ibraham (Sudan)     1:16,240
    C: Sham Dumagh (Saudi Arabia)     1:7,170
    D: Marsa Halaib Anchorages (Sudan)     1:29,230
    F: Ed (Eritrea)    1:21,710
62115 Ras Abu Masarib to Ras Marjah (Red Sea, Saudi Arabia) 150,000
62120 North Massawa Channel 150,000
62276 Port of Jizan 15,000
62285 Approaches to Madiq Kamaran
    Plan:Madiq Kamaran     1:35,000
62288 Plans of Al Luhayyah and Al Mukha
    A: Al Luhayyah     1:25,000
    B: Mukha (Mocha)     1:25,000
62290 Sajid to Siyyan (OMEGA) 500,000
62292 Al Ahmadi and Approaches
    Plan: Al Ahmadi     1:25,000
62295 Ras Isa to Ras Mutaynah including Jazair Az Zubayr 150,000

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