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National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

The Mediterranean Sea
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Chart # Description Scale
52160 Sfax to Talabulus
    Plan: Houmt Souk (Ile de Djerba)     1:100,000
52161 Sfax and Approaches
    Plan: Mersa Sfax     1:25,000
52164 Approaches to Skhira and Gabes 100,000
52165 Skhira and Gabes
    A: Skhira     1:25,000
    B: Gabes     1:20,000
52170 Rass el Melah to Sfax 300,000
56220 Ra's Adjir to Sirt (Libya)
    Plan: Surt     1:10,000
56221 Approaches to Tarabulus (Tripoli - Libya) 25,000
56222 Mina Tarabulus (Tripoli) 10,000

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Chart # Description Scale
54322 Kriti (Crete) 250,000
54409 Plans on the South Coast of Turkey
    D: Kargincik Bogaz (Dana Ados) (Tasucu Korfezi)     1:30,000
    E: Soguksu Limani (Port Melania)     1:15,000
    F: Pazarcik (Antayla Korfezi)     1:30,000
    H: Ayaskahvesi     1:22,500
    J: Kizkalesi Limani (Korghos Castles)     1:15,000
    K: Figla Burun (Antalya Korfezi)     1:30,000
    L: Alanya Limani (Antalya Korfezi)     1:30,000
    M: Limankalesi (Aghaliman Ports) (Tasucu Korfezi)     1:30,000
54423 Approaches to Antayla
    Plan: Antayla     1:14,998
54430 Rodhos to Kara Burun (Turkey-Greece) 300,000
54440 Dildarde Burnu to Incekun Burnu (OMEGA) 300,000
54441 Approaches to Mersin
    Plan: Mersin Limani     1:12,500
54462 Larnaca and Approaches
    Plan: Lamaca Bay     1:15,000
54463 Approaches to Limassol and Plans on the Coast of Cyprus
    A: Limassol and Akrotiri     1:15,000
    B: Paphos Anchorage     1:15,000
    C: Vasilikos     1:15,000
    D: Approaches to Limassol     1:100,000
54464 Approaches to Xeros and Kyrenia
    A: Kyrenia     1:15,000
    B: Xeros     1:25,000
    C: Famagusta     1:15,000
54480 Incekun Burnu to Juniyah 300,000
54481 Iskenderun Korfezi (Turkey) 100,000
56041 Approaches to Syrian Ports
    Plan: Baniyas     1:24.990
56042 Tarabulus and Tartus Approaches
    Plan: Tarabulus Harbor     1:20,000
56043 Bayrut and Approaches
    A: Bayrut Roadstead     1:25,000
    B: Bayrut Harbor     1:9,994
56044 Sayada and Approaches
    A: Sur Anchorage     1:19,994
    B: Sayda Anchorage     1:19,996
56048 Al Ladhiqiyah and Tartus
    A: Al Ladhiqiyah     1:25,000
    B: Tartus     1:20,000
    Plan: Al Ladhiqiya harbor     1:12,500
56060 The Sinai to Bayrut
    Plan: Gaza Strip     1:12,500
56063 Port of Hefa (Haifa) (Isreal) 10,000
56064 Hefa and Approaches
    Plan: Hefa (Haifa)     1:12,500
56065 Approaches to Tel Aviv
    Plan: Tel Aviv     1:25,000
56067 Ashdod and Ashqelon
    A: Ashdod     1:20,000
    B: Ashqelon     1:20,000
56081 Bur Sa-id (Egypt) 15,000
56082 Difirswar By-pass to Bur Said By-pass Suez Canal, Northern Part
    Plan: Buheiret El-Timsah     1:15,000
56083 Bur Taufiq to Didirswar By-pass (Suez Canal, Southern Part) 30,000
56100 El-Iskandariya to the Sinai
    Plan: Kalig Abu Qir     1:75,000
56101 Approaches to El-Iskandariya
Including Sidi Kirir and Abu Qir
56102 El-Iskandariya (Egypt) 20,000
56103 Mina El-Iskandariya (Port of Alexandria) 10,000
56104 Approaches to Mina Dumyat (Damietta Port) and Bur Said
    Plan: Mina' Dumyat     1:35,000

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Chart # Description Scale
56120 As Sallum to El-Iskandariya 300,000
56141 Plans on the North coast of Egypt
    A: Bay of Sallum     1:25,000
    B: Mersa El-Hamra     1:30,000
    C: Mersa Matruh     1:5,000
56160 Ras al Hilai to El Sallum (Libya) 300,000
56180 Banghazi to Ras al Hilai (Libya) 300,000
56182 Approaches to Banghazi
    Plan: Port of Benghazi     1:10,000
56190 Ras al Uwayja to Ras Tawinis 250,000
56191 Ez Zueitina
    Plan: Small Craft Harbour     1:15,000
56192 Marsa Al Burayqahawinis 10,000
56195 Approaches to As Sidr Ras Al Unuf 40,000
56200 Surt to Tulmaythah (Libya) 500,000

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