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National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

Freetown to Luanda

Chart List, & Enlarged View
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Chart # Description Scale
51620 Cape Sierra Leone to Cape Mount 297,500
51621 Freetown Harbor and Approaches
    Plan: Freetown Harbor     1:15,000
51637 Robertsport and Approaches
    Plans:Robertsport     1:30,000
51640 Cape Mount to Cestos River (Africa - West Coast) 300,000
51641 Monrovia Harbor and Approaches
    Plans:Monrovia Harbor     1:20,000
51642 Port of Buchanan and Approaches
    Plans:Port of Buchanan and Waterhouse Bay     1:25,000
51644 Port of Greenville and Approaches
    Plans:Port of Greenville and Approaches     1:20,000
51660 Cestos River to Cape Palmas 300,000
51663 Garrawe to Pointe Tafou
    Plans:Cape palmas Anchorage     1:12,554
57040 Cape Palmas to Grand-Lahou 300,000
57060 Grand-Lahou to Cape Three Points 299,000
57061 Approaches to Takorade and Sedondi 60,000
57062 Approaches to Takorade and Sedondi (Ghana) 12,000
57063 Approaches to Abidjan 60,000
57064 Port of Abidjan (Africa - West Coast) 12,000

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Chart # Description Scale
57080 Takoradi to Cap St Paul (Gulf of Guinea) 300,000
57081 Approaches to Accra and Tema Harbor 59,987
57082 Port of Tema and Accra Roads (Ghana)
    A: Port of Tema     1:10,000
    B: Accra Roads     1:10,000
57100 Cape St Paul to Lagos (OMEGA) 300,000
57101 Lagos Harbour and Approaches
    Plan: Lagos Harbour and Approaches     1:50,000
57102 Approaches to Lome and Kpeme (Africa - West Coast)
    Plan: Port of Lome     1:15,000
57103 Cotonou And Approaches
    Plan: Cotonou     1:15,000
57120 Lagos to River Penningtom (Gulf of Guinea - Africa-West Coast) 300,000
57121 Ports in the Niger Delta
    A: Port of Forcados and Port of Burutu     1:10,000
    B: Port Koko     1:10,000
    C: Port of Warri     1:10,000
    D: Port of Sapele     1:10,000
57140 River Dodo to Bonny River 300,000
57141 Bonny River Approaches
    Plan: Port Bonny     1:25,000
57142 Bonny to Port Harcourt (Nigeria)
    A: Bonny River above Port Bonny     1:30,000
    B: Port Harcourt Approach     1:15,000
    C: Port Harcourt Marine Terminal     1:7,500
57143 Ports of Fernao Dias and Sao Tome 20,025
57160 Bonny River to Kribi
Including Isla de Bioko
57161 Douala and Approaches
    Plan: port of Douala     1:15,000
57162 Approaches to Douala and Malabo
    Plan: Malabo     1:10,000
57163 Cross River Entrance 40,000
57164 Approaches to Calabar (Nigeria)
    Plan: Port of Calabar     1:10,000
57165 Approaches to Cross River (Nigeria-Cameroon) 100,000
57170 Kribi to Cabo San Juan (OMEGA)
Including Principe
57180 Cabo San Juan to Cap Lopez (OMEGA) 300,000
57181 Corisco Bay (Africa-West Coast) 100,000
57182 Approaches to Libreville and Owendo
    Plan: Libreville     1:12,000

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Chart # Description Scale
57200 Pointe Nyonie to Pointe Pedras (OMEGA)
    Plan: Annobon (Pagula)     1:30,000
57201 Approaches to Port-Gentil (Gabon) 30,000
57220 Pointe Pedras to Pointe Noire (Africa - West Coast) (OMEGA) 299,400
57240 Pointe Noire to Lubombe
Including Congo River Entrance
57241 Approaches to Pointe-Noire (Africa - West Coast)
    Plan: Port of Pointe-Noire     1:10,000
57242 Congo River from the Entrance to Ile de Mateba 60,000
57243 Approaches to Baia de Cabinda (Africa - West Coast - Angola) 40,000
57245 Ile de Mateba to Boma (Zaire-Angola-Congo River)
    Plan: Boma     1:8,000
57246 Ile Des Princes to Matadi
    Plan: Matadi     1:8,000
57260 Lucombe to Cabo Ledo 300,000
57261 Baia do Dande to Port of Luanda 60,052
57262 Port of Luanda 15,020
57487 Ascension Island (South Atlantic Ocean)
    Plan: Anchorages in Ascension Island     1:15,000

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