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National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

Mediterranean Sea
(Western Portion)
Chart List, & Enlarged View

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Chart # Description Scale
52080 Cabo de Palos to Vinaroz
    Plan: Isoletes Columbretes     1:35,000
52081 Plans on the Coasts of France and Spain
    B: Port Vendres     1:5,000
52083 Approaches to Vinaroz (Spain - East Coast) 75,000
52084 Altea, Alicante and Torrevieja
    A: Altea     1:20,000
    B: Alicante     1:10,000
    C: Torrevieja     1:15,000
52085 Approaches to Valencia
    Plans: Valencia     1:10,000
52086 Approaches to Castellon de la Plana/El Grao and Segunto
    A: Port of castellon de la Plana/El grao     1:15,000
    B: Port of Segunto     1:10,000
52087 Port of Palamos and Approaches (Spain - East Coast) 15,000
52092 Vinaroz and Benicario (Spain - East Coast) 15,000
52120 Vinaroz to Cabo Creus 300,000
52121 Tarragona and Approaches
    Plan: Tarragona     1:15,000
52122 Barcelona and Approaches
    Plan: Barcelona     1:12,500
52123 San Feliu de Guixols (Spain - East Coast) 10,000
52124 Approaches to San Felui 75,000

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Chart # Description Scale
52200 Southern Sardegna to Algeria and Tunisia 300,000
52202 Approaches to Annaba Harbor
    Plan: Annaba Harbor     1:15,000
52220 Bejaia to Chetaibi
    Plan: Golfe de Bejaia     1:75,000
52221 Port of Bejaia (Algeria) 15,000
52223 Approaches to Skikda
    Plan: Port of Skikda     1:12,500
52240 Cap Ivi to Bejaia 300,000
52243 Alger (Algeria) and Approaches
    Plan: Alger     1:10,000
52262 Port d' Arzew 15,000
52263 Golfe d' Arzew
    Plan: Port of Mostagenem     1:25,000

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Chart # Description Scale
53058 Etang de Berre (France - South Coast)
    Plan: Canal de Coronte     1:12,500
53060 Palamos to Saint Raphael 300,000
53061 Fos-Sur-Mer to Marseille (France - South Coast) 50,000
53062 Port of Marseille (France - South Coast) 17,000
53063 Golfe de Fos and Port de Fos 25,000
53064 Sete to Pointe de l Espiguette 50,000
53065 Port of Sete 15,000
53066 Mouth of the Aude to Sete 50,000
53081 Bec-de-l Aigle to Presquile de Giens 50,000
53082 Rade to Toulon (France) 10,000
53083 Phare du Titan to Cap Roux (Francet) 50,000
53084 Cap de Drammont to Var (France - South Coast) 50,000
53085 Golfo de la Napoule and Golfo Juan (France) 15,000
53086 Antibes to Bordighera 50,000
53087 Nice and Villefranche 15,000
53088 Savona and Rada da Vado 10,000
53089 Gulfe de St. Tropez 15,000
53091 Approaches to Saint Raphael 20,081
53093 Approaches to Monaco, Ports of LaCondamine, Fontvielle and Cap D'ail 7,526
53100 Cannes to Piombino 300,000
53101 Approaches to Genova, Savona and Rada di Vado 60,000
53104 Port of Genova (Italy - Ligurian Sea) 20,000
53105 Rada di Spezia (Italy - West Coast) 10,000
53106 Golfo Della Spezia 25,000
53107 Approaches to Livorno (Italy - West Coast)
    Plan: Port of Livorno     1:7,500
53108 Port of Imperia and Approaches (Italy - Ligurian Sea)
    Plan: Port of Imperia     1:5,000
53111 San Remo and Civitavecchia
    A: San Remo     1:5,000
    B: Civitavecchia     1:5,000
53122 Nervi to Sestri Levanti Coastlines 300,000
53123 Golfo Marconi 300,000
53130 East Coast of Sardegna 300,000

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