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National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

Aegean Sea Area
Chart List, & Enlarged View

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Chart # Description Scale
54280 Corfu Channel to Nisis Proti (Albania - Greece) 250,000
54281 Plans in the Ionian Sea
    A: Kerkiras Angirovolion     1:20,000
    B: Northern Entrance of Corfu Channel     1:25,000
54283 Amvrakikos Kolpos
    Plan: Ormos Vonitsis     1:20,000
54286 Plans on the West Coast of Greece
    A: Limon Zakinthou     1:10,000
    B: Ormos Navarinou     1:18,000
54287 Patriakos Kolpos and Approaches (Greece) 91,080
54288 Plans in the Korinthiakos Kolpos
    A: Kolpos Iteas     1:25,000
    B: Patrai     1:12,515
    C: Kolpos Andikiras     1:50,118
54289 Korinthiakos Kolpos (gulf of Corinth) (Greece)
    B: Ormos Aiyiou     1:12,510

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Chart # Description Scale
54300 Nisis Proti to Nisos Spetsai
Including the Northwest Coast of Kriti
54301 Kalamata and Approaches
    Plan: Kalamata     1:25,000
54302 Southwest Entrance Channels to the Aegean Sea 150,000
54303 Lakonikos Kolpos (South Coast of Greece) 73,260
54314 Iraklio and Approaches
    Plans: Limenas Irakliou     1:15,000
54318 Akra Kokkala to Rethimnon
    Plan: Limin Khanion     1:25,000
54320 Kiklades Nisoi to Kriti (Crete) 255,000
54321 Nisos Thira (Aegean Sea-Greece) (Kikladhes) 46,450
54324 Ormos Soudhas (Kriti, Northwest Coast) 15,000

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Chart # Description Scale
54333 Stenon Kasou 100,000
54340 Nisos Spetsai to Nisos Vorioi Sporadhes (Greece, East Coast) 250,000
54360 Thessaloniki to Kanakkale Bogazi Dardanelles 250,000
54380 Tuzla Burnu to Samos
Including adjacent islands
54382 Edremit Korfezi to Izmir Korfezi 100,000
54386 Khios Strait
    A: Limenas Mitilinis     1:25,000
    B: Limenas Khiou     1:14,983
54389 Sungukaya Adasi to Samos Strait
Including Kusadasi Korfezi

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Chart # Description Scale
54400 Nisos Samos to Nisos Rodhos
Including Dhodhenkanisos & Southwest coast of Turkey
54403 Samos Strait to Nisos Kalolimnos (Turkey)
    Plan: Samos Strait     1:42,650
54407 Nisos Kalilimnos to Kadirga Burnu
Including Gokova Korfezi
54408 Nisos Kos to Nisos Tilos 54,000
54409 Plans on the South Coast of Turkey
    A: Limin Kastellorizou & Approaches     1:7,500
    B: Olu Deniz (Kekova Roads) & Ucagiz Limani Entrance     1:15,000
    C: Bodrum Limani (Kerme Korfezi)     1:15,000
    G: Gokkaya Limani (Yali Bay)     1:15,000
54416 Nisos Rodhous
    Plan: Rodhos Anchorages     1:10,000
54418 Nisos Kos (Eastern Part) & Entrances to Gokova Korfezi 45.010
54419 Limon Kos 6,000
54421 Kadirga Burnu to Ilbiz Burna
    A: Fethiye Limani     1:25,000
54422 Marmaris Limani & Karaagac Korfezi (Turkey) 32,500

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