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National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

Barents Sea Area
Chart List, & Enlarged View

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Chart # Description Scale
42740 Mys teriberskiy to Mys Kanin Nos (Russia) 1:300.000
42742 Ostrov Kil'din to ostrov Bol'shoy Gusinets 1:75.000
42760 Mys teriberskiy to Mys Nemetskiy 1:200.000
43040 Mys Nemetskiy to Kjolnes
Including Varangerfjorden
    A: Bussesundet-vardo Hamn     1:25,000
    B: vardo Hamn     1:70,000
    C: Continuation of Varangerfjorden     1:70,000
43041 Varangerfjorden - Western Part (Norway) 1:50.000

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Chart # Description Scale
43058 Nordkapp and Little Tamsoya to Svaeholt 1:50.000
43059 Masoya to Nordkapp and Honnigsvag
    Plan: Honningsvag     1:70,000
1:43060 Tanahorn to Nordkapp   Continuation of Porsangen 200.000
43062 Laksefjorden
Including Storfjorden
43063 Lille Tamsoy to Hamnholme (Norway) 1:50.000
43064 Hamnholme to Sommeroerne (Norway-North Coast ) 1:50.000

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