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Approaches to the Baltic Sea
Chart List, & Enlarged View

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Chart # Description Scale
37200 West Coast of Jylland 1:375,000
43360 Skagerrak 1:276,300
44036 Kattegat - Northern Part 1:100,000
44037 Kattegat - West Central Part 1:100,000
44038 Hals to Alborg
    Plan: Alborg     1:12,497
44040 Kattegat (Denmark-Sweden)
    A: The Entrance to Frederikshavn     1:50,000
    B: Frederikshavn     1:12,500
44041 Approaches to Goteborg 1:50,000
44042 Goteborg Harbour (Sweden-West Coast) 1:25,000
44043 Nidingen to Vinga Sand (Sweden-West Coast) 1:51,300
44044 Kattegat-East Central Part
    Plan: Varberg     1:10,000
44045 Kattegat-Southeastern Part
    Plan: Halmstad     1:40,000
44046 Kattegat Southwestern Part
    A: Arhus     1:15,000
    B: Kalundborg     1:25,000
44047 The Sound (Entrance to the Baltic Sea) 1:136,920
44048 The Sound, Northern Part (Denmark-Sweden)
    A: Hoganas     1:15,000
    B:     1:15,000
    C:     1:20,000
44049 The Sound, Southern Part 1:62,900
44050 Kobenhavn (Copenhagen) (Denmark) 1:12,500

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Chart # Description Scale
44051 The Sound, Ports of Malmo and Linhamm (Sweden) 1:15,000
44053 Odense Fjord (Kattegat-Denmark-East Coast)
    Plan: Odense     1:6,000
44057 Flensburger Forde
    A: Harbor of Flensburg     1:15,000
    E: Hoinisenge and Egemsund     1:25,000
44058 The Schlei-Schleimunde to Schleswig
    A: Hafen Von Schleswig     1:6,000
    B: Hafen Von Kappelin     1:10,000
    C: Hafen Von Maasholm     1:5,000
    D: Hafen Von Schliemunde     1:5,000
    E: Arnis     1:10,000
    F: Missunder Enge     1:10,000
    G: Lindaunis-Brucke     1:10,000
    H: Sporthafen Fahrdorf     1:5,000
    J: Sporthafen Stexwig     1:5,000
    K: Sporthafen Fleckeby     1:5,000
44061 Lille Baelt
    A: Vejle     1:8,000
    B: Entrance to Vejle     1:69,500
44062 Lille Baelt - Northern (Denmark)
    Plan: Fredericia     1:10,000
44063 Southern Part of Lille Baelt
    Plan: Faborg     1:50,000
44064 Storebaelt 1:136,900
44065 Kieler Forde and Eckernforder Bucht (Germany) 1:50,000
44066 Harbors of Kiel (Baltic Sea)
    A: Pluschowhafen     1:6,000
    B: Sporthafen Wik     1:3,000
    C: Sporthafen Dustinbrook     1:3,000
    D: Hafen Von Moltenort     1:3,000
    E: Sporthafe Monkeberg     1:3,000
    F: Oslokai Bis Bahnhofskai     1:6,000
44067 Kiel Bay (Denmark-Germany) 1:136,920
44068 Kadet Rinne to The Sound 1:137,000
44069 Mecklenburger Bucht and Lubecker Bucht 1:137,000
44070 The Trave from Great Holzweik to Lubeck
    A: Kattegat Marina     1:3,000
    B: Am, Stau Marina     1:3,000
44071 Trave to Travemunde to Grosse Holzweik
Including Dassower Sea
    Plan: harbor Facilities of Lubeck-Travemunde     1:8,000
44072 Approaches to Wismar
    Plan: Port of Wismar     1:50,000
44073 Nord-Ostsee Kanal
    A: Rendsburg     1:15,000
    B: Holtenau     1:12,500
    C: Brunsbuttel     1:12,500
    Continuation:     1:50,000
44075 Dahmeshoved to Wismar (DECCA) 1:50,000
44076 Approaches to Rostok
    Plan: Warnemunde     1:10,000

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Chart # Description Scale
44081 Zingst to Sellin 1:75,000
44082 Northern Approaches to Swinoujscie and Szczecin (Poland-Germany) 1:100,000
44083 Approaches to Port of Swinoujscie (Poland-Germany)
    Plan: Swinoujscie     1:25,000
44084 Port of Szczecin (Poland) 1:25,000
44085 Port of Peenemunde (Germany) 1:40,000
44100 Gedser to Sandhammaren
including The Sound
44120 Peenemunde to Jaroszoweic
Including Bornholm
    Plan:Christianso     1:20,000

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