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Ireland and the Irish Sea
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Chart # Description Scale
35299 North Channel to the Firth of Lorne (Northern Ireland) 1:200,151
35303 Approaches to Londonderry and Coleraine
    A: River Foyle to Londonderry     1:17,508
    B: River Bann to Coleraine and Approaches     1:20,010
35307 North Channel- Northern Part 1:758,126
35308 North Channel- Southern Part
    Plan: Portpatrick     1:4,004
36081 Belfast Lough (Northern Ireland, East Coast)
    A: Bangor Bay     1:17,500
    B: Belfast Docks     1:12,514

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Chart # Description Scale
35310 Blacksod Bay to Tory Island 1:200,072
35330 Aran Islands to Broad Haven 1:150,096

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Chart # Description Scale
35350 Loop Head to Slyne Head 1:150,018
35363 River Shannon- Kilcredaun Point to Ardmore Point ** 1:20,000
35364 River Shannon- Ardmore Point to Rinealon Point ** 1:20,000
35365 Approaches to River Shannon ** 1:50,000
35369 River Shannon- Rinealon Point to Shannon Airport **
    Plan: Foynes Harbor     1:7,500
35380 Valencia Island to River Shannon 1:150,163
35390 Mizen Head to Dingle Bay 1:150,323
35400 Kenmare River to Cork Harbor 1:150,312
35402 Bay- Shot Head to Bantry ** (DECCA)
    Plan: Bantry Bay Oil Terminal     1:12,500
35405 Bantry Bay- Blackball Head to Shot Head **
    Plan: Castletown Bearhaven     1:15,000

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Chart # Description Scale
35420 Old Head of Kinsale to Tuskar Rock 1:150,240
35421 INT 1670 Port of Cork Lower Harbor ** 1:12,500
35423 Port of Cork- Upper Harbor **
    A: Upper Harbour East     1:12,500
    B: Upper Harbour West     1:15,500
35424 Old Head of Kinsale to Power Head 1:50,099
36040 St Georges Channel 1:200,000
36046 Cardigan Bay- Southern Part
    Plan: Fishguard Bay     1:17,500

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Chart # Description Scale
36060 Irish Sea- Western Part 1:200,096
36061 Arklow to the Skerries Islands 1:100,118
36062 Dublin Bay
    Plan: Howth     1:7,500
36063 Dublin and Dunleary **
    A: Dunleary Harbour     1:7,500
    B: Port of Dublin     1:7,500
    C: Port of Dublin, Entrance Channel     1:7,500

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Chart # Description Scale
36120 Mull of Galloway to Anglesey
Including Isle of Man
36122 Hollyhead to Great Ormes Head ** 1:75,000
36123 Great Ormes Head to Liverpool (England and Wales) 1:75,303
36124 INT 1642 Approaches to Liverpool (England-West Coast) 1:25,000
36125 INT 1643 Port of Liverpool
    A: Continuation of Eastham Locks     1:15,000
    B: Continuation of Garston     1:15,000
36129 Manchester Ship Canal and Upper Mersey **
    A: Ellesmere Port and Stanlow Oil Docks     1:10,000
    B: Partington Basin     1:10,000
    C: Runcorn and Western Point Docks     1:10,000
    D: Manchester Docks     1:10,000
36161 Watchet to Weston-Super-Mare and Barry to Neweport 1:50,000
36162 INT 1653, Barry and Cardiff Roads and Approaches (South Wales)
    A: Barry Docks     1:15,500
    B: Cardiff Docks     1:15,000
36163 Steep Holm to Avonmouth
    A: Clevedon to Redcliff Bay     1:25,039
    B: Newport     1:20,027
36164 INT 1655 Port of Bristol
    A: King Road     1:10,000
    B: River Avon     1:10,000
    C: City Docks     1:5,000
    D: City Docks to Saint Anne's Bridge     1:25,000

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