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Coastal Charts

Chart List, & Enlarged View
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Chart # Description Scale
29002 Antarctic Penninsula 1:1,500,000
29005 Cape Herlacher to (West Coast) Matha Strait 1:1,500,000
29008 Cape Colbecl to Cape Herlacher (Marie Byrd Land) 1:1,500,000
29030 Weddell Sea 1:1,500,000

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Chart # Description Scale
29012 Ross Sea 1:1,500,000
29015 Cape Adare to Porpoise Bay 1:1,500,000
29018 Porpoise Bay to West Ice Shelf 1:1,500,000
29022 Riiser-Larsen Peninsula to West Ice Shelf 1:1,500,000
29025 Cape Norvegia to Riiser-Larsen Peninsula (Queen Maud Land) 1:1,500,000

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Marie Byrd Land
Little America to Thurston Island

Chart # Description Scale
29180 Eights Coast and George Bryan Coast
    Plan: Peter I Island     1:250,000
29200 Thwaites Ice Tongue to Thurston Island 1:500,000
29282 Scott Island and Approaches
    Plan: Scott Island     1:15,000

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Weddell Sea
Antarctic Peninsula to Princess Martha Coast

Chart # Description Scale
29101 Deception Island to King George Island 1:200,000
29104 King George Island to Clarence Island 1:200,000
29105 King George Island to Corry Island (Weddell Sea) 1:200,000
29106 Plans on Antarctic Peninsula and Adjacent Islands
      A: Melchoir Islands     1:35,000
      B: Cape Legoupil     1:15,000
      C: Port Lockroy     1:10,000
      D: Argentine Islands     1:15,000
      E: Hope Bay     1:30,000
      F: Adelaide Anchorage     1:30,000
      G:Waterboat Point     1:8,000
      H: Neny Island     1:50,000
      J: Approach to Prospect Point     1:50,000
      K: Lystad Bay     1:50,000
29107 South Orkney Islands
      A: Powel Island and Washington Strait     1:100,000
      B: Scotia Bay and Mill Cove     1:25,000
      C: Ellefsen Harbor     1:12,500
      D: Sandefjord Bay     1:25,000
      E: Uruguay Cove     1:25,000
      F: Borge Bay     1:12,500
      G: Approaches to Signy Island     1:100,000
29121 Brabant Island to Deception Island 1:200,000
29122 Argent Islands to Brabant Island 1:200,000
29123 Vicinity of Arthur Harbor
    Plan:Arthur Harbor     1:12,500
29124 Gerlache Strait 1:50,000
29125 Flandres Bay and Approaches 1:50,000
29126 Approaches to Arthur Harbor 1:50,000
29127 Matha Strait to Argentine Islands 1:200,000
29128 Corry Island to Robertson Island 1:200,000
29141 Square Bay to Matha Strait
Including Adelaide Island
19142 Alexander Island to Square Bay
Including Marguerite Bay
29180 Eights Coast and Land Bryan Coast (Bellingshausen Sea)
    Plan: Peter I Island     1:250,000

reg2-47a1.jpg - 11410 Bytesreg2-47a2.jpg - 15290 Bytesreg2-47a3.jpg - 12929 Bytesreg2-47a4.jpg - 6942 Bytes

Chart # Description Scale
29720 Princess Martha Island (Queen Maud Land) 1:500,000
29741 Duke Ernst Bay to Cape Norveia (Weddell Sea) 1:200,000

reg2-47c.jpg - 23329 Bytes

Chart # Description Scale
29781 Nantucket Inlet to Vahsel Bay (Filchner Ice Shelf-Weddell Sea) 1:200,000

reg2-47b.jpg - 23305 Bytes

Wilkes Land
Victoria Land to Queen Mary Coast

Chart # Description Scale
29281 Cape Royds to Lewis Bay (Ross Sea-McMurdo Sound)
Including Beaufort Island
29282 Scott Island and Approaches
    PlanScott Island     1:15,000
29321 Franklin Island to McMurdo Sound (Ross Sea-Victoria Land) 1:250,000
29322 Cape Royds to Hut Point (Ross Island, Ross Sea-McMurdo Sound 1:50,000
29323 McMurdo Station and Vicinity (Ross Island-Hut Point Peninsula) 1:5,000
29324 New Harbor and Marble Point Vicinity
(McMurdo Sound-Ross Sea-Victoria Land)
29325 Cape Archer to Butter Point (Victoria Land-McMurdo Sound) 1:100,000

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