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Bahamas Area
Chart List, & Enlarged View
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Chart # Description Scale
11461 Straits of Florida-Southern Portion 1:300,000
25710 Cabo Frances Viejo to Punta Nisibon (OMEGA) 1:300,000
25720 Monte Cristi to Cabo Frances Viejo (OMEGA) 1:300,000
26190 Windward Passage 1:300,000
26240 Crooked Island Passage to Punta de Maisi 1:300,000
26255 Raccoon Cut
    Plan: Ragged Island Anchorage     1:30,000
26256 Nurse Channel(West Indies) 1:18,000
26257 Plans in the Bahamas
      A: Highbourn Cut (Exuma Sound)     1:24,321
      B: Ragged Island Harbour (Great Bahama Bank)     1:10,890
      C: Ship Channel (Exuma Sound)     1:24,227
      D: Wax Cay Cut (Exuma Sound)     1:12,530
      E: Golding Cay Entrance (Andros Island)     1:16,950
26260 Passages between Acklins Island, Haiti and Caicos Islands 1:300,000
26261 Turks Island Passage and Mouchoir Passage
    Plan: Cockburn Harbor     1:20,000
26262 Grand Turk Island and Adjacent Cays 1:25,000
26263 Plans in the Southeast Bahamas
      A: Mayaguana Island     1:100,000
      B: Abrahams's Bay     1:15,000
      C: Plana Cays     1:75,000
      D: Hogsty Reef     1:50,000
26267 Great Inagua and Little Inagua Islands
      A: Matthew Town     1:20,000
      B: Man of War bay     1:35,000

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Chart # Description Scale
26280 Elsuthra Island to Crooked Island Passage
    Plan: Great Harbour     1:18,000
26281 Cockburn Town-San Salvador (Bahama Islands)
    Plan: Cockburn Town     1:10,000
26282 Fleet Operating Area, Andros Island to San Salvador 1:300,000
26284 Cat Island- Rum Cay- and Conception Island
      A: Cat Island     1:100,000
      B: Rum Cay and Conception Island     1:100,000
    Plan: Port Nelson     1:15,000
26286 Elizabeth Harbour and Approaches
      A: Elizabeth Harbour     1:25,000
      B: Georgetown     1:10,000
26288 Bird Rock to Mira Por Vos Passage
      A: Bird Rock to Windsor Point     1:50,000
      B: Mira Por Vos Passage     1:100,000
26290 Tongue of the Ocean and Exuma Sound
    Plan: Tongue of the Ocean, Central Part     1:150,000

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Chart # Description Scale
26300 Little Bahama Bank to Eleuthera Island
      Little Bahama Bank (Panel A)     1:300,000
      Eleuthera Island (Panel B)     1:300,000
26303 Tongue of the Ocean-Southern Part (Bahama Islands) 1:150,000
26304 Plans of Autec Sites 6-7 and 16 with approaches to site 16
      A: Site 6- Deep Creek     1:10,000
      B: Site 7- High Point Cay     1:10,000
      C: Site 16- Pipe Cay     1:10,000
      D: Approach to Pipe Cay     1:75,000
26305 Eleuthera Island and Northern Part of Exuma Sound 1:150,000
26306 Eluthera-West Part
    Plan: Fleeming Channel     1:50,000
26307 Eluthera-East Part
      A: Governors Harbour     1:15,000
      B: West Bay-Little San Salvador     1:25,000
26308 Tongue of the Ocean- Northern Part- Bahama Islands 1:150,000
26309 Nassau and Approaches
    Plan: Nassau     1:10,000
26312 Plans of Autec Sites 1-4
      A: Site 1-Andros Town     1:10,000
      B: Site 2- Salvador Point     1:10,000
      C: Site 3-Big Wood Cay     1:10,000
      D: Site 4-Golding Cay     1:10,000
26316 Autec Site 1 (Andros Island-East Coast) 1:25,000
26320 Northern Part of Straits of Florida and Northwest Providence 1:300,000
26321 Hope Town Approaches
    Plan: Hope Town     1:18,000
26323 Freeport Riding Point and Approaches
      A: Freeport Harbour     1:10,000
      B: Riding Point terminal     1:20,000
26324 Bimini Islands
      A: Norrth Bimini Islands     1:50,000
          Plan: Alicetown     1:10,000
      B: South Bimini Islands     1:50,000
26328 Berry Islands 1:50,000
27040 Cayo Verde to Cabo Lucrecia 1:300,000

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Chart # Description Scale
26341 Bermuda Islands 1:50,135
26342 The Narrows to Grassy Bay (Bermuda) 1:17,500
26343 St. Georges Harbour 1:5,000
26344 Great Sound (Bermuda Islands)
    Plan: North and South Basin     1:4,000
26345 Hamilton Harbour (Bermuda Island) 1:5,000

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