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National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

Caribbean Sea
Virgin Islands to Grenada

Chart List, & Enlarged View
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Chart # Description Scale
25480 Saint Georges Harbour (West Indies-Grenada) 1:10,000
25481 Grenada (West Indies) 1:60,000
25482 Carriacou to Bequia (Grenadine Islands)
    Plan: Tobago Cays Anchorages     1:24,000
25483 Admiralty Bay, Kingston Harbour and Approaches
      A: Admiralty Bay     1:12,487
      B: Kingston Harbour and Approaches     1:15,003
25484 Saint Vincent 1:72,608
25485 Approaches to Barbados
      A: Bridgetown and Oistins Bay     1:25,000
      B: Speightstown     1:20,000
25487 Bridgetown Harbor (Caribbean Sea-Barbados) 1:10,000
25521 St Lucia-West Indies 1:75,000
25524 Martinique- South and East Coasts
    Plan: Le Marin     1:15,000
25525 Baie du Francois to Havre de La Trinite 1:20,000
25526 Martinique- North and West Coasts
    Plan: Rade de Saint-Pierre     1:15,000
25527 Baie de Fort-de-France (Martinique) 1:12,500
25528 Anchorages in Saint Lucia
      A: Port of Castries     1:5,010
      B: Vieux Fort     1:20,049
      C: Grand Cul de Sac bay     1:10,050
      D: Marigot Harbour     1:5,013

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Chart # Description Scale
25550 Saint Barthelemy to Guadeloupe 1:250,000
25561 Dominica
      A: Prince Rupert Bay and Douglas Bay     1:30,000
      B: Woodbridge Bay and Roseau Roads     1:12,500
25563 Guadeloupe 1:130,000
25564 Les Saintes (Iles de Saintes) (Guadeloupe) 1:15,000
25565 Saint Louis to Grand Bourg 1:15,000
25566 Approaches to Pointe-a-Pitre (Guadeloupe)
    Inset: Mouillages de Sainte-Marie     1:14,998
25567 Anchorages in Guadeloupe
      A: Approaches to basse-Terre     1:12,500
      B: Le Moule     1:5,000
      C: Port-Louis     1:15,000
25570 Approach to Antigua 1:75,000
25575 Northern Antigua
    Plan: Saint Johns Harbour     1:12,500
25600 Anegada Passage
With Adjacent Islands
25601 Approaches to St Christopher, Nevis, Montserrat and Redonda 1:75,000
25607 Saba-St Eustatius and St Christopher
      A: Saba     1:24,962
      B: Sint Eustatius     1:15,000

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Chart # Description Scale
25608 Plans of the Leeward Islands
      A: Baie de marigot     1:14,912
      B: Port of Gustavia     1:14,936
      C: Plymouth     1:15,052
      D: Basseterre     1:14,987
      E: Approach to Barbuda     1:75,000
25609 Saint Thomas to Anegada (Virgin Islands) 1:80,000
25610 Approaches to Gorda Sound
    Plan: Gorda Sound     1:7,494
25611 Approaches to Road Harbor
    Plan: Road Harbor     1:15,000
25613 Approaches to Anguilla-St Martin and St Barthelemy
    Plan:Philipsburg     1:15,000

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