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National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

Ponta do Vigia to Cabo Virgenes
Including Falkland and South Georgia Islands

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Chart # Description Scale
23023 Faro Punta Norte to Faro San Jose
    Plan: Isla Escondida     1:40,000
23051 Puerto Santa Cruz (Argentina) 1:50,000
23071 Rada Puerto Deseado 1:35,000
23101 Golfo Nuevo 1:110,457
23102 Puerto Madryn 1:25,055
23115 Segunda Barranca to Punta Bajos 1:275,000
23121 Approaches to Bahia Blanco (Argentina) 1:50,000
23122 Bahia Blanca
      A: Puerto Belgrano and Puerto Rosales     1:15,000
      B: Puerto Ingeniero White to Puerto Galvan     1:15,000
23123 Faro El Rincon to Faro Segunda Barranco 1:150,000
23125 El Rincon 1:301,019
23131 Approaches to Quequen
    Plan: Pueerto GueGuen     1:5,000
23141 Faro Punta Mogotes to Faro Claromeco 1:250,000
23142 Mar del Plata and Ensenada Mogotes
    Plan: Mar del Plata Harbor     1:15,000
23145 Miramar to Cabo San Antonio 1:250,000

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Chart # Description Scale
23150 Falkland Islands (Islas Mavlinas) 1:400,000
23151 Port William to Choiseul Sound 1:75,060
23152 Port Salvador to Port William 1:75,072
23153 Stanley Harbor and Approaches
    Plan: Stanley Harbour     1:15,000
23158 Eagle Passage to New Island 1:150,000
23159 New Island to Pebble Passage
    Plan:Hope Harbour     1:50,000

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Chart # Description Scale
24050 Rio de La Plata 1:250,000
24052 Approaches to La Plata and Buenos Aires
    Plan:Port of La Plata     1:15,000
24053 Port of Buenos Aires (Argentina) 1:20,000
24055 Punta Brava to La Plata and Colonia Del Sacramento 1:150,000
24057 Montevideo and Approaches
    Plan: Bahia de Montevideo     1:19,991
24058 Approaches to Nueva Palmira
    Plan: Puerto de Nueva Palmira     1:15,000
24060 Arroyo del Chuy to Punta del Este 1:250,000
24080 Rio Grande to Arroio Chui 1:266,800
24091 Rio Grande to Feitoria (Brazil-Legoa dos Patos) 1:80,010
24092 Port of Rio Grande (Brazil- South Coast) 1:25,000
24100 Lagoa dos Patos (Brazil) 1:271,600
24101 Entrance to Rio Guaiba 1:24,973
24102 Ponta de Itapua to Ponta do Arado Velho 1:25,005
24103 Ponta Grossa to Porto Alegre (Brazil) 1:25,048

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Chart # Description Scale
24110 Torres to Mostardas (Brazil) 1:274,000
24120 Ilha do Avoredo to Torres 1:279,330
24121 Canal Norte of Santa Catarina 1:50,075
24122 South Channel of Santa Catarina 1:49,918
24123 Port of Florianopolis 1:12,600
24130 Ilha de Bom Abrigo to Ilha do Avorado 1:284,530
24131 Port of Itajai (brazil- South Coast) 1:15,000
24132 Rio Sao Fransisco do Sul
    Plan: Sao Francisco do Sul     1:15,000

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